Donna Allen

My Name is Donna I'm babycarepedia co-founder I like to write about parenting & pregnancy , as a mom my role consists in supplying to the parents the information allowing them to make their decisions.

1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn

To choose a Baby Names for girls  often appears a task as exciting as problematic… Because no relative obviously wishes to make the false...

First Time Parents Advices for your Newborn Baby 2020

A first time parents congratulations! From the minute you discover you're expecting a child, you will see your life begin to change. Despite the...

Newborn Baby Checklist – Getting Ready for Baby 2020

Clear step-by-step instructions guide to prepare your newborn Baby checklist,  you through feeding (breast and bottle), bathing, diaper changing, and dressing your baby. First of...

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