1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn

To choose a Baby Names for girls  often appears a task as exciting as problematic… Because no relative obviously wishes to make the false one by rigging out with his child an incongruous first name, since this one will unquestionably accompany it throughout its life. Through a series of questions and answers, you will find all the advices necessary to choose a first name under the best conditions. How to make the good choice and why does a name influence our life so much?  

Best tips to pick the perfect baby names for girls

Do some Research:

  You’ve already started the process of researching which name to pick simply by buying this book, but there are ways to expand the process if you wish to. The internet can be a fantastic way to look up meanings in more depth, or to find out if your baby’s name for girls is becoming more or less popular through the years. This is particularly useful if you want to avoid a situation where your daughter has the same name as three other children in her class,or if you don’t want your son to be teased because his name sounds rude in another language.  

Don’t listen to other people:

  Sometimes, grandparents and friends will offer ‘advice’ during this time which may not always be welcome. This is worth bearing in mind if you’ve fallen in love with a name and it’s either slightly unusual or doesn’t follow the set pattern your partner’s family have used for the last 50 years. Sharing your choice of name with other people can lead them to criticise it, which you’d probably rather not hear if you’ve got your heart set on it. Also, if you’re bucking with tradition and don’t plan on calling your newborn after their great-great-great-Grandfather. Trust your own instincts and remember: no-one will really care once they see your baby. Its name will simply be its name.  

 Find a name with meaning:

  A lot of parents want to find a name for their baby that means something. If you’re interested in history in the hope that it will fill your child’s soul with a sense of pride and importance. This can inspire your child to try to live up to their name’s reputation.  

 Expand your mind to find the best baby names for girls

Don’t rule out the weird ones just yet! As a teenager I went to school with a girl named Siam. Her parents had conceived her on a honeymoon trip to Thailand and given her the country’s old name as a result.  

Open your mind and Try it out:

  . While you’re pregnant, talk to your baby and address it using a  variety of your favorite names to see if it responds. There are numerous stories of names being chosen because the baby kicked when it was called James  or Jenna , but was suspiciously silent when it was called Wilfried or Graham, so see if it has a preference! baby-names-for-girls-two-babies

 Look at foreign names:

 Looking at names popular in other countries may provide just the inspiration you need. You could decide to use a foreign spelling of a name you like to make your choice that bit more unusual, such as Talia instead of Natalie, or it might turn you on to a name you hadn’t considered yet. Jorge might not suit your baby, but George could.  

Baby Names for Girl from fictional characters :

  The one type of quirky name you may wish to pause and consider is that of fictional characters. Your baby is highly likely to be exposed to cartoons before they start school, so they will have their name associated with whatever their peers have read or seen. A boy named Barry or Cisco ,a girl named Iris or Felicity might be expected to behave like a DC comics super heroes.  

The science of baby naming 

  Whether you agree with it or not, there is a certain science to naming babies. Even at the very basic level of choosing a name you like the sound of, the science is there. the science of baby naming is how your child’s name will be perceived by the   outside world. Typically, judgments are passed on names before a person is met, such as at job interviews or in school. This does have the potential to hold back your child, although there is conflicting evidence to say that once someone is met in person, assumptions and stereotypes are wiped away.  

Baby name for Girls - Baby Girl names that start with  “ A “ and their  Meaning 



Variation on the Swahili or Muslim name Amira, meaning ‘princess’.


(alt. Aady, Aadee) Hindi, meaning ‘of the beginning’.


(alt. Alia, Alliyah) Variation on the Arabic name Aliya, meaning ‘highborn’.


Variation on the Russian name Anya, meaning ‘favour’ or ‘grace’. Also of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘the inexhaustible’.


Derivative of the Latin name Ariadne and the Greek Ariadne, both meaning ‘the very holy one’.


(alt. Abbey, Abbie) Form of Abigail, meaning ‘My father’s joy’ in Hebrew.


African, meaning ‘child who is looked for for’.


Native American, meaning ‘dawn’s child’.


(alt. Abella) Hebrew, meaning ‘sigh’ or ‘breath’.


(alt. Aberphah) Welsh, meaning ‘from the start of the river’.


(alt. Abbia, Abbiah, Abiah, Abya, Abyah) Arabic, meaning ‘great’.


(alt. Abeeda, Abyda, Abeida) Arabic, meaning ‘worshipper’ and Hebrew, meaning ‘having knowledge’.


(alt. Abagail) Hebrew, meaning ‘My father’s joy’.


(alt. Abilee) Variation of Abelena. Latin and Spanish for ‘hazelnut’.


(alt. Abena) Ghanaian, meaning ‘born on Tuesday’.


(alt. Abera, Abyra) Hebrew, meaning ‘a supplier of strength’.


Female variation of Abraham. Also of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘clouds’.


Spanish for the month of April. Also of Latin origin, meaning ‘open’.


A species of flowering trees and shrubs and derived from Greek for ‘point’ or ‘thorn’.


An offshoot of the Greek word arcadia meaning ‘paradise’. Originally, a French colony in Canada.


(alt. Akantha) Greek, meaning ‘thorny’. In mythology Acantha was a nymph connected with Apollo, the sun god.


(alt. Asceline) French, meaning ‘highborn’.


Navajo, meaning ‘protector’.


Greek, meaning ‘beam of sunlight’.


(alt. Ada, Adair) Hebrew, meaning ‘adornment’.


German, meaning ‘noble’.


(alt. Adelgise) German, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘vow’. It is also the name of one of Bellini’s priestess’ in his popular Italian opera Norma.


‘God is my refuge’ in Hebrew.


German, meaning ‘dignified she-wolf’.


Hebrew, meaning ‘of the red earth’. A female form of Adam.


Igbo, meaning ‘beautiful child’.


(alt. Adar, Adare) Arabic, meaning ‘virgin’ and Hebrew, meaning ‘noble’.


(alt. Adi, Addy) Abbreviated form of Addison, Adelaide, Adele and Adeline.


(alt. Addyson) English, meaning ‘Son of Adam’.


(alt. Adelaida) German, popular after the rule of William IV and Queen Adelaide of England in the 19th Century.


(alt. Adell, Adelle, Adelia) German, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’.


French, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘sweet’.


(alt. Adelfa, Adelfia) Greek, meaning ‘adored sister’.


(alt. Adalyn, Adelyn) Variant of Adelaide, meaning ‘nobility’.


(alt. Addien) Hebrew for ‘decoration’.


(alt. Adeolah, Adeolla) African, meaning ‘wearer of a crown of honour’.


Hebrew, meaning ‘protector’.


Welsh for ‘bird’.


Nigerian for ‘she paves the way’. Usually given to a first-born daughter.


Variant of Ada, meaning ‘decoration’.


Arabic, meaning ‘cultured’.


(alt. Adielle) Hebrew, meaning ‘God’s adornment’.


(alt. Adilah, Adeala) Arabic, meaning ‘fair’ or ‘just’.


(alt. Adimah, Adimma) Teutonic, meaning ‘legendary’.


(alt. Adena) Hebrew, meaning ‘high hopes’ or ‘precious’.


Hebrew for ‘noble’ or ‘powerful’. Also the north Italian city.


Hindi, meaning ‘endless’. In Hindu mythology Aditi is the sky and fertility goddess.


Arabic, meaning ‘gentle’.


Latin, meaning ‘beloved’.


Arabic, meaning ‘virgin’.


Italian, from the northern city of Adria.


(alt. Adriana) Variant of Adrienne, meaning ‘rich’ or ‘dark’.


American, meaning ‘dignified’.


(alt. Adriane, Adrianne) Greek, meaning ‘rich’, or Latin, meaning ‘dark’.


Native American, meaning ‘flower’.


Korean, meaning ‘adoring daughter’.


Greek, mythologically a sea nymph, and a place in Greece.


Greek, meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘splendour’.


Welsh, meaning ‘exquisite brow’.


Variant on Erin, meaning ‘peace-making’.


American, from a character in the computer game Final Fantasy VII.


Combined of the Greek Aero, meaning ‘water’, and the English Lynn, meaning ‘waterfall’.


Variant of Aero, meaning ‘water’.


(alt. Afi, Affi) Arabic, meaning ‘a child born on Friday’.


(alt. Affra, Aphra) Hebrew, meaning ‘little deer’.


(alt. Afredah, Afrida) English, meaning ‘elf counsellor’.


Celtic for ‘pleasant’, as well as the name of the continent.


Iranian, meaning ‘a fairy tale’.


Persian, meaning ‘one who sprinkles light’.


Originally a place name in Scotland.


Greek, meaning ‘love’.


English, from the semi-precious stone of the same name.


From Saint Agatha, the patron saint of bells, meaning ‘good’.


Alternative of Agatha, meaning ‘good’.


One of the three Greek Graces, meaning ‘brilliance’.


Greek, meaning ‘virginal’ or ‘pure’.


From the Latin expression, meaning ‘born feet first’.


Irish, meaning ‘little ford’.


Hebrew, meaning ‘love’.


Japanese, meaning ‘love’.


‘Reward’ or ‘present’ in Arabic.


(alt. Aidan, Aidenn) Gaelic for ‘fire’.


Irish, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘bright’.


(alt. Aoife) Celtic, a mythological warrior woman.


Japanese, meaning ‘little beloved one’.


(alt. Aelani, Ailana) Hawaiian, meaning ‘chief’.


(alt. Aleen, Aline, Eileen) A Gaelic variant of Helen, meaning ‘light’.


(alt. Ailish) Old English, meaning ‘seasoned warrior’.


(alt. Aine, Aithnea) Gaelic, meaning ‘fire’.


Scottish, meaning ‘pledge from God’, as well as the name of a Scottish island.


(alt. Aimie, Amie) The French spelling of Amy, meaning ‘beloved’.


Scandinavian, meaning ‘forever’.


(alt. Aino) Celtic for ‘happiness’.


Scottish and Gaelic, meaning ‘one’s own meadow’.


(alt. Aeysha) In Arabic Aisha means ‘woman’; in Swahili it means ‘life’.


Variant on the Arabic Aisha, meaning ‘woman’.


(alt. Aislin, Aisling, Aislyn) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘dream’.


(alt. Aiyana) Native American, meaning ‘forever flowering’.


Hindi, meaning ‘goat’.


(alt. Akah, Akkah) Maori, meaning ‘loving one’.


Greek, meaning ‘naïve’.


(alt. Akilah) Hawaiian, meaning ‘noble’.


(alt. Akey, Akie) Japanese, meaning ‘born in autumn’.


Japanese, meaning ‘shining child’.


(alt. Aikiela, Akeela, Akylah) Arabic, meaning ‘wise’.


Greek or Russian, meaning ‘eagle’.


Hebrew, meaning ‘protect and shelter’.


African, meaning ‘born on Sunday’.


(alt. Aksannah) Russian, meaning ‘offers glory to God’. Alternative of Oksana.


African, meaning ‘born on Wednesday’.


(alt. Akutie, Akutea) Indian, meaning ‘princess’.


(alt. Alane, Alayna) Feminine of Alan, originating from the French for ‘rock’ or ‘comely’.


(alt. Allair, Alayr) French, meaning ‘one with a happy disposition’.


African, meaning ‘honoured one’.


Hawaiian, meaning ‘precious one’. Alana (alt. Alanna, Alannah) Variant of Alaina, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘comely’. Alanis (alt. Alarice) Variant of Alaina, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘comely’. Alaqua Native American, meaning ‘a sweet gum tree’. Alaula Hawaiian, meaning ‘dawn light’. Alba Latin for ‘white’. Also the Gaelic for ‘Scotland’. Alberta (alt. Albertha) Feminine of Albert, from the old English for ‘bright and shining’. Albina Latin for ‘white’ or ‘fair’. Alcina (alt. Alcee, Alcie) Greek, meaning ‘strong in mind’. Alcyone Greek, meaning ‘kingfisher’. The source of the name Halcyon for a type of kingfishers. Alda German, meaning ‘old’ or ‘prosperous’. Aldis English, meaning ‘battle-seasoned’. Aldona (alt. Aldone) American, meaning ‘sweet’. Aleah (alt. Aileah, Alleeah) Arabic, meaning ‘high’. Persian, meaning ‘one of God’s beings’. Aleela (alt. Aleelah, Alila) Swahili, meaning ‘she cries’. Aleesha Alternative of Alicia, meaning ‘nobility’. Aleeza (alt. Aleezah, Aleiza, Alieza) Hebrew, meaning ‘joy’. Alternative of Alicia. Alegria (alt. Allegria) Spanish, meaning ‘lovely movement’. Aleta (alt. Aletha) Greek for ‘footloose’. Alessandra (alt. Aless, Alessa) Italian, meaning ‘defender of man’. Alethea (alt. Aletheia) Greek, meaning ‘truth’. Alex (alt. Alexa, Alexi) Shortened version of Alexandra, meaning ‘man’s defender’. Alexa Alternative of Alexandra, meaning ‘man’s defender’. Alexandra (alt. Alejandra, Aleksandra, Alessandra, Alexandrea, Alexandria) Feminine of Alexander, from the Greek interpretation of ‘man’s defender’. Alexis (alt. Alexus, Alexys) Greek, meaning ‘helper’. Aleydis Variant of Alice, meaning ‘nobility’. Alfreda Old English, meaning ‘elf power’. Ali (alt. Allie, Ally) Shortened version of Alexandra, Aliyah or Alice. Alibeth Variant of Elizabeth, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Alice (alt. Alize, Alyce, Alyse) English, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’. Alicia (alt. Alecia, Alessia, Alizia, Alysia) Variant of Alice, meaning ‘nobility’. Alida (alt. Aleida) Latin, meaning ‘small winged one’. Alienor (alt. Aliana) Variant spelling of Eleanor, from the Greek for ‘light’. Aliki (alt. Alika) Variant of Alice, meaning ‘nobility’. Alima Arabic, meaning ‘cultured’. Alina (alt. Alena) A Slavic variation of Helen, meaning ‘light’. Alisha (alt. Alesha, Alysha) Variant of Alice, meaning ‘nobility’. Alison (alt. Allison, Allisyn, Alyson) Variant of Alice, meaning ‘nobility’. Alissa (alt. Alessa, Alise) Greek, meaning ‘pretty’. Alita Alternative of Alida, meaning ‘small winged one’. Alivia Variant spelling of Olivia, meaning ‘olive tree’. Aliya (alt. Aaliyah) Arabic, meaning ‘exalted’ or ‘sublime’. Alla Variant on Ella or Alexandra. Also a possible reference to Allah. Allegra Italian, meaning ‘joyous’. Allura From the French word for entice, meaning ‘the power of attraction’. Allyn Feminine of Alan, meaning ‘peaceful’. Alma Three possible origins; Latin for ‘giving nurture’, Italian for ‘soul’ and Arabic for ‘learned’. Almeda (alt. Almeta) Latin, meaning ‘ambitious’. Almera (alt. Almira) Feminine of Elmer, from the Arabic for ‘aristocratic’. Alodie (alt. Alodee) English, meaning ‘wealthy’. Alohi Variant on the Hawaiian greeting Aloha, meaning ‘love and affection’. Alona Hebrew, meaning ‘oak tree’. Alora Variant of Alona, meaning ‘oak tree’. Alouette (alt. Allouette, Alowette) French, meaning ‘like a bird’. Alpha The first letter of the Greek alphabet, usually given to a first-born daughter. Alta Latin, meaning ‘elevated’. Altagracia Spanish, meaning ‘grace’. Althea (alt. Altea, Altha) From the Greek, meaning ‘healing power’. Alva Spanish, meaning ‘blond’ or ‘fair skinned’. Alvena (alt. Alvina) English, meaning ‘noble friend’. Alvia (alt. Alyvia) Variant of Olivia or Elvira. Alyda (alt. Aleda, Alida, Alita) French, meaning ‘soaring’. Alyssa (alt. Alisa, Alysa) Greek, meaning ‘rational’. Ama African, meaning ‘born on Saturday’. Amabel Variant of Annabel, meaning ‘grace and beauty’. Amadea Feminine of Amadeus, meaning ‘God’s beloved’. Amalia Variant of Emilia, meaning ‘industrious’. Amana Hebrew, meaning ‘loyal and true’. Amanda Latin, meaning ‘much loved’. Amandine Variant of Amanda, meaning ‘much loved’. Amara (alt. Amani) Greek, meaning ‘lovely forever’. Amarantha Contraction of Amanda and Samantha, meaning ‘much loved listener’. Amaris (alt. Amari, Amasa) Hebrew, meaning ‘pledged by God’. Amaryllis Greek, meaning ‘fresh’. Also a flower by the same name. Amber From the French word for the semi-precious stone of the same name. Amberly Contraction of Amber and Leigh, meaning ‘stone’ and ‘meadow’. Amberlynn Contraction of Amber and Lynn, meaning ‘stone’ and ‘waterfall’. Amboree (alt. Ambor, Ambree) American, meaning ‘precocious’. Ambrosia (alt. Ambrozia) Greek, meaning ‘eternal’. Amelia (alt. Aemilia) Greek, meaning ‘industrious’. Amelie (alt. Amalie) French version of Amelia, meaning ‘industrious’. Amera Arabic, meaning ‘royal birth’. America From the country of the same name. Ameris Variant of amaryllis, meaning ‘fresh’. Amethyst From the Greek word for the precious, mulberry coloured stone of the same name. Amina Arabic, meaning ‘honest and trustworthy’. Amira (alt. Amiya, Amiyah) Arabic, meaning ‘a highborn girl’. Amity Latin, meaning ‘friendship and harmony’. Amory Variant on the Spanish name Amor, meaning ‘love’. Amy (alt. Amee, Amie) Latin, meaning ‘beloved’. Amya Variant on Amy, meaning ‘beloved’. Ana-Lisa Contraction of Anna and Lisa, meaning ‘gracious’ or ‘consecrated to God’. Anafa Hebrew, meaning ‘heron’. Ananda Hindi, meaning ‘bliss’. Anastasia (alt. Athanasia) Greek, meaning ‘resurrection’. Anatolia From the eastern Greek town of the same name. Andelyn Contraction of the feminine for Andrew and Lynn, meaning ‘strong waterfall’. Andrea (alt. Andreia, Andria) Feminine of Andrew, from the Greek term for ‘a man’s woman’. Andrine Variant of Andrea, meaning ‘a man’s woman’. Andromeda From the heroine of a Greek legend. Anemone Greek, meaning ‘breath’. Angela (alt. Angelia, Angelle) Greek, meaning ‘messenger from God’ or ‘angel’. Angelica (alt. Angelina, Angeline, Angelique) Latin, meaning ‘angelic’. Anise (alt. Anisa) From the licorice flavoured plant of the same name. Anita (alt. Anitra) Variant of Ann, meaning ‘grace’. Ann (alt. Anne, Annie) Derived from Hannah, meaning ‘grace’. Anna (alt. Ana) Derived from Hannah, meaning ‘grace’. Annabel (alt. Anabelle, Annabella, Annabelle) Contraction of Anna and Belle, meaning ‘grace’ and ‘beauty’. Annalise (alt. Annaliese, Annalisa) Contraction of Anna and Lise, meaning ‘grace’ and ‘pledged to God’. Annemarie (alt. Annamae, Annmarie) Contraction of Anna and Mary, meaning ‘grace’ and ‘bitterness or rebellious’. Annette (alt. Annetta) Derived from Anna and Hannah, meaning ‘grace’. Annis Greek, meaning ‘finished or completed’. Annora Latin, meaning ‘honour’. Anoushka (alt. Anousha) A Russian variation of Ann, meaning ‘grace’. Ansley English, meaning ‘the awesome one’s meadow’. Anthea (alt. Anthi) Greek, meaning ‘flowerlike’. Antigone In Greek mythology, Antigone was the daughter of Oedipus. Antoinette (alt. Antonette, Antonietta) Both a variation of Ann and the feminine of Anthony, meaning ‘invaluable grace’. Antonia (alt. Antonella, Antonina) Latin, meaning ‘invaluable’. Anwen Welsh, meaning ‘very fair’. Anya (alt. Aniyah, Anja) Russian, meaning ‘grace’. Aphrodite (alt. Afrodite) Greek, the mythological goddess of love and beauty. Apollonia Feminine of Apollo, the Greek god of the sun. Apple Name of the fruit. April (alt. Avril) Latin, meaning ‘opening up’. Also the name of the month. Aquilina (alt. Aquila) Spanish, meaning ‘like an eagle’. Ara Arabic, meaning ‘brings rain’. Arabella Latin, meaning ‘answered prayer’. Araceli (alt. Aracely) Spanish, meaning ‘altar of Heaven’. Araminta Contraction of Arabella and Amita, meaning ‘altar of Heaven’ and ‘friendship’. Araylia (alt. Araelea) Latin, meaning ‘golden’. Arcadia Greek, meaning ‘paradise’. Ardelle (alt. Ardell, Ardella) Latin, meaning ‘burning with enthusiasm’. Arden (alt. Ardis, Ardith) Latin, meaning ‘burning with enthusiasm’. Arekah Greek, meaning ‘virtuous’. Arella (alt. Areli, Arely) Hebrew, meaning ‘angel’. Arete Greek, meaning ‘goodness’. Queen of the Phaeacians in Homer’s Odyssey. Aretha Greek, meaning ‘woman of virtue’. Aria (alt. Ariah) Italian, meaning ‘melody’. Ariadne In Greek mythology, Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos. Ariana (alt. Ariane, Arienne) Welsh, meaning ‘silver’. Ariel (alt. Ariela, Ariella, Arielle) Hebrew, meaning ‘Lioness of God’. Arista (alt. Aristella, Aristelle) Greek, meaning ‘wonderful’. Arlene (alt. Arleen, Arline) Gaelic, meaning ‘pledge’. Armida Latin, meaning ‘little armed one’. Artemisia (alt. Artemis) Of both Greek and Spanish origin, meaning ‘perfect’. Artie (alt. Arti) Shortened form of Artemisia, meaning ‘perfect’. Ashanti Geographical area in Africa Ashby English, meaning ‘ash tree farm’. Ashley (alt. Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashlie, Ashly) English, meaning ‘ash tree meadow’. Ashlynn Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘dream’. Ashton (alt. Ashtyn) Place name. Asia Name of continent. Asma (alt. Asmara) Arabic, meaning ‘high-standing’. Aspasia (alt. Aspashia) Greek, meaning ‘witty’. Aspen (alt. Aspynn) Name of the tree. Also name of a city in the USA. Assumpta (alt. Assunta) Italian, meaning ‘raised up’. Asta (alt. Astor, Astoria) Greek or Latin, meaning ‘star-like’. Astrid Old Norse, meaning ‘beautiful like a God’. Atara Hebrew, meaning ‘diadem’. Athena (alt. Athenais) The Greek goddess of wisdom. Aubrey (alt. Aubree, Aubriana, Aubrie) French, meaning ‘elf ruler’. Audrey (alt. Audrie, Audry,Autry) English, meaning ‘noble strength’. Audrina Alternative of Audrey, meaning ‘noble strength’. Augusta (alt. August, Augustine) Latin, meaning ‘worthy of respect’. Aura (alt. Aurea) Greek or Latin, meaning either ‘soft breeze’ or ‘gold’. Aurelia (alt. Aurelie) Latin, meaning ‘gold’. Aurora (alt. Aurore) In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the sunrise. Austine (alt. Austen, Austin) Latin, meaning ‘worthy of respect’. Autra (alt. Aut) Latin, meaning ‘gold’. Autumn Name of the season. Ava (alt. Avia, Avie) Latin, meaning ‘like a bird’. Avalon (alt. Avalyn, Aveline) Celtic, meaning ‘island of apples’. Axelle Greek, meaning ‘father of peace.’ Aya (alt. Ayah) Hebrew, meaning ‘bird’. Ayanna (alt. Ayana) American, meaning ‘grace’. Ayesha (alt. Aisha, Aysha) Persian, meaning ‘small one’. Azalea Latin, meaning ‘dry earth’. Azalia Hebrew, meaning ‘aided by God’. Aziza Hebrew, meaning ‘mighty’, or Arabic, meaning ‘precious’. Azure (alt. Azaria) French, meaning ‘sky-blue’.


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