1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ J “ and their  Meaning

  Jaala Hebrew, meaning ‘wild goat’. Jaamini Hindi, meaning ‘evening’. Jabmen Arabic, meaning ‘high forehead’. Jacaranda (alt. Jacarranda, Jakaranda) Spanish, the name of a flower with purple blossoms. Jacey (alt. Jace, Jaci, Jacie) Greek alternative of Jacinda, meaning ‘hyacinth’. Jachan Hebrew, meaning ‘sorrow’. Jacinda (alt. Jacinta) Spanish, meaning ‘hyacinth’. Jackie (alt. Jacque, Jacqui) Shortened form of Jacqueline, meaning ‘he who supplants’. Jacqueline (alt. Jacalyn, Jacklyn, Jacquelyn, Jaqlyn) French, meaning ‘he who supplants’. Jada Spanish, meaning ‘jade’. Jade (alt. Jada, Jaida, Jayda, Jayde) Spanish, meaning ‘green stone’. Jaden (alt. Jadyn, Jaiden, Jaidyn, Jayden) Contraction of Jade and Hayden, meaning ‘green hedged valley’. Jaeda Arabic, meaning ‘goodness’. Jael Hebrew, meaning ‘mountain goat’. Jaime (alt. Jaima, Jaimie, Jami, Jamie) Spanish, meaning ‘he who supplants’. Jaira Hebrew, meaning ‘shining’. Jairdan American, meaning ‘educator’. Jakayla Native American, meaning ‘crowned with a laurel’. Jaleh Persian, meaning ‘born of the rain’. Jalia American, meaning ‘noble woman’. Jalila Arabic, meaning ‘important one’. Jamari French, meaning ‘warrior woman’. Jamila Arabic, meaning ‘lovely’. Jan (alt. Jann, Janna) Hebrew, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jana (alt. Jaana) Hebrew, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janae (alt. Janay) American, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jane (alt. Jayne) Feminine form of the Hebrew John, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janelle (alt. Janel, Janell, Jenelle) American, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janet (alt. Janette) Scottish, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janice (alt. Janis) American, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janie (alt. Janney, Jannie) Shortened form of Janet, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janine (alt. Janeen) English, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janis Alternative of Jane, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Janoah (alt. Janiya, Janiyah) Hebrew, meaning ‘quiet and calm’. January English, meaning ‘the first month’. Jarah Hebrew, meaning ‘honey’. Jarita Hindi-Sanskrit, meaning ‘famous bird’. Jasmine (alt. Jasmin, Jazim, Jazmine) Persian, meaning ‘jasmine flower’. Jay Latin, meaning ‘jaybird’. Jayna Sanskrit, meaning ‘bringer of victory’. Jean (alt. Jeane, Jeanne) Scottish, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jeana (alt. Jeanna) Latin, meaning ‘queen’. Jeanette (alt. Jeannette, Janette) French, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jeanie (alt. Jeannie) Shortened form of Jeanette, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jeanine (alt. Jeannine) Latin, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jehan Arabic, meaning ‘worldly woman’. Jehosheba Hebrew, meaning ‘oath of the Lord’. Jelena Slavic, meaning ‘bright’. Jelissa American, meaning ‘white bee’. Jemima Hebrew, meaning ‘dove’. Jemina Hebrew, meaning ‘listened to’. Jemma Italian, meaning ‘precious stone’. Jemsa Spanish, meaning ‘gem’. Jena Arabic, meaning ‘little bird’. Jendayi Egyptian, meaning ‘thankful one’. Jeneil American, meaning ‘champion’. Jenna Hebrew, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jennifer (alt. Jenifer) Welsh, meaning ‘white and smooth’. Jenny (alt. Jennie) Shortened form of Jennifer, meaning ‘white and smooth’. Jensine Danish, meaning ‘God is gracious’. Jerrie (alt. Jeri, Jerri, Jerrie, Jerry) German, meaning ‘spear ruler’. Jersey American, a place name. Jerusha Hebrew, meaning ‘married’. Jeryl English, meaning ‘spear ruler’. Jess Shortened form of Jessica, meaning ‘He sees’. Jessa Shortened form of Jessica, meaning ‘He sees’. Jessamine French, meaning ‘jasmine’. Jessamy (alt. Jessame, Jessamine, Jessamyn) Persian, meaning ‘jasmine flower’. Jessenia Arabic, meaning ‘delicate like a flower’. Jessica (alt. Jesica, Jesika, Jessika) Hebrew, meaning ‘He sees’. Jessie (alt. Jesse, Jessi, Jessye) Shortened form of Jessica, meaning ‘He sees’. Jesusa Spanish, meaning ‘mother of the Lord’. Jethetha Hebrew, meaning ‘princess’. Jette (alt. Jetta, Jettie) Danish, meaning ‘black as coal’. Jewel (alt. Jewell) French, meaning ‘delight’. Jezebel (alt. Jezabel, Jezabelle) Hebrew, meaning ‘pure and virginal’. Jia li Chinese, meaning ‘beautiful and kind’. Jiera Lithuanian, meaning ‘lively’. Jiles American, meaning ‘young goat’. Jill Latin, meaning ‘youthful’. Jillian Latin, meaning ‘youthful’. Jimena Spanish, meaning ‘heard’. Jin Japanese, meaning ‘tenderness’. Jinx Latin, meaning ‘performs spells’. Jivanta Hindi, meaning ‘life giver’. Jo Shortened form of Joanna, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Joan Hebrew, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Joanna (alt. Joana, Joanie, Joanne, Johanna) Hebrew, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Jobina (alt. Jobey, Jobyna) Hebrew, meaning ‘persecuted’. Jocasta Italian, meaning ‘lighthearted’. Jocelyn (alt. Jauslyn, Joscelin, Joslyn) German, meaning ‘cheerful’. Jocose Latin, meaning ‘gleeful’. Jody (alt. Jodee, Jodi, Jodie) Shortened form of Judith, meaning ‘Jewish’. Joelle (alt. Joela) Hebrew, meaning ‘Jehovah is the Lord’. Joey Alternative of Josephine or Joanna. Joie French, meaning ‘joy’. Jolan Greek, meaning ‘violet flower’. Joalnda Italian, meaning ‘purple’. Jolene Contraction of Joanna and Darlene, meaning ‘gracious darling’. Jolie (alt. Joely) French, meaning ‘pretty’. Jora Hebrew, meaning ‘autumn rain’. Jorah Hebrerw, meaning ‘autumn rose’. Jordan (alt. Jordana, Jordin, Jordyn) Hebew, meaning ‘descend’. Jorunn Norse, meaning ‘lover of horses’. Josephine (alt. Josefina, Josephina) Hebrew, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’. Josie (alt. Joss, Jossie) Shortened form of Josephine, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’. Jovita (alt. Jovie) Latin, meaning ‘made glad’. Joy Latin, meaning ‘joy’. Joyce Latin, meaning ‘joyous’. Juanita (alt. Juana) Spanish, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Juba African, meaning ‘born on a Monday’. Jubilee Hebrew, meaning ‘horn of a ram’. Judith (alt. Judit) Hebrew, meaning ‘Jewish’. Judy (alt. Judi, Judie) Shortened form of Judith, meaning ‘Jewish’. Jules French, meaning ‘Jove’s child’. Julia Latin, meaning ‘youthful’. Julianne (alt. Juliana, Juliann, Julianne) Latin, meaning ‘youthful’. Julie (alt. Juli) Shortened form of Julia, meaning ‘youthful’. Juliet (alt. Joliet, Juliette) Latin, meaning ‘youthful’. Shakespeare protagonist in Romeo & Juliet. Jumana (alt. Jumanah, Jummanah) Arabic, meaning ‘silver pearl’. June (alt. Juna) Latin, after the month of the same name. Juniper Dutch, from the shrub of the same name. Juno (alt. Juneau) Latin, meaning ‘queen of heaven’. Justice English, meaning ‘to deliver what is just’. Justine (alt. Justina) Latin, meaning ‘fair and righteous’. Juturna Latin, mythological goddess of fountains and spings. Jwahir African, meaning ‘golden woman’. Jyoti Indian, meaning ‘born into the light’. Jyotsna Indian, meaning ‘lady of the moonlight’. Names from literature Alice (Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll) Anna (Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy) Bella (Twilight, Stephenie Meyer) Clarissa (Mrs Dalloway, Virginia Woolf) Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen) Hermione (Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling) Jane (Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë) Rebecca (Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier) Emma (Emma, Jane Austen) Tess (Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy)


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