1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ k “ and their  Meaning

  Kacela African, meaning ‘huntress’. Kacey American alternative to Casey, meaning ‘watchful’. Kahina Native American, meaning ‘spiritual dancer’. Kacondra American, meaning ‘bold’. Kadenza (alt. Kadence) Latin, meaning ‘with rhythm’. Kadin Arabic, meaning ‘companion’. Kadisha Hebrew, meaning ‘religious one’. Kaede Japanese, meaning ‘like a maple leaf’. Kaelyn English, meaning ‘lovely girl from the meadow’. Kafi African, meaning ‘quiet one’. Kagami Japanese, meaning ‘true image’. Kai Hindi, meaning ‘lady of the sea’. Kaila Hebrew, meaning ‘crowned with a laurel’. Kaliani Hawaiian, meaning ‘sky and sea’. Kaimi Polynesian, meaning ‘seeker’. Kairos Greek, meaning ‘opportunity’. Kaitlin (alt. Kaitlyn) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Kala (alt. Kaela, Kaiala, Kaila) Sanskrit, meaning ‘black one’. Kalani Hawaiian, meaning ‘of the heavens’. Kali (alt. Kailee, Kailey, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kalie, Kalli, Kally, Kaylee, Kayleigh) Sanskrit, meaning ‘black one’. Kalika Greek, meaning ‘rosebud’. Kalila Arabic, meaning ‘beloved’. Kalina Slavic, meaning ‘flower’. Kallan Scandinavian, meaning ‘stream’. Kalliope Greek, from the muse of the same name. Kallista Greek, meaning ‘most beautiful’. Kama Sanskrit, meaning ‘love’. Kami Japanese, meaning ‘lord’. Kamilla (alt. Kamilah) Slavic, meaning ‘serving girl’. Kamari Swahili, meaning ‘moonlight’. Kamilah Arabic, meaning ‘perfect’. Kana Hawaiian, from the demi-god of the same name. Kandace (alt. Kandice) Latin, meaning ‘glowing white’. Kandy (alt. Kandi) Shortened form of Kandace, meaning ‘glowing white’. Kanika Africa, meaning ‘black cloth’. Kara Latin, meaning ‘dear one’. Karashie African, meaning ‘wisdom’. Karcsi French, meaning ‘joyful singer’. Karen (alt. Karan, Karalyn, Karin, Karina, Karon) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Kari (alt. Karie, Karri, Karrie) Shortened form of Karen, meaning ‘pure’. Karimah Arabic, meaning ‘giving’. Karina Russian, meaning ‘dear one’. Karishma Sanskrit, meaning ‘miracle’. Karissa Greek, meaning ‘full of grace’. Karla German, meaning ‘man’. Karly (alt. Karlee, Karley, Karli) German, meaning ‘free man’. Karlyn German, meaning ‘man’. Karma Hindi, meaning ‘destiny’. Soap characters Bianca (Eastenders) Deidre (Coronation Street) Dot (Eastenders) Hilda (Coronation Street) Irene (Home and Away) Janice (Coronation Street) Leanne (Coronation Street) Pat (Eastenders) Peggy (Eastenders) Susan (Neighbours) Karmiti Native American, meaning ‘of the trees’. Karnesha American, meaning ‘fiesty’. Karol (alt. Karolina, Karolyn) Slavic, meaning ‘little and womanly’. Karrington English, meaning ‘admired’. Karuna Indian, meaning ‘compassionate one’. Kasen Scandinavian, meaning ‘pure’. Kasi Indian, meaning ‘shining’. Kassandra Greek, meaning ‘she who entangles men’. Kasey, (alt. Kacey ,Kacie, Kasie) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘alert and watchful’. Kassidy English alternative of Cassidy, meaning ‘clever’. Kasumi Japanese, meaning ‘of the mist’. Katarina (alt. Katarine, Katerina, Katharina) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Kate (alt. Kat, Katie, Kathie, Kathy, Katy) Shortened form of Katherine, meaning ‘pure’. Katelyn (alt. Katelin, Katelynn, Katlin, Katlyn) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Katherine (alt. Katharine, Katheryn, Kathryn) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Kathleen (alt. Kathlyn) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Katima American, meaning ‘powerful’. Katrina (alt. Katina) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Kaveri Indian, meaning ‘sacred river’. Kay (alt. Kaye) Shortened form of Katherine, meaning ‘pure’. Kayla (alt. Kaylah) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Kayley (alt. Kayley, Kayli) American, meaning ‘pure’. Kaylin American, meaning ‘pure’. Keahi Hawaiian, meaning ‘fiery’. Keanu Hawaiian, meaning ‘like the cool mountain breeze’. Keaton English, meaning ‘shed town’. Kedma Hebrew, meaning ‘from the east’. Keelan Irish, meaning ‘slender and beautiful’. Keeley (alt. Keely) Irish, meaning ‘battle maid’. Keidra American, meaning ‘alert’. Keiko Japanese, meaning ‘respectful child’. Keila Hebrew, meaning ‘citadel’. Keira Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘dark’. Keisha (alt. Keesha) Arabic, meaning ‘woman’. Kelby Gaelic, meaning ‘of the waters’. Kelilah Hebrew, meaning ‘victorious’. Kelis American, meaning ‘beautiful’. Keller Irish, meaning ‘daring’. Kelly (alt. Keli, Kelley, Kelli, Kellie) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘battle maid’. Kelsey (alt. Kelcee, Kelcie, Kelsea, Kelsi, Kelsie) English, meaning ‘island’. Kendall (alt. Kendal) English, meaning ‘the valley of the Kent’. Kendra English, meaning ‘knowing’. Kenna Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘handsome’. Kennedy (alt. Kenadee, Kennedi) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘helmet head’. Kenya African, from the country of the same name. Kerensa Cornish, meaning ‘love’. Keres Greek, mythological vengeful spirits. Kerrigan Irish, meaning ‘black haired’. Kerry (alt. Keri, Kerri, Kerrie) Irish, from the county of the same name. Keyla English, meaning ‘wise daughter’. Khadijah (alt. Khadejah) Arabic, meaning ‘premature baby’. Kiana (alt. Kia, Kiana) American, meaning ‘fibre’. Kiara Italian, meaning ‘light’. Kiera Irish, meaning ‘litte dark-haired child’. Kiho African, meaning ‘out of the fog’. Kiki Spanish, meaning ‘home ruler’. Killian Irish, meaning ‘warrior woman’. Kim Shortened form of Kimberly, from the town of the same name. Kimama Native American, meaning ‘butterfly’. Kimberly (alt. Kimberleigh, Kimberley) English, from the South African town of the same name. Kin Japanese, meaning ‘golden one’. Kineta Greek, meaning ‘full of energy’. Kingsley (alt. Kinsley) English, meaning ‘king’s meadow’. Kinsey English, meaning ‘king’s victory’. Kira Greek, meaning ‘lady’. Kiri Maori, meaning ‘tree bark’. Kirsten (alt. Kirstin) Scandinavian, meaning ‘Christian’. Kirstie Shortened form of Kirsten, meaning ‘Christian’. Kasha Russian, meaning ‘genius’. Kismet English, meaning ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’. Kit American, meaning ‘possessing great strength’. Kitty (alt. Kittie) Shortened form of Katherine, meaning ‘pure’. Kizzy Hebrew, meaning ‘Cassia’. Klara Hungarian, meaning ‘bright’. Kobi American, meaning ‘from California’. Komal Hindi, meaning ‘soft and tender’. Kona Hawaiian, meaning ‘girly’. Konstantina Latin, meaning ‘steadfast’. Kora (alt. Kori) Greek, meaning ‘maiden’. Kosta Latin, meaning ‘steadfast one’. Kris (alt. Krista, Kristi, Kristie, Kristy) Shortened form of Kristen, meaning ‘Christian’. Kristen (alt. Kristan, Kristin, Kristine, Krysten) Greek, meaning ‘Christian’. Krystal (alt. Kristal, Kristel) Greek, meaning ‘ice’. Kura Turkish, meaning ‘from the river’. Kwanza (alt. Kwanzaa) African, meaning ‘beginning’. Kyla (alt. Kya, Kylah, Kyle) Scottish, meaning ‘narrow split of land’. Kylie (alt. Kiley, Kylee) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘graceful’. Kyoko Japanese, meaning ‘girl who sees her true image’. Kyra Greek, meaning ‘lady’. Kyrie Greek, meaning ‘the Lord’. Kyrielle French, meaning ‘poetess’. Gem and precious stone names Amber Crystal Emerald Garnet Jade Opal Pearl Ruby


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