1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ L “ and their  Meaning

  Laadan Hebrew, meaning ‘distinguished one’. Laasya Indian, meaning ‘graceful dancer’. Labiba Arabic, meaning ‘intelligent’. Labonita Spanish, meaning ‘beautiful’. Lacey (alt. Laci, Lacie, Lacy) French, from the town of the same name. Lachelle American, meaning ‘sweet one’. Ladonna Italian, meaning ‘lady’. Lady English, meaning ‘bread kneader’. Lael Hebrew, meaning ‘belonging to God’. Laguna American, meaning ‘from the beach’. Laila (alt. Laelia, Layla, Leila, Lela, Lelah, Lelia) Arabic, meaning ‘night’. Laima Latvian, meaning ‘fortunate’. Lainey (alt. Laine, Laney) French, meaning ‘bright light’. Laire Scottish, meaning ‘like a mare’. Laidh Hebrew, meaning ‘lioness’. Lajean French, meaning ‘soothing’. Lajita Indian, meaning ‘truthful’. Lake American, meaning ‘still waters’. Lakeisha (alt. Lakeshia) American, meaning ‘woman’. Laksha Indian, meaning ‘beautiful as a white rose’. Lakshmi (alt. Laxmi) Sanskrit, meaning ‘good omen’. Lala Slavic, meaning ‘like a tulip’. Lalaine American, meaning ‘hardworking’. Lalasa Indian, meaning ‘like a dove’. Lana Greek, meaning ‘light’. Lani (alt. Lanie) Hawaiian, meaning ‘sky’. Lansing English, meaning ‘filled with hope’. Lantana English, meaning ‘like a flower’. Lanza Italian, meaning ‘noble’. Lara Latin, meaning ‘famous’. Laraine French, meaning ‘from Lorraine’. Larch American, meaning ‘full of life’. Larina Spanish, meaning ‘queen’. Larissa (alt. Larisa) Greek, meaning ‘lighthearted’. Lark English, meaning ‘playful songbird’. Larkin American, meaning ‘pretty young woman’. Larsen Scandinavian, meaning ‘son of Lars’. Latanya American, meaning ‘fairy queen’s daughter’. Latifa Arabic, meaning ‘gentle and pleasant’. Latika Hindi, meaning ‘a plant’. Latisha Latin, meaning ‘happiness’. Latona (alt. Latonia) Roman, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Latoya Spanish, meaning ‘victorious one’. Latrice (alt. Latricia) Latin, meaning ‘noble’. Laudine English, meaning ‘lady of the fountain’. Laura Latin, meaning ‘laurel’. Laurel Latin, meaning ‘laurel tree’. Lauren (alt. Lauran, Loren) Latin, meaning ‘laurel’. Laurent French, meaning ‘graceful one’. Lavada American, meaning ‘creative’. Laveda (alt. Lavada) Latin, meaning ‘cleansed’. Lavender Latin, from the plant of the same name. Laverne (alt. Lavern, Laverna) Latin, from the goddess of the same name. Lavinia (alt. Lavina) Latin, meaning ‘woman of Rome’. Lavita American, meaning ‘charming’. Lavonne (alt. Lavon) French, meaning ‘yew wood’. Le Chinese, meaning ‘bringer of joy’. Lea English, meaning ‘meadow’. Leah (alt. Lea, Leia) Hebrew, meaning ‘weary’. Leandra Greek, meaning ‘lion man’. Leanne (alt. Leann, Leanna, Leeann) Contraction of Lee and Ann, meaning ‘meadow grace’. Leba Hebrew, meaning ‘dearly loved one’. Leda Greek, meaning ‘gladness’. Ledell Greek, meaning ‘queenly’. Lee (alt. Leigh) English, meaning ‘pasture or meadow’. Leela Indian, meaning ‘accomplished actress’. Legia Spanish, meaning ‘bright’. Lehava Hebrew, meaning ‘fiery’. Lei Haiwaiian, meaning ‘a flower adornment’. Leilani Hawaiian, meaning ‘flower from heaven’. Leith Scottish Gaelic, meaning ‘broad river’. Leitha Greek, meaning ‘forgetful’. Lejoi French, meaning ‘filled with happiness’. Lemuela Hebrew, meaning ‘devoted to God’. Lena (alt. Leena, Lina) Latin, meaning ‘light’. Lenesha American, meaning ‘smiles a lot’. Lenmana Native American, meaning ‘flute girl’. Lenna (alt. Lennie) German, meaning ‘lion’s strength’. Lenore (alt. Lenora) Greek, meaning ‘light’. Léonie (alt. Leona, Leone) Latin, meaning ‘lion’. Leonora (alt. Leonor, Leonore) Greek, meaning ‘light’. Leora Greek, meaning ‘light’. Leotie Native American, meaning ‘wildflower’. Lerola Latin, meaning ‘like a blackbird’. Leslie (alt. Leslee, Lesley, Lesli) Scottish Gaelic, meaning ‘the grey castle’. Leta Latin, meaning ‘glad and joyful’. Letha Greek, meaning ‘forgetfulness’. Letitia (alt. Leticia, Lettice, Lettie) Latin, meaning ‘joy and gladness’. Levana Latin, meaning ‘raised up’. Levina Latin, meaning ‘lightning bolt’. Levitt American, meaning ‘straightforward’. Lewa African, meaning ‘beautiful’. Lexia (alt. Lexi) Greek, meaning ‘defender of mankind’. Leya Spanish, meaning ‘upholds the law’. Lhasa Indian, meaning ‘sacred’. Li Chinese, meaning ‘one with great strength’. Lia Italian, meaning ‘bringer of the gospel’. Liana French, meaning ‘to twine around’. Libby (alt. Libbie) Shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Liberty English, meaning ‘freedom’. Licia Latin, meaning ‘woman from Lycia’. Lida Slavic, meaning ‘loved by the people’. Lidwina Scandinavian, meaning ‘friend to all’. Lien Vietnamese, meaning ‘like a lotus’. Liese (alt. Liesel, Liesl) German, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Lieu Vietnamese, meaning ‘willow tree’. Ligia Greek, meaning ‘musically talented’. Liguria Greek, meaning ‘music lover’. Lila (alt. Lilah) Arabic, meaning ‘night’. Lilac Latin, from the flower of the same name. Lilette Latin, meaning ‘budding lily’. Lilia (alt. Lilias) Scottish, meaning ‘lily’. Lilith Arabic, meaning ‘ghost’. Lillian (alt. Lilian, Liliana, Lillianna) Latin, meaning ‘lily’. Lilo Hawaiian, meaning ‘generous one’. Liluye Native American, meaning ‘soaring hawk’. Lily (alt. Lillie, Lilly) Latin, from the flower of the same name. Lina Arabic, meaning ‘palm tree’. Linda (alt. Lynda) Spanish, meaning ‘pretty’. Linden (alt. Lindie, Lindy) European, from the tree of the same name. Lindsay (alt. Lindsey, Linsey) English, meaning ‘island of linden trees’. Linette Welsh, meaning ‘idol’. Linn Scottish, meaning ‘cascade of waterfall’. Linnea (alt. Linnae, Linny) Scandinavian, meaning ‘lime or linden tree’. Liora (alt. Lior) Hebrew, meaning ‘I have a light’. Lirit Hebrew, meaning ‘musically talented’. Lisa (alt. Leesa, Lise, Liza) Hebrew, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Lishan African, meaning ‘awarded a medal’. Lissa Greek, meaning ‘bee’. Lissandra (alt. Lisandra) Greek, meaning ‘man’s defender’. Liv Nordic, meaning ‘defence’. Livia Latin, meaning ‘olive’. Liz (alt. Lizzie, Lizzy) Shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Llesenia Spanish alternative of Yesenia, from the female lead in a 1970s soap opera. Lleucu Welsh, meaning ‘treasured light’. Lo American, meaning ‘fiesty’. Loanna American, meaning ‘gracious and loving’. Lodema English, meaning ‘provides guidance’. Logan Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘small hollow’. Loicy American, meaning ‘delightful’. Lois Of German origin, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Lojean America, meaning ‘bravehearted’. Lokelani Hawaiian, meaning ‘like a small red rose’. Lola Spanish, meaning ‘sorrows’. Loleen American, meaning ‘joyful’. Lolita Spanish, meaning ‘sorrows’. Lona Latin, meaning ‘lion’. Lora Latin, meaning ‘laurel’. Lomasi Native American, meaning ‘beautiful flower’. Lomita Spanish, meaning ‘good woman’. Londa American, meaning ‘shy’. Loranden American, meaning ‘genius’. Lordyn American, meaning ‘enchanting’. Lorelei (alt. Loralai, Loralie) German, meaning ‘dangerous rock’. Lorenza Latin, meaning ‘from Laurentium’. Loretta (alt. Loreto) Latin, meaning ‘laurel’. Lori (alt. Laurie, Lorie, Lorri) Latin, meaning ‘laurel’. Lorna Scottish, from the place of the same name. Lorraine (alt. Loraine) French, meaning ‘from Lorraine’. Lottie (alt. Lotta, Lotte) French, meaning ‘little and womanly’. Lotus Greek, meaning ‘lotus flower’. Lou (alt. Louie, Lue) Shortened form of Louise, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Louise (alt. Louisa, Luisa) German, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Lourdes French, from the town of the same name. Love English, meaning ‘love’. Loveada Spanish, meaning ‘loving’. Loveanna American, meaning ‘gracious and loving’. Lovella Native American, meaning ‘soft spirit’. Lowri Welsh, meaning ‘crowned with laurels’. Luana Hawaiian, meaning ‘content’. Luanne (alt. Luann, Luanna) German, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Luba Hebrew, meaning ‘dearly loved’. Lucerne Latin, meaning ‘surrounded by light’. Lucia (alt. Luciana) Italian, meaning ‘light’. Lucille (alt. Lucile, Lucilla) French, meaning ‘light’. Lucinda English, meaning ‘light’. Lucja Polish, meaning ‘lady of light’. Lucretia (alt. Lucrece) Spanish, meaning ‘light’. Lucy (alt. Lucie) Latin, meaning ‘light’. Ludmilla Slavic, meaning ‘beloved of the people’. Luella English, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Lulu (alt. Lula) German, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Lulubell American, meaning ‘renowned beauty’. Lumina Latin, meaning ‘surrounded by light’. Luna Latin, meaning ‘moon’. Lupe Spanish, from the town of the same name. Lur Spanish, meaning ‘earth’. Luvina English, meaning ‘dearly loved’. Lux Latin, meaning ‘lady of light’. Luz Spanish, meaning ‘light’. Lydia (alt. Lidia) Greek, meaning ‘from Lydia’. Lynn (alt. Lyn, Lynne) Spanish, meaning ‘pretty’. Lynton English, meaning ‘town of lime trees’. Lyra Latin, meaning ‘lyre’. Lysett American, meaning ‘pretty girl’.


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