1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ M “ and their  Meaning

  Maachah Hebrew, meaning ‘one who has been oppressed’. Maarath Hebrew, meaning ‘from desolute land’. Maarii German, meaning ‘like a dragonfly’. Maata Australian, meaning ‘highborn’. Math Hebrew, meaning ‘petite one’. Mab Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘joy’. Mabel (alt. Mabelle, Mable) Latin, meaning ‘loveable’. Mabina Celtic, meaning ‘nimble’. Mabli Welsh, meaning ‘beautiful’. Macanta Gaelic, meaning ‘kind and gentle’. Macaria Spanish, meaning ‘blessed’. Macha Irish, meaning ‘goddess of war’. Machiko Japanese, meaning ‘beautiful one’. Macy (alt. Macey, Maci, Macie) French, meaning ‘Matthew’s estate’. Mada English, meaning ‘from Magdala’. Madden (alt. Maddyn) Irish, meaning ‘little dog’. Maddie (alt. Maddi, Maddie, Madie) Shortened form of Madeline, meaning ‘from Magdala’. Madeira Spanish, meaning ‘place of sweet wine’. Madeline (alt. Madaline, Madalyn, Madeleine) Greek, meaning ‘from Magdala’. Madge Greek, meaning ‘pearl’. Madhu Indian, meaning ‘sweet like honey’. Madhuri Hindi, meaning ‘sweet girl’. Madini Swahili, meaning ‘gemstone’. Madison (alt. Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson) English, meaning ‘son of the mighty warrior’. Madonna Latin, meaning ‘my lady’. Madora Greek, meaning ‘great ruler’. Maeko Japanese, meaning ‘truthful’. Maertisa English, meaning ‘well-known’. Maeve Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘intoxicating’. Mafalda Spanish, meaning ‘battle-mighty’. Mafuane Egyptian, meaning ‘daughter of the earth’. Magali Greek, meaning ‘pearl’. Magdalene (alt. Magdalen, Magdalena) Greek, meaning ‘from Magdala’. Magena Hebrew, meaning ‘protected’. Maggie Shortened form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’. Magna Latin, meaning ‘having great strength’. Magnolia Latin, from the flower of the same name. Maha African, meaning ‘one with beautiful eyes’. Mahal Native American, meaning ‘tender and loving’. Mahala (alt. Mahalia) Hebrew, meaning ‘tender affection’. Mahina Hawaiian, meaning ‘daughter of moonlight’. Mahira Arabic, meaning ‘clever and adroit’. Mahlah Hebrew, meaning ‘to be pitied’. Mahola Hebrew, meaning ‘enjoys dancing’. Mahsa Persian, meaning ‘like the moon’. Maia (alt. Maja) Greek, meaning ‘mother’. Maida English, meaning ‘maiden’. Maiki Japanese, meaning ‘like a dancing flower’. Maimun Arabic, meaning ‘lucky’. Maine French, meaning ‘from the mainland’. Mairwen Welsh, meaning ‘fair’. Maisie (alt. Maisey, Maisy, Maizie, Masie, Mazie) Greek, meaning ‘pearl’. Maiya Japanese, meaning ‘rice valley’. Majda Arabic, meaning ‘glorious woman’. Makaio Hawaiian, meaning ‘gift from God’. Biblical names Elizabeth Eve Hannah Leah Mary Miriam Rachel Rebecca Ruth Sarah Makani Hawaiian, meaning ‘like the wind’. Makarim Arabic, meaning ‘honourable one’. Makea Finnish, meaning ‘sweet one’. Malka Hebrew, meaning ‘queen’. Mallory (alt. Malorie) French, meaning ‘unhappy’. Malvina Gaelic, meaning ‘smooth brow’. Mamie (alt. Mammie) Shortened form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’. Mandy (alt. Mandi) Shortened form of Amanda, meaning ‘much loved’. Manisha Sanskrit, meaning ‘desire’. Mansi Hopi, meaning ‘plucked flower’. Manuela Spanish, meaning ‘the Lord is among us’. Mara Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’. Marcela (alt. Marcella, Marceline, Marcelle) Latin, meaning ‘war-like’. Marcia Latin, meaning ‘war-like’. Marcy (alt. Marci, Marcie) Latin, meaning ‘war-like’. Margaret (alt. Margarete, Margaretta, Margarette, Margret) Greek, meaning ‘pearl’. Margery (alt. Marge, Margie, Margit, Margy) French, meaning ‘pearl’. Margo (alt. Margot) French, meaning ‘pearl’. Marguerite (alt. Margarita) French, meaning ‘pearl’. Maria (alt. Mariah) Latin, meaning ‘bitter’. Marian (alt. Mariam, Mariana, Marion) French, meaning ‘bitter grace’. Marianne (alt. Mariana, Mariann, Maryann, Maryanne) French, meaning ‘bitter grace’. Maribel American, meaning ‘bitterly beautiful’. Marie French, meaning ‘bitter’. Mariel (alt. Mariela, Mariella) Dutch, meaning ‘bitter’. Marietta (alt. Marieta) French, meaning ‘bitter’. Marigold English, from the flower of the same name. Marika Dutch, meaning ‘bitter’. Marilyn (alt. Marilee, Marilene, Marilynn) English, meaning ‘bitter’. Marin American, from the county of the same name. Marina (alt. Marine) Latin, meaning ‘from the sea’. Mariposa Spanish, meaning ‘butterfly’. Maris Latin, meaning ‘of the sea’. Marisa Latin, meaning ‘of the sea’. Marisol Spanish, meaning ‘bitter sun’. Marissa American, meaning ‘of the sea’. Marjolaine French, meaning ‘marjoram’. Marjorie (alt. Marjory) French, meaning ‘pearl’. Marla Shortened form of Marlene, meaning ‘bitter’. Marlene (alt. Marlen, Marlena) Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’. Marley (alt. Marlee) American, meaning ‘bitter’. Marlo (alt. Marlowe) American, meaning ‘bitter’. Marseille French, from the city of the same name. Marsha English, meaning ‘war-like’. Martha (alt. Marta) Aramaic, meaning ‘lady’. Martina Latin, meaning ‘war-like’. Marvel French, meaning ‘something to marvel at’. Mary Latin, meaning ‘star of the sea’. Masada Hebrew, meaning ‘foundation’. Matilda (alt. Mathilda, Mathilde, Matide) German, meaning ‘battle-mighty’. Mattea Hebrew, meaning ‘gift of God’. Maude (alt. Maud) German, meaning ‘battle-mighty’. Maura Irish, meaning ‘bitter’. Maureen (alt. Maurine) Irish, meaning ‘bitter’. Mavis French, meaning ‘thrush’. Maxine (alt. Maxie) Latin, meaning ‘greatest’. May (alt. Mae, Maya, Maye, Mayra) Hebrew, meaning ‘gift of God’. Also from the month. Mckenna (alt. Mackenna) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘son of the handsome one’. Mckenzie (alt. Mackenzie, Mckenzy, Mikenzi) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘son of the wise ruler’. Meara Gaelic, meaning ‘filled with happiness’. Medea (alt. Meda) Greek, meaning ‘ruling’. Christmas names Carol Eve Gloria Holly Ivy Mary Natasha Noël Robin Meg Shortened form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’. Megan (alt. Meagan, Meghan) Welsh, meaning ‘pearl’. Mehitabel Hebrew, meaning ‘benefited by God’. Mehri Persian, meaning ‘kind’. Mei Latin, meaning ‘great one’. Meishan Chinese, meaning ‘virtuous and beautiful’. Meiwei Chinese, meaning ‘forever enchanting’. Melanie (alt. Melania, Melany, Melonie) Greek, meaning ‘dark-skinned’. Melba Australian, meaning ‘from Melbourne’. Melia (alt. Meliah) German, meaning ‘industrious’. Melina Greek, meaning ‘honey’. Melinda Latin, meaning ‘honey’. Melisande French, meaning ‘bee’. Melissa (alt. Melisa, Mellissa) Greek, meaning ‘bee’. Melita Greek, meaning ‘sweet as honey’. Melody (alt. Melodie) Greek, meaning ‘song’. Melva Celtic, meaning ‘chief’. Melvina Celtic, meaning ‘chieftain’. Menachema Hebrew, meaning ‘offers consolation’. Menaka Indian, meaning ‘heavenly maiden’. Menora Hebrew, meaning ‘candlestick’. Mercedes Spanish, meaning ‘mercies’. Mercy English, meaning ‘mercy’. Meredith (alt. Meridith) Welsh, meaning ‘great ruler’. Merle French, meaning ‘blackbird’. Merry English, meaning ‘lighthearted’. Meryl (alt. Merrill) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘sea-bright’. Meta German, meaning ‘pearl’. Mia Italian, meaning ‘mine’. Michaela (alt. Makaela, Mikaila, Mikala, Mikayla) Hebrew, meaning ‘who is like the Lord’. Michelle (alt. Machelle, Michele) French, meaning ‘who is like the Lord’. Mickey (alt. Mickie) Shortened form of Michelle, meaning ‘who is like the Lord’. Mide Irish, meaning ‘thirsty’. Mieko Japanese, meaning ‘born into wealth’. Migdalia Greek, meaning ‘from Magdala’. Mignon French, meaning ‘cute’. Mika (alt. Micah) Hebrew, meaning ‘who resembles God’. Milada Czech, meaning ‘my love’. Milagros Spanish, meaning ‘miracles’. Milan Italian, from the city of the same name. Mildred English, meaning ‘gentle strength’. Milena Czech, meaning ‘love and warmth’. Miley American, meaning ‘smiley’. Millicent German, meaning ‘highborn power’. Millie (alt. Milly) Shortened form of Millicent, meaning ‘highborn power’. Mimi Italian, a variant of Mary, meaning ‘star of the sea’. Famous as the protagonist of Puccini’s opera La Bohème. Mina (alt. Mena) German, meaning ‘love’. Popular song names Barbara Ann (Barbara Ann, The Beach Boys) Caroline (Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond) Delilah (Delilah, Tom Jones) Eileen (Come on Eileen, Dexy’s Midnight Runners) Eleanor (Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles) Julia (Julia, The Beatles) Layla (Layla, Eric Clapton) Lola (Lola, The Kinks) Roxanne (Roxanne, The Police) Sadie (Sexy Sadie, The Beatles) Mindy (alt. Mindi) Latin, meaning ‘honey’. Minerva Roman, from the goddess of the same name. Ming Chinese, meaning ‘bright’. Minnie (alt. Minna) German, meaning ‘will-helmet’. Mira Latin, meaning ‘admirable’. Mirabel (alt. Mirabella, Mirabelle) Latin, meaning ‘wonderful’. Miranda (alt. Meranda) Latin, meaning ‘admirable’. Mirella (alt. Mireille, Mirela) Latin, meaning ‘admirable’. Miriam Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’. Mirta Spanish, meaning ‘crown of thorns’. Missy Shortened form of Melissa, meaning ‘bee’. Misty (alt. Misti) English, meaning ‘mist’. Mitzi German, a variant of Mary, meaning ‘star of the sea’. Miu Japanese, meaning ‘beautiful feather’. Moira (alt. Maira) English, a variant of Mary, meaning ‘star of the sea’. Molly (alt. Mollie) Irish, a variant of Mary, meaning ‘star of the sea’. Momo Japanese, meaning ‘like a peach’. Mona Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘aristocratic’. Monica (alt. Monika, Monique) Latin, meaning ‘adviser’. Montserrat (alt. Monserrate) Spanish, from the town of the same name. Morag Scottish, a variant of Mary, meaning ‘star of the sea’. Morgan (alt. Morgann) Welsh, meaning ‘great and bright’. Moriah Hebrew, meaning ‘the Lord is my teacher’. Morwenna Welsh, meaning ‘maiden’. Moselle (alt. Mozell, Mozella, Mozelle) Hebrew, meaning ‘saviour’. Mulan Chinese, meaning ‘wood orchid’. Munaya African, meaning ‘rainmaker’. Munin Scandinavian, meaning ‘good memory’. Muriel Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘sea-bright’. Mushana African, meaning ‘born in morning light’. Mushira Arabic, meaning ‘wise counsellor’. Mutia African, meaning ‘respected’. Mya (alt. Myah) Greek, meaning ‘mother’. Myfanwy Welsh, meaning ‘my little lovely one’. Myma Irish, meaning ‘greatly loved’. Myra Latin, meaning ‘scented oil’. Myrna (alt. Mirna) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘tender and beloved’. Myrtle Irish, from the shrub of the same name. Mythri Indian, meaning ‘values friendship’.


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