1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ N “ and their  Meaning

  Naamah Hebrew, meaning ‘sweetness’. Naara Japanese, meaning ‘deer’. Naava Hebrew, meaning ‘beautiful’. Nabiha Arabic, meaning ‘intelligent’. Nabila Arabic, meaning ‘noble’. Nachine Spanish, meaning ‘fiery’. Nadda Arabic, meaning ‘generous’. Nadezhda Russian, meaning ‘hope’. Nadia (alt. Nadya) Russian, meaning ‘hope’. Nadine French, meaning ‘hope’. Naeva French, meaning ‘evening’. Nafisa Arabic, meaning ‘precious gem’. Nahara Aramaic, meaning ‘light’. Nahla Arabic, meaning ‘drink water’. Nailah Arabic, meaning ‘successful’. Naima Arabic, meaning ‘water nymph’. Naiya Arabic, meaning ‘reed’. Najwa Arabic, meaning ‘passionate’. Najya Arabic, meaning ‘free’. Nakia Egyptian, meaning ‘pure’. Nakita American, meaning ‘victory of people’. Nala African, meaning ‘successful’. Nalani Hawaiian, meaning ‘serenity of the skies’. Saints’ names Ada Agatha Catherine Felicity Helena Joan Lydia Margaret Mary Teresa Nan (alt. Nanna, Nannie) Hebrew, meaning ‘grace’. Nancy (alt. Nanci, Nancie) Hebrew, meaning ‘grace’. Nanette (alt. Nannette) French, meaning ‘grace’. Naoko Japanese, meaning ‘honest’. Naomh Irish, meaning ‘holy’. Naomi (alt. Naoma, Noemi) Hebrew, meaning ‘pleasant’. Narcissa Greek, meaning ‘daffodil’. Nastasia Greek, meaning ‘resurrection’. Natalie (alt. Natalee, Natalia, Natalya, Nathalie) Latin, meaning ‘birth day’. Natasha (alt. Natasa) Russian, meaning ‘birth day’. Natividad Spanish, meaning ‘Christmas’. Neda English, meaning ‘wealthy’. Nedra English, meaning ‘underground’. Neema Swahili, meaning ‘born of prosperity’. Neka Native American, meaning ‘goose’. Nell (alt. Nelda, Nella, Nell, Nellie, Nelly) Shortened form of Eleanor, meaning ‘light’. Nemi Italian, from the lake of the same name. Nenetl Aztec, meaning ‘doll’. Neoma Greek, meaning ‘new moon’. Nereida Spanish, meaning ‘sea nymph’. Nerissa Of Greek origin, meaning ‘sea nymph’. Nettie (alt. Neta) Shortened form of Henrietta, meaning ‘ruler of the house’. Neva Spanish, meaning ‘snowy’. Nevaeh American, meaning ‘heaven’. Nhi Vietnamese, meaning ‘little one’. Nhuung Vietnamese, meaning ‘velvet’. Nia Welsh, meaning ‘bright’. Niamh (alt. Neve) Irish, meaning ‘brightness’. Nicki (alt. Nicky, Nikki) Shortened form of Nicola, meaning ‘victory of the people’. Nicola Greek, meaning ‘victory of the people’. Nicole (alt. Nichole, Nicolette, Nikole) Greek, meaning ‘victory of the people’. Nidia Spanish, meaning ‘graceful’. Nikita Greek, meaning ‘unconquered’. Nigella Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘champion’. Nika Slavic, meaning ‘bringer of victory’. Nila Egyptian, meaning ‘nile’. Nilda German, meaning ‘battle woman’. Nimeesha African, meaning ‘princess’. Nimra Arabic, meaning ‘number’. Nina Spanish, meaning ‘girl’. Nissa Hebrew, meaning ‘sign’. Nita Spanish, meaning ‘gracious’. Nitsa Greek, meaning ‘light’. Nitza Hebrew, meaning ‘flower bud’. Nixie German, meaning ‘water sprite’. Njema Swahili, meaning ‘good’. Noa Hebrew, meaning ‘movement’. Noel (alt. Noelle) French, meaning ‘Christmas’. Nola Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘white shoulder’. Nolcha Native American, meaning ‘sun’. Opera heroines Carmen (Carmen, Georges Bizet) Elektra (Elektra, Richard Strauss) Ellen (Peter Grimes, Benjamin Britten) Floria (Tosca, Puccini) Liza (The Queen of Spades, Tchaikovsky) Mimi (La Bohème, Puccini) Pamina (The Magic Flute, Mozart) Turandot (Turandot, Puccini) Violetta (La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi) Vitellia (La Clemenza di Tito, Mozart) Nomatha African, meaning ‘big surprise’. Nomble African, meaning ‘beauty’. Nona Latin, meaning ‘ninth’. Nora (alt. Norah) Shortened form of Eleanor, meaning ‘light’. Noreen (alt. Norine) Irish, meaning ‘light’. Norma Latin, meaning ‘pattern’. Normandie (alt. Normandy) French, from the province of the same name. Novia Latin, meaning ‘new’. Nox Latin, meaning ‘night’. Noxolo African, meaning ‘peaceful’. Nsombi African, meaning ‘abundant joy’. Nu Vietnamese, meaning ‘girl’. Nuala Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘white shoulder’. Nyathera African, meaning ‘she survived’. Nydia Latin, meaning ‘nest’. Nyimbo Swahili, meaning ‘song’. Nyofu Swahili, meaning ‘candid’. Nysa (alt. Nyssa) Greek, meaning ‘ambition’. Nyx Greek, meaning ‘night’.


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