1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ O “ and their  Meaning

   Obelia Greek, meaning ‘needle’. Obioma African, meaning ‘kind hearted’. Oceana (alt. Ocean, Océane, Ocie) Greek, meaning ‘ocean’. Octavia Latin, meaning ‘eighth’. Oda (alt. Odie) Shortened form of Odessa, meaning ‘long voyage’. Odanda Spanish, meaning ‘the well-known land’. Oddfrid Norse, meaning ‘sharp like the point of a sword’. Ode Greek, meaning ‘a lyric poem’. Odeda Hebrew, meaning ‘to encourage’. Odele (alt. Odell) English, meaning ‘woad hill’. Odelia Hebrew, meaning ‘I will praise the Lord’. Odelita Spanish, meaning ‘who sings’. Odessa Greek, meaning ‘long voyage’. Odette (alt. Odetta) French, meaning ‘wealthy’. Famous as the name of the Princess in Swan Lake. Odile (alt. Odilia) French, meaning ‘prospers in battle’. Odina Feminine form of Odin, from the Nordic god of the same name. Odyssey Greek, meanining ‘long journey’. Also the title of Homer’s famous epic poem, The Odyssey. Ofa Polynesian, meaning ‘beloved’. Ofira Hebrew, meaning ‘gold’. Names from ancient Greece Alexandra Apollonia Corinna Irene Lysandra Melaina Pelagia Sophia Xenia Zenobia Ogin Native American, meaning ‘like a wild rose’. Ohanna Armenian, meaning ‘gift from God’. Ohela Hebrew, meaning ‘tent’. Oheo Native American, meaning ‘beautiful woman’. Oighrig Gaelic, meaning ‘freckled one’. Oihane Spanish, meaning ‘from the forest’. Oira Latin, meaning ‘one who prays’. Ojal Sanskrit, meaning ‘vision’. Okalani Hawaiian, meaning ‘heaven’. Oki Japanese, meaning ‘ocean centred’. Oksana Russian, meaning ‘praise to God’. Ola (alt. Olie) Greek, meaning ‘man’s defender’. Olathe Native American, meaning ‘lovely’. Olena (alt. Olene) Russian, meaning ‘light’. Olga Russian, meaning ‘holy’. Oliana American, meaning ‘the Lord has answered’. Olina Scandinavian, meaning ‘ancestor’s heir’. Oliva English, meaning ‘elf army’. Olivia (alt. Olivev, Oliviana, Olivié) Latin, meaning ‘olive’. Ollie Shortened form of Olivia, meaning ‘olive’. Olwen Welsh, meaning ‘white footprint’. Olya Slavic, meaning ‘holy’. Olympia (alt. Olimpia) Greek, meaning ‘from Mount Olympus’. Oma (alt. Omie) Arabic, meaning ‘leader’. Omyra Latin, meaning ‘scented oil’. Ona (alt. Onnie) Shortened form of Oneida, meaning ‘long awaited’. Ondine French, meaning ‘wave of water’. Oneida Native American, meaning ‘long awaited’. Onella Hungarian, meaning ‘torch light’. Oni Native American, meaning ‘born on holy ground’. Onyx Latin, meaning ‘veined gem’. Oona Irish, meaning ‘unity’. Opal Sanskrit, meaning ‘gem’. Ophelia (alt. Ofelia, Ophélie) Greek, meaning ‘help’. Oprah Hebrew, meaning ‘young deer’. Ora Latin, meaning ‘ prayer’. Orabela Latin, meaning ‘prayer’. Oraefo African, meaning ‘affectionate’. Oralee American, meaning ‘golden’. Oralie (alt. Oralia) French, meaning ‘golden’. Orane French, meaning ‘born at sunrise’. Orbelina American, meaning ‘bringer of excitement’. Orchid Greek, from the flower of the same name. Orane French, meaning ‘rising’. Colour names Blanche Coral Ebony Fawn Hazel Olive Rose Scarlett Sienna Violet Orea Greek, meaning ‘from the mountains’. Orella Italian, meaning ‘golden’. Orenda Native American, meaning ‘great spirit’. Oriana (alt. Oriane) Latin, meaning ‘dawning’. Orinda Hebrew, meaning ‘pine trees’. Orla (alt. Orlaith, Orly) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘golden lady’. Orlaith Irish, meaning ‘gold queen’. Orlean French, meaning ‘plum’. Orlena American, meaning ‘golden’. Orma African, meaning ‘free men’. Ornella Italian, meaning ‘flowering ash tree’. Orrtha American, meaning ‘charm’. Orsa (alt. Osia, Ossie) Latin, meaning ‘bear’. Orya Russian, meaning ‘peace’. Otthid Greek, meaning ‘prospers in battle’. Ottilie (alt. Ottie) French, meaning ‘prospers in battle’. Ouida French, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Owena Welsh, meaning ‘desire’. Ownah Irish, meaning ‘unity’. Oya African, meaning ‘wind warrior goddess’. Oyintsa Native American, meaning ‘white duck’. Ozette Native American, from the village of the same name. Names of writers Emily (Brontë) Charlotte (Brontë) Daphne (du Maurier) Dorris (Lessing) Jane (Austen) Mary (Shelley) Pam (Ayres) Stephenie (Meyer) Virginia (Woolf) Wendy (Cope)


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