1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ P “ and their  Meaning

  Pa Spanish, meaning ‘free’. Pabiola (alt. Pabiole) Spanish, meaning ‘little girl’. Paciencia Spanish, meaning ‘patient’. Pacifica (alt. Pacifika) Spanish, meaning ‘peaceful’. Padma Hindi, meaning ‘lotus’. One of the twins in Harry Potter. It is also another name for the goddess Lakshmi. Padmaja Indian, meaning ‘born from a lotus’. Padmini Indian, meaning ‘a lotus pond’. Padraigin Irish, meaning ‘noble’. Pagan Old English, meaning ‘country dweller’. It is also a word used to describe alternative religious beliefs. Pageant (alt. Padgeant, Padgent, Pagent) American, meaning ‘theatrical’. Paige (alt. Page) French, meaning ‘serving boy’. Paili Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’. Paisley Scottish, from the town of the same name. Paiva Scandinavian, meaning ‘sun god’. Pakeezah Arabic, meaning ‘pure’. Paki African, meaning ‘witness’. Pakuna Native American, meaning ‘a deer jumping downhill’. Palemon (alt. Palem, Palemond) Spanish, meaning ‘kind’. Palesa African, meaning ‘flower’. Palila Hawaiian, meaning ‘bird’. Pallas (alt. Paladia, Palladia, Palles) Greek, meaning ‘wisdom’. It was also another name for Athena in Greek mythology. Pallavi Sanskrit, meaning ‘new leaves’. Palma (alt. Palmira) Latin, meaning ‘palm tree’. Paloma Spanish, meaning ‘dove’. Pam Shortened form of Pamela, meaning ‘all honey’. Pamela (alt. Pamala, Pamella, Pamla) Greek, meaning ‘all honey’. Panchali Sanskrit, meaning ‘princess’. Pandora Greek, meaning ‘all gifted’. Pang Chinese, meaning ‘innovative’. Pangiota Greek, meaning ‘all is holy’. Paniz Persian, meaning ‘candy’. Pansy French, from the flower of the same name. Panya Slavic, meaning ‘crown’. Paola Italian, meaning ‘troublemaker’. Paolabella Italian, meaning ‘lovely troublemaker’. Papina Native American, meaning ‘ivy’. Paquita Spanish, meaning ‘free’. Paradisa (alt. Paradis) Greek, meaning ‘garden orchard’. Paris (alt. Parisa) Greek, from the mythological hero of the same name. Also from the city. Parisa Persian, meaning ‘fairy-like’. Parker English, meaning ‘park keeper’. Parminder Hindi, meaning ‘beautiful’. Parnelle (alt. Parnel, Parnell, Parney) French, meaning ‘little stone’. Parthenia Greek, meaning ‘virginal’. Parthenope Greek, from the mythological siren of the same name. Parvani Sanskrit, meaning ‘full moon’. Parvati Sanskrit, meaning ‘daughter of the mountain’. One of the twins’ names in Harry Potter. Pascale French, meaning ‘Easter’. Pat (alt. Patsy, Patti, Pattie, Patty) Shortened form of Patricia, meaning ‘noble’. Patia Greek, meaning ‘highest’. Patience French, meaning ‘the state of being patient’. Patricia (alt. Patrice) Latin, meaning ‘noble’. Paula Latin, meaning ‘small’. Pauline (alt. Paulette, Paulina) Latin, meaning ‘small’. Paxton Latin, meaning ‘peaceful town’. Paz Spanish, meaning ‘peace’. Pazia Hebrew, meaning ‘golden’. Peace English, meaning ‘peace’. Peaches English, from the fruit of the same name. Pearl (alt. Pearle, Pearlie, Perla) Latin, meaning ‘pale gemstone’. Pegeen Irish, meaning ‘pearl’. Peggy (alt. Peggie) Greek, meaning ‘pearl’. Pelagia Greek, meaning ‘sea’. Pelia Hebrew, meaning ‘marvel of God’. Penelope Greek, meaning ‘bobbin worker’. Penka Bulgarian, meaning ‘rock’. Penny (alt. Penni, Pennie) Greek, meaning ‘bobbin worker’. Peony Greek, from the flower of the same name. Perdita Latin, meaning ‘lost’. Perenna Latin, meaning ‘eternal’. Peri (alt. Perri) Hebrew, meaning ‘outcome’. Perpetua Spanish, meaning ‘everlasting’. Perry French, meaning ‘pear tree’. Persephone Greek, meaning ‘bringer of destruction’. Peta Native American, meaning ‘golden eagle’. Petra (alt. Petrina) Greek, meaning ‘rock’. Petula Latin, meaning ‘to seek’. Petunia Greek, from the flower of the same name. Peyton (alt. Payton) English, meaning ‘from Pacca’s town’. Phaedra Greek, meaning ‘bright’. Phalin Thai, meaning ‘sapphire’. Phalen Latin, meaning ‘peaceful’. Phenyo African, meaning ‘victory’. Phila Greek, meaning ‘love’. Philippa Greek, meaning ‘horse lover’. Philomena (alt. Philoma) Greek, meaning ‘loved one’. Philyra Greek, meaning ‘music lover’. Phoebe Greek, meaning ‘shining and brilliant’. Phoenix Greek, meaning ‘red as blood’. Phyllida Greek, meaning ‘leafy bough’. Phyllis (alt. Phillia, Phylis) Greek, meaning ‘leafy bough’. Paiv Native American, meaning ‘honeydew of the mountains’. Pia Latin, meaning ‘pious’. Piapot Native American, meaning ‘lightning’. Piera Italian, meaning ‘rock’. Pieta Latin, meaning ‘piety’. Pilialoha Hawaiian, meaning ‘loved one’. Pilar Spanish, meaning ‘pillar’. Piper English, meaning ‘pipe player’. Pippa Shortened form of Philippa, meaning ‘horse lover.’ Pixie Irish, meaning ‘fairy’. Pizi Native American, meaning ‘bravery’. Pleasance French, meaning ‘agreeable’. Plum Latin, from the fruit of the same name. Pocahontas Native American, meaning ‘to play’. Polly Hebrew, meaning ‘bitter’. Pollyanna English, combination name of Polly and Anna. The title character in Eleanor H. Porter’s novel Pollyanna. Pomona Latin, meaning ‘apple’. Poppy Latin, from the flower of the same name. Portia (alt. Porsha) Latin, meaning ‘from the Portia clan’. Poseanye Native American, meaning ‘dripping dew’. Posy English, meaning ‘small flower’. Povitamun Native American, meaning ‘morning flower’. Poviyemo Native American, meaning ‘falling flower’. Precious Latin, meaning ‘of great worth’. Prema Indian, meaning ‘love’. Premala Indian, meaning ‘loving’. Presencia Spanish, meaning ‘presence’. Priela Hebrew, meaning ‘fruit of God’. Primavera Spanish, meaning ‘springtime’. Primrose English, meaning ‘first rose’. Princess English, meaning ‘daughter of the monarch’. Priscilla (alt. Prisca, Priscila) Latin, meaning ‘ancient’. Prita Indian, meaning ‘dear one’. Priti Indian, meaning ‘love’. Priya Hindi, meaning ‘loved one’. Prudence Latin, meaning ‘caution’. Prudie Shortened form of Prudence, meaning ‘caution’. Prunella Latin, meaning ‘small plum’. Psyche Greek, meaning ‘breath’. Pules Native American, meaning ‘pigeon’. Purity English, meaning ‘clean’.


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