1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ Q “ and their  Meaning

   Qabalah Muslim, meaning ‘responsible’. Qabool Muslim, meaning ‘accepted’. Qadesh (alt. Quedesh, Qadeshia) Syrian, a mythological goddess of love. Qadira Arabic, meaning ‘powerful’. Qahira Muslim, meaning ‘victorious’. Qamra (alt. Qamrah) Arabic, meaning ‘from the moon’. Qaraah Muslim, meaning ‘cloud’. Boys’ names for girls Ashley Billie Casey Charlie Elliott Geri Jamie Jordan Leigh Toni Qaysar Muslim, meaning ‘woman’. Qi Chinese, meaning ‘life force’. Qiana (alt. Qianah, Qiania, Qyana) American, meaning ‘gracious’. Qimat (alt. Qimate, Qimatta) Indian, meaning ‘valuable woman’. Qing Chinese, meaning ‘blue’. Qismah (alt. Quisma) Arabic, meaning ‘destiny’. Quan Chinese, meaning ‘compassionate’. Quana (alt. Quannah, Quaniya, Quanea) Native American, meaning ‘one who smells sweet’. Qanesha (alt. Quaneisha, Quanisha) African-American, meaning ‘singing’. Old name, new fashion? Bella Carolyn Clara Dorothy Emmeline Hazel Matilda Nora Penelope Rosalie Quantina (alt. Quantinna, Quantyna) American, meaning ‘courageous queen’. Qubilah Arabic, meaning ‘agreeable’. Queen (alt. Queenie) English, meaning ‘queen’. Quiana American, meaning ‘silky’. Quincy (alt. Quincey) French, meaning ‘estate of the fifth son’. Quinn Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘counsel’. Quenby (alt. Quenbi, Quenbie, Quinbee) Swedish, meaning ‘feminine’. Querida (alt. Queridah, Queryda, Quereada) Spanish, meaning ‘beloved’. Questa (alt. Questah, Queste, Quyste) Latin, meaning ‘seeker’. Queta (alt. Keta) Spanish, meaning ‘head of the house’. Quilla (alt. Quila, Quillah) English, meaning ‘writer’. Quinby (alt. Quin, Quinbie, Quinnie) Scandinavian, meaning ‘living like royalty’. Quinella Latin, meaning ‘very beautiful’. Quinta Spanish, meaning ‘fifth born’. Quintana (alt. Quentana, Quinn) Latin, meaning ‘lovely girl’. Quintessa Latin, meaning ‘creative’. Quita (alt. Keeta, Keetah) French, meaning ‘calm’. Quisha African, meaning ‘physical and spiritual beauty’ or ‘lovely mind’.


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