1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ R “ and their  Meaning

  Rabia Arabic, meaning ‘spring’. Rachel (alt. Rachael, Rachelle) Hebrew, meaning ‘ewe’. Rada Bulgarian, meaning ‘joy’. Radha Indian, meaning ‘prosperity’. Radhika Sanskrit, meaning ‘prosperous’. Rae (alt. Ray) Shortened form of Rachel, meaning ‘ewe’. Rafferty Irish, meaning ‘abundance’. Rafiya Swahili, meaning ‘dignified’. Ragni Indian, meaning ‘melody’. Rahima Arabic, meaning ‘compassionate’. Raina (alt. Raine, Rayne) Latin, meaning ‘queen’. Raissa (alt. Raisa) Yiddish, meaning ‘rose’. Raja Indian, meaning ‘king’. Raleigh (alt. Rayleigh) English, meaning ‘meadow of roe deer’. Rama (alt. Ramey, Ramya) Hebrew, meaning ‘exhalted’. Ramira Spanish, meaning ‘wise’. Ramla Swahili, meaning ‘prophet’. Ramona (alt. Romona) Spanish, meaning ‘wise guardian’. Ramsey English, meaning ‘raven island’. Ranae American, meaning ‘resurrected’. Randa American, meaning ‘admirable’. Randy (alt. Randi) Shortened form of Miranda, meaning ‘admirable’. Rana (alt. Rania, Rayna) Arabic, meaning ‘beautiful thing’. Rani Sanskrit, meaning ‘queen’. Ranjana Indian, meaning ‘entertaining’. Ransom English, meaning ‘rescue’. Raphaela (alt. Rafaela, Raffaella) Spanish, meaning ‘healing God’. Raquel (alt. Racquel) Hebrew, meaning ‘ewe’. Rasha Arabic, meaning ‘like a young gazelle’. Rashida Turkish, meaning ‘righteous’. Ratana Thai, meaning ‘like a crystal’. Ratri Indian, meaning ‘born during the evening’. Raven (alt. Ravyn) English, from the bird of the same name. Place names Africa Brittany Devon Florence India Paris Persia Sienna Skye Virginia Raya Israeli, meaning ‘beloved friend’. Rayna Hebrew, meaning ‘pure’. Razia Arabic, meaning ‘contented’. Reagan (alt. Reagen, Regan) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘descendent of Riagán’. Reba Shortened form of Rebecca, meaning ‘joined’. Rebecca (alt. Rebekah) Hebrew, meaning ‘joined’. Redell English, meaning ‘red meadow’. Reed English, meaning ‘red hair lady’. Reese Welsh, meaning ‘fiery and zealous’. Regan Gaelic, meaning ‘born into royalty’. Regina Latin, meaning ‘queen’. Rehan Armenian, meaning ‘like a flower’. Reiko Japanese, meaning ‘thankful one’. Rekha Indian, meaning ‘walks a straight line’. Reina (alt. Reyna, Rheyna) Spanish, meaning ‘queen’. Remy French, meaning ‘from the town of Rheims’. Rena (alt. Reena) Hebrew, meaning ‘serene’. Renata Latin, meaning ‘reborn’. Tennis players Anna (Kounikova) Billie Jean (King) Chris (Evert) Margaret (Smith Court) Maria (Sharapova) Martina (Hingis/Navrátilová) Monica (Seles) Serena (Williams) Steffi (Graf) Venus (Williams) Rene Greek, meaning ‘peace’. Renée (alt. Renae) French, meaning ‘reborn’. Renita Latin, meaning ‘resistant’. Reshma (alt. Resha) Sanskrit, meaning ‘silk’. Reta (alt. Retha, Retta) Shortened form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’. Rexanne Latin, meaning ‘graceful queen’. Rezeph Hebrew, meaning ‘solid as stone’. Rhan Welsh, meaning ‘one’s destiny’. Rhea Greek, meaning ‘earth’. Rheta Greek, meaning ‘eloquent speaker’. Rhiamon Welsh, meaning ‘magical woman’. Rhiannon (alt. Rhian, Rhianna, Reanna) Welsh, meaning ‘witch’. Rhoda Greek, meaning ‘rose’. Rhona Nordic, meaning ‘rough island’. Rhonda (alt. Ronda) Welsh, meaning ‘noisy’. Ría (alt. Rie, Riya) Shortened form of Victoria, meaning ‘victor’. Ricki (alt. Rieko, Rika, Rikki) Shortened form of Frederica, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. Rida Arabic, meaning ‘favoured by God’. Riley Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘courageous’. Rilla German, meaning ‘small brook’. Rima Arabic, meaning ‘antelope’. Riona Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘like a queen’. Ripley English, meaning ‘shouting man’s meadow’. Risa Latin, meaning ‘laughter’. Rita Shortened form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’. Names of goddesses Aphrodite (Love: Greek) Demeter (Harvest: Greek) Eos (Dawn: Greek) Isis (Life: Egyptian) Kali (Death: Indian) Lakshmi (Wealth: Indian) Minerva (Wisdom: Roman) Nephthys (Death: Egyptian) Saraswati (Arts: Indian) Vesta (Hearth: Roman) River (alt. Riviera) English, from the body of water of the same name. Rizpah Greek, meaning ‘full of hope’. Robbie (alt. Robi, Roby) Shortened form of Roberta, meaning ‘bright flame’. Roberta English, meaning ‘bright flame’. Robin (alt. Robbin, Robyn) English, from the bird of the same name. Rochelle (alt. Richelle, Rochel) French, meaning ‘little rock’. Rogue French, meaning ‘beggar’. Rohina (alt. Rohini) Sanskrit, meaning ‘sandalwood’. Rohini Indian, meaning ‘beautiful’. Roja Spanish, meaning ‘red haired lady’. Roisin Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘bright flame’. Rolanda German, meaning ‘famous land’. Roma Italian, meaning ‘Rome’. Romaine (alt. Romina) French, meaning ‘from Rome’. Romola (alt. Romilda, Romily) Latin, meaning ‘Roman woman’. Romy Shortened form of Rosemary, meaning ‘dew of the sea’. Rona (alt. Ronia, Ronja, Ronna) Nordic, meaning ‘rough island’. Ronat Gaelic, meaning ‘like a seal’. Rong Chinese, meaning ‘martial’. Roni Hebrew, meaning ‘joyful’. Ronli Hebrew, meaning ‘joy is mine’. Ronnie (alt. Roni) English, meaning ‘strong counsel’. Roro Indonesian, meaning ‘nobility’. Rory Irish, meaning ‘red king’. Rosa Italian, meaning ‘rose’. Rosabel (alt. Rosabella) Contraction of Rose and Belle, meaning ‘beautiful rose’. Rosalie (alt. Rosale, Rosalia, Rosalina) French, meaning ‘rose garden’. Rosalind (alt. Rosalinda) Spanish, meaning ‘pretty rose’. Rosalyn (alt. Rosaleen, Rosaline, Roselyn) Contraction of Rose and Lynn, meaning ‘pretty rose’. Rosamond (alt. Rosamund) German, meaning ‘renowned protector’. Rose Latin, from the flower of the same name. Roseanne (alt. Rosann, Rosanna, Roseann, Roseanna) Contraction of Rose and Anne, meaning ‘graceful rose’. Roseclere English, meaning ‘bright rose’. Roselyn English, meaning ‘beautiful rose’. Rosemary (alt. Rosemarie) Latin, meaning ‘dew of the sea’. Rosetta Italian, meaning ‘little rose’. Rosie (alt. Rosia) Shortened form of Rosemary, meaning ‘dew of the sea’. Rosita Spanish, meaning ‘rose’. Rowa Arabic, meaning ‘lovely vision’. Rowan English, meaning ‘rowan tree’. Rowena (alt. Rowan) Welsh, meaning ‘slender and fair’. Roxanne (alt. Roxana, Roxane, Roxanna) Persian, meaning ‘dawn’. Roxie Shortened form of Roxanne, meaning ‘dawn’. Ruana Persian, meaning ‘soul’. Rubena (alt. Rubina) Hebrew, meaning ‘behold, a son’. Ruby (alt. Rubi, Rubie) English, meaning ‘red gemstone’. Ruchira Indian, meaning ‘bright’. Rumer English, meaning ‘fame’. Ruslana Russian, meaning ‘lion’. Rusty American, meaning ‘red headed’. Ruth (alt. Ruthe, Ruthie) Hebrew, meaning ‘friend and companion’. Ruzgar Turkish, meaning ‘wind’. Ryann American, meaning ‘great queen’. Long names Alexandria Bernadette Christabelle Constantine Evangeline Gabrielle Henrietta Jacqueline Marguerite Wilhelmina


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