1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ S “ and their  Meaning

  Saada African, meaning ‘helper’. Saadiya Arabic, meaning ‘bringer of good fortune’. Saba (alt. Sabah) Greek, meaning ‘from Sheba’. Sabi Arabic, meaning ‘lovely lady’. Sabina (alt. Sabine) Latin, meaning ‘from the Sabine tribe’. Sabiya Arabic, meaning ‘born in the morning’. Sabra Hebrew, meaning ‘to rest’. Sabriel American, meaning ‘God’s hero’. Sabrina Latin, meaning ‘the River Severn’. Sachet Hindi, meaning ‘conciousness’. Sachi Japanese, meaning ‘child of bliss’. Sada Japanese, meaning ‘pure’. Sadella American, meaning ‘fairytale princess’. Sadie (alt. Sade, Sadye) Hebrew, meaning ‘princess’. Sadira Persian, meaning ‘lotus tree’. Sadzi American, meaning ‘one with a sunny nature’. Safa Arabic, meaning ‘innocent’. Saffi Danish, meaning ‘very wise’. Saffron English, from the spice of the same name. Safia Arabic, meaning ‘pure’. Safiya Arabic, meaning ‘sincere friend’. Sagara Hindi, meaning ‘from the ocean’. Sage (alt. Saga, Saige) Latin, meaning ‘wise and healthy’. Sagira Egyptian, meaning ‘small one’. Sahar Arabic, meaning ‘dawn’. Sahara Arabic, meaning ‘desert’. Saheli Indian, meaning ‘beloved friend’. Sahiba Indian, meaning ‘maiden’. Saira Arabic, meaning ‘wanderer’. Sakari Native American, meaning ‘sweet child’. Sakura Japanese, meaning ‘cherry blossom’. Sally (alt. Sallie) Hebrew, meaning ‘princess’. Salome (alt. Salma) Hebrew, meaning ‘peace’. Salva Latin, meaning ‘wise woman’. Salwa Arabic, meaning ‘provider of comfort’. Sam (alt. Sammie, Sammy) Shortened form of Samantha, meaning ‘told by God’. Samantha Hebrew, meaning ‘told by God’. Samara (alt. Samaria, Samira) Hebrew, meaning ‘under God’s rule’. Sanaa Arabic, meaning ‘brilliance’. Sandra (alt. Saundra) Shortened form of Alexandra, meaning ‘defender of mankind’. Sandy (alt. Sandi) Shortened form of Sandra, meaning ‘defender of mankind’. Sangeeta Hindi, meaning ‘musical’. Sanna (alt. Saniya, Sanne, Sanni) Hebrew, meaning ‘lily’. Santana (alt. Santina) Spanish, meaning ‘holy’. Sapphire (alt. Saphira) Hebrew, meaning ‘blue gemstone’. Sarah (alt. Sara, Sarai, Sariah) Hebrew, meaning ‘princess’. Sasha (alt. Sacha, Sascha) Russian, meaning ‘man’s defender’. Saskia (alt. Saskie) Dutch, meaning ‘the Saxon people’. Savannah (alt. Savanah, Savanna, Savina) Spanish, meaning ‘treeless’. Scarlett (alt. Scarlet) English, meaning ‘scarlet’. Scout French, meaning ‘to listen’. Sedona (alt. Sedna) Spanish, from the city of the same name. Selah (alt. Sela) Hebrew, meaning ‘cliff’. Selby English, meaning ‘manor village’. Selena (alt. Salena, Salima, Salina, Selene, Selina) Greek, meaning ‘moon goddess’. Selma German, meaning ‘Godly helmet’. Seneca Native American, meaning ‘from the Seneca tribe’. Sephora Hebrew, meaning ‘bird’. September Latin, meaning ‘seventh month’. Seraphina (alt. Serafina, Seraphia, Seraphine) Hebrew, meaning ‘ardent’. Serena (alt. Sarina, Sereana) Latin, meaning ‘tranquil’. Serenity Latin, meaning ‘serene’. Shania (alt. Shaina, Shana, Shaniya) Hebrew, meaning ‘beautiful’. Shanice American, meaning ‘from Africa’. Shaniqua (alt. Shanika) African, meaning ‘warrior princess’. Shanna English, meaning ‘old’. Shannon (alt. Shannan, Shanon) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘old and ancient’. Shantal (alt. Shantel, Shantell) French, from the place of the same name. Shanti Hindi, meaning ‘peaceful’. Sharlene German, meaning ‘man’. Sharon (alt. Sharen, Sharona, Sharron, Sharyn) Hebrew, meaning ‘a plain’. Sashi Hindi, meaning ‘moonbeam’. Shasta American, from the mountain of the same name. Shauna (alt. Shawna) Irish, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Shayla (alt. Shaylie, Shayna, Sheyla) Irish, meaning ‘blind’. Shea Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘from the fairy fort’. Sheena Irish, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Sheila (alt. Shelia) Irish, meaning ‘blind’. Shelby (alt. Shelba, Shelbie) English, meaning ‘estate on the ledge’. Shelley (alt. Shelli, Shellie, Shelly) English, meaning ‘meadow on the ledge’. Shenandoah Native American, meaning ‘after an Oneida chief’. Sheridan Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘wild man’. Sherry (alt. Sheree, Sheri, Sherie, Sherri, Sherrie) Shortened form of Cheryl, meaning ‘man’. Sheryl (alt. Sherryl) German, meaning ‘man’. Shiloh Hebrew, from the Biblical place of the same name. Shirley (alt. Shirlee) English, meaning ‘bright meadow’. Shivani Sanskrit, meaning ‘wife of Shiva’. Shona Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘God is gracious’. Shoshana (alt. Shoshanna) Hebrew, meaning ‘lily’. Shura Russian, meaning ‘man’s defender’. Sian (alt. Sianna) Welsh, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Siara Arabic, meaning ‘holy and pure’. Sibyl (alt. Sybil) Greek, meaning ‘seer and oracle’. Siddhi Hindi, meaning ‘spiritual powers’. Siddiqa Arabic, meaning ‘righteous friend’. Sidera Latin, meaning ‘luminous woman’. Sidney (alt. Sydney) English, meaning ‘from St. Denis’. Sidonie (alt. Sidonia, Sidony) Latin, meaning ‘from Sidonia’. Siena (alt. Sienna) Latin, from the town of the same name. Sierra Spanish, meaning ‘saw’. Signa (alt. Signe) Scandinavian, meaning ‘victory’. Sigourney French, meaning ‘daring queen’. Sigrid Nordic, meaning ‘fair victory’. Sigrun Scandinanvian, meaning ‘won a secret victory’. Siham Arabic, meaning ‘like an arrow’. Sihar Arabic, meaning ‘enchanting’. Sika African, meaning ‘wealthy woman’. Silja Scandinavian, meaning ‘blind’. Silver English, meaning ‘precious metal’. Silwa Arabic, meaning ‘like a quail’. Sima Arabic, meaning ‘prize’. Simcha Hebrew, meaning ‘joy’. Simin Iranian, meaning ‘silvery woman’. Simone (alt. Simona) Hebrew, meaning ‘listening intently’. Sinead Irish, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Siobhan Irish, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Sippora Hebrew, meaning ‘birdlike’. Siren (alt. Sirena) Greek, meaning ‘entangler’. Siria Spanish, meaning ‘glowing’. Sisika Native American, meaning ‘like a bird’. Sitara Indian, meaning ‘morning star’. Sive Irish, meaning ‘good and sweet girl’. Skye (alt. Sky) Scottish, from the island of the same name. Skyler (alt. Skyla, Skylar) Dutch, meaning ‘giving shelter’. Sloane (alt. Sloan) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘man of arms’. Socorro Spanish, meaning ‘to aid’. Sohalia Indian, meaning ‘the moon’s glow’. Sojourner English, meaning ‘temporary stay’. Solana Spanish, meaning ‘sunlight’. Solange French, meaning ‘with dignity’. Soledad Spanish, meaning ‘solitude’. Soleil French, meaning ‘sun’. Solveig Scandinavian, meaning ‘woman of the house’. Sona Arabic, meaning ‘golden one’. Sonia (alt. Sonja, Sonya) Greek, meaning ‘wisdom’. Sophia (alt. Sofia, Sofie, Sophie) Greek, meaning ‘wisdom’. Sophronia Greek, meaning ‘sensible’. Sorano Japanese, meaning ‘from the heavens’. Soraya Persian, meaning ‘princess’. Sorcha Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘bright and shining’. Sorrel English, from the herb of the same name. Soyala Native American, meaning ‘born in the winter solstice’. Sparrow English, meaning ‘like the bird’. Spencer English, meaning ‘administrator’. Spring English, meaning ‘born in the season’. Also from the name of the season. Sroda African, meaning ‘respected’. Stacey (alt. Stacie, Stacy) Greek, meaning ‘resurrection’. Star (alt. Starla, Starr) English, meaning ‘star’. Stella Latin, meaning ‘star’. Stephanie (alt. Stefanie, Stephani, Stephania, Stephany) Greek, meaning ‘crowned’. Sue (alt. Susie, Suzy) Shortened form of Susan, meaning ‘lily’. Sukey (alt. Sukey, Sukie) Shortened form of Susan, meaning ‘lily’. Suma English, meaning ‘born in the summer’. Sumi Japanese, meaning ‘elegant and refined’. Summer English, from the season of the same name. Suna Turkish, meaning ‘swanlike’. Sunday English, meaning ‘the first day’. Sunny (alt. Sun) English, meaning ‘of a pleasant temperament’. Suri Persian, meaning ‘red rose’. Surya Hindi, from the god of the same name. Susan (alt. Susann, Suzan) Hebrew, meaning ‘lily’. Susannah (alt. Susana, Susanna, Susanne, Suzanna, Suzanne) Hebrew, meaning ‘lily’. Svea Swedish, meaning ‘of the motherland’. Svetlana Russian, meaning ‘star’. Swanhild Saxon, meaning ‘battle swan’. Swarna Indian, meaning ‘golden one’. Sybil Greek, meaning ‘seer’. Sydney English, meaning ‘wide meadow’. Sylvia (alt. Silvia, Sylvie) Latin, meaning ‘from the forest’.


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