1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with “B “and their Meaning 

  Baako (alt. Bako) African, meaning ‘firstborn’. Baba (alt. Babah) African, meaning ‘born on Thursday’. Babette French version of Barbara, from the Greek origin meaning ‘foreign’. Baca (alt. Bacah, Bacca) English, meaning ‘of the valley of tears’. Bachi (alt. Bachee, Bachey) Japanese, meaning ‘happy’. Badia (alt. Basdiah, Badiya, Badea) Arabic, meaning ‘elegant’. Bahar (alt. Bahaar, Baharr) Arabic, meaning ‘spring birth’. Bahati (alt. Bahatie, Bahaty) African, meaning ‘fortunate’. Bahija (alt. Bahigah, Bahyja, Bahyga) Arabic, meaning ‘cheerful’. Baila (alt. Byla, Baela) Spanish, meaning ‘dancer’. Bailey (alt. Baeli, Bailee) English, meaning ‘law enforcer’. Baina (alt. Bayna, Baena) African, meaning ‘sparkling’. Baja Spanish, meaning ‘lower’. Baka Indian, meaning ‘like a crane’. Balbina Latin, meaning ‘strong’. Baldhart (alt. Balhart, Baldhard) German, meaning ‘a bold and strong woman’. Baligha (alt. Baleegha, Balygha) Arabic, meaning ‘eloquent’. Ballade (alt. Ballad, Ballayd) English, meaning ‘poetic’. Bambi Shortened version of the Italian ‘bambina’, meaning ‘child’. Banan Arabic, meaning ‘one who had delicate fingers’. Bandele (alt. Bandelle) African, meaning ‘a child born away from home’. Bano (alt. Banow, Banoe) Arabic, meaning ‘princess’. Banon Welsh, meaning ‘queen’. Bansuri (alt. Bansari, Banseri) Indian, meaning ‘a musical person’. Bara (alt. Barah) Hebrew, meaning ‘chosen’. Barbara (alt. Barbie, Barbra) Greek, meaning ‘foreign’. Barika (alt. Barycca) African, meaning ‘flourishing’. Barett (alt. Barrette) German, meaning ‘bear-like strength’ or English, meaning ‘argumentative’. Basanti Indian, meaning ‘a child born during the spring’. Basma Arabic, meaning ‘smile’. Bashirah (alt. Basheera, Bashyra) Arabic, meaning ‘joyful’. Bastet (alt. Bastette, Basteta) Egyptian, meaning ‘fiery’. Bathild (alt. Bathilde, Bathilda) German, meaning ‘heroine’. Bathsheba Hebrew, meaning ‘daughter of the oath’. Bay (alt. Baya) Plant or geographical name. Bayo Nigerian, meaning ‘finder of joy’. Beadu English, meaning ‘female warrior’. Beata Latin, meaning ‘blessed’. Beatrice (alt. Beatrix, Beatriz, Bellatrix, Betrys) Latin, meaning ‘bringer of gladness’. Bebhinn (alt. Bevin) Irish, meaning ‘accomplished singer’. Becca English, shortened form of Rebecca, meaning ‘noose’. Becky (alt. Beccie, Beccy, Beckie) Shortened form of Rebecca, meaning ‘noose’. Beda (alt. Beddah) German, meaning ‘goddess’. Bedelia (alt. Bedeleah, Bedeliah) French, meaning ‘superior strength’. Bee Shortened form of Beatrice, meaning ‘bringer of gladness’. Begum Turkish, meaning ‘princess’. Belinda (alt. Belen, Belina) Contraction of Belle and Linda, meaning ‘beautiful’. Bell Shortened form of Isabel, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Bella Latin, meaning ‘beautiful’. Ballachay American, meaning ‘beautiful hawk’. Bellatrix Latin, meaning ‘warlike’. A literary character in Harry Potter, played by Helena Bonham Carter in the films. Belle French, meaning ‘beautiful’. Belva Latin, meaning ‘beautiful view’. Bena Hebrew, meaning ‘wise’. Bénédicta Latin, the feminine of Benedict, meaning ‘blessed’. Benita (alt. Bernita) Spanish, meaning ‘blessed’. Bennett Latin, meaning ‘blessed little one’. Family name of Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Bennie Shortened version of Bénédicta and Benita. Berit (alt. Beret) Scandinavian, meaning ‘splendid’ or ‘gorgeous’. Bernadette French, meaning ‘courageous’. Bernadine French, meaning ‘courageous’. Bernice (alt. Burnice) Greek, meaning ‘she who brings victory’. Bertha (alt. Berta, Berthe, Bertie) German origin, meaning ‘bright’. Beryl Greek, meaning ‘pale, green gemstone’. Bess (alt. Bessie) Shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’. Beth Hebrew, meaning ‘house’. Also shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’. Bethany (alt. Bethan) Biblical, referring to a geographical location. Bethari Indonesian, meaning ‘goddess’. Bethel Hebrew, meaning ‘house of God’. Bettina Spanish version of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’. Betty (alt. Betsy, Bette, Bettie) Shortened version of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’. Movie inspirations Daisy (Driving Miss Daisy) Donna (Mamma Mia) Ellen/Ripley (Alien) Holly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Ilsa (Casablanca) Kathy (Singing in the Rain) Lara (Tomb Raider) Maria (The Sound of Music) Scarlett (Gone with the Wind) Trinity (The Matrix) Beulah Hebrew, meaning ‘married’. Beverly (alt. Beverlee, Beverley) English, meaning ‘beaver stream’. Bevin Celtic, meaning ‘fair lady’. Beyoncé American, made popular by the singer. Bianca (alt. Blanca) Italian, meaning ‘white’. Bibiana Greek, meaning ‘alive’. Bidelia Irish, meaning ‘exalted’. Bijou French, meaning ‘precious ring’. Billie (alt. Billy, Billye) Shortened version of Wilhelmina, meaning ‘determined’. Bimala Indian, meaning ‘pure’. Bina Hebrew, meaning ‘knowledge’. Birgit (alt. Birgitta) Norwegian, meaning ‘splendid’. Blair Scottish Gaelic, meaning ‘flat, plain area’. Blake (alt. Blakely, Blakelyn) English, meaning either ‘pale-skinned or dark’. Blanche (alt. Blanch) French, meaning ‘white or pale’. Bliss English, meaning ‘intense happiness’. Blithe English, meaning ‘joyous’. Blodwen Welsh, meaning ‘white flower’. Blossom English, meaning ‘flowerlike’. Bluma Hebrew, meaning ‘a flower’ Blythe (alt. Bly) English, meaning ‘happy and carefree’. Bo Chinese, meaning ‘precious’. Bobbi (alt. Bobbie, Bobby) Shortened version of Roberta, meaning ‘famous brilliance’. Bonamy (alt. Bonamee) French, meaning ‘a close friend’. Bonita Spanish, meaning ‘pretty’. Bonnie (alt. Bonny) Scottish, meaning ‘fair of face’. Botan (alt. Botanna, Botanne) Japanese, meaning ‘like a fresh blossom’. Bracha (alt. Brakka) Hebrew, meaning ‘blessed one’. Brandy (alt. Brandee, Brandi, Brandie) Name of the liquor. Branka Slavic, meaning ‘glory’. Branwen Welsh, meaning ‘a white crow’. Braulia Spanish, meaning ‘glowing’. Brea (alt. Bree, Bria) Shortened form of Brianna, meaning ‘strong’. Breena (alt. Brina, Bryna) Irish, meaning ‘of the fairy place’. Brenda Old Norse meaning ‘sword’. Brianna (alt. Breana, Briana, Brianne, Bryanna) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘strong’. Bridget (alt. Bridgett, Bridgette, Brigette, Brigid, Brigitta, Brigitte) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘strength and power’. Brier French, meaning ‘heather’. Brimlad (alt. Brymlad, Brymlod) Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘from the sea’. Brit (alt. Britt, Britta) Celtic, meaning ‘spotted’ or ‘freckled’. Britannia Latin, meaning ‘Britain’. Brittany (alt. Britany, Britney, Brittani, Brittanie) Latin, meaning ‘from England’. Bronwyn (alt. Bronwen) Welsh, meaning ‘fair breast’. Brooke (alt. Brook) English, meaning ‘small stream’. Brooklyn (alt. Brooklynn) Name of a New York suburb. Buana Indonesian, meaning ‘earth’. Buffy American, alternative of Elizabeth. Brunhilda German, meaning ‘armour-wearing fighting maid’. Buthainah Arabic, meaning ‘beautiful’. Bryanne American, meaning ‘noble’. Bryn (alt. Brynn) Welsh, meaning ‘mount’. Bryony (alt. Briony) Greek, meaning ‘climbing plant’. Also the name of a European vine. Bysen (alt. Bysan, Byson) Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘a unique girl’.


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