1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ T “ and their  Meaning

   Tabia Egyptian, meaning ‘talented’. Tabita African, meaning ‘graceful’. Tabitha (alt. Tabatha) Aramaic, meaning ‘gazelle’. Tablita Native American, meaning ‘wearing a tiara’. Taffy Welsh, meaning ‘much loved’. Tahira Arabic, meaning ‘virginal’. Tai Chinese, meaning ‘big’. Taima (alt. Taina) Native American, meaning ‘peal of thunder’. Taini Native American, meaning ‘born at the time of the returning moon’. Tajsa Polish, meaning ‘princess’. Taka Japanese, meaning ‘honourable’. Talia (alt. Tali) Hebrew, meaning ‘heaven’s dew’. Taliesin Welsh, meaning ‘shining brow’. Talise (alt. Talyse) Native American, meaning ‘lovely water’. Talitha Aramaic, meaning ‘young girl’. Tallulah (alt. Taliyah) Native American, meaning ‘leaping water’. Talor Hebrew, meaning ‘touched by the morning dew’. Tama Japanese, meaning ‘as precious as a jewel’. Tamara (alt. Tamera) Hebrew, meaning ‘palm tree’. ‘Bad girl’ names Delilah Desdemona Jezebel Lilith Pandora Roxy Salome Scarlett Tallulah Trixie Tamatha (alt. Tametha) American, meaning ‘dear Tammy’. Tamika (alt. Tameka) American, meaning ‘people’. Tammy (alt. Tami, Tammie) Shortened form of Tamsin, meaning ‘twin’. Tamsin Hebrew, meaning ‘twin’. Tandra African, meaning ‘beauty mark’. Tani Japanese, meaning ‘valley’. Tanika American, meaning ‘fairy queen’. Tanis Spanish, meaning ‘to make famous’. Tanya (alt. Tania, Tanya, Tonya) Shortened form of Tatiana, meaning ‘from the Tatius clan’. Tao Chinese, meaning ‘peach’. Tara (alt. Tarah, Tera) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘rocky hill’. Tasha (alt. Taisha, Tarsha) Shortened form of Natasha, meaning ‘Christmas’. Tatiana (alt. Tayana) Russian, meaning ‘from the Tatius clan’. Tatum English, meaning ‘light-hearted’. Taura Latin, meaning ‘like a bull’. Tawny (alt. Tawanaa, Tawnee, Tawnya) English, meaning ‘golden brown’. Taya Greek, meaning ‘poor one’. Taylor (alt. Tayler) English, meaning ‘tailor’. Tazanna Native American, meaning ‘princess’. Tazara Arabic, meaning ‘elegance’. Tea Greek, meaning ‘goddess’. Teagan (alt. Teague, Tegan) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘poet’. Teal English, from the bird of the same name. Tecla Greek, meaning ‘fame of God’. Tegan Welsh, meaning ‘pretty’. Tehila Hebrew, meaning ‘song of praise’. Teigra Rumantsch, meaning ‘tigress’. Teja Indian, meaning ‘radiant’. Tekli Polish, meaning ‘glory of god’. Telyn Welsh, meaning ‘harp’. Temima Hebrew, meaning ‘perfect’. Spelling options C vs K (Catherine or Katherine) E vs I (Alex or Alix) G vs J (Geri or Jerry) N vs NE (Ann or Anne) O vs OU (Honor or Honour) S vs Z (Susie or Suzie) Y vs IE (Carry or Carrie) Temperance English, meaning ‘virtue’. Tempest French, meaning ‘storm’. Teresa (alt. Terese, Tereza, Theresa, Therese) Greek, meaning ‘harvest’. Terra Latin, meaning ‘earth’. Terry (alt. Teri, Terrie) Shortened form of Teresa, meaning ‘harvest’. Tessa (alt. Tess, Tessie) Shortened form of Teresa, meaning ‘harvest’. Tevy Cambodian, meaning ‘angel’. Thais Greek, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Thalia Greek, meaning ‘blooming’. Thandi (alt. Thana) Arabic, meaning ‘thanksgiving’. Thea Greek, meaning ‘goddess’. Theda German, meaning ‘people’. Thelma Greek, meaning ‘will’. Thema African, meaning ‘queen’. Theodora Greek, meaning ‘gift of God’. Theodosia Greek, meaning ‘gift of God’. Theora Greek, meaning ‘watcher’. Thisbe Greek, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Thomasina (alt. Thomasin, Thomasine, Thomasyn) Greek, meaning ‘twin’. Thora Scandinavian, meaning ‘Thor’s struggle’. Thu Vietnamese, meaning ‘born during autumn’. Thy Greek, meaning ‘untamed’. Tia (alt. Tiana) Spanish, meaning ‘aunt’. Tiara Latin, meaning ‘jewelled headband’. Tien Vietnamese, meaning ‘fairy child’. Tierney Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘Lord’. Tierra (alt. Tiera) Spanish, meaning ‘land’. Tiffany (alt. Tiffani, Tiffanie) Greek, meaning ‘God’s appearance’. Tigerlily English, meaning ‘an orange flower with black spots’. Tiggy Shortened form of Tigris, meaning ‘tiger’. Tigris Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘tiger’. Tilda Shortened form of Matilda, meaning ‘battle-mighty’. Tillie (alt. Tilly) Shortened form of Matilda, meaning ‘battle’mighty’. Timea American, meaning ‘honour God’. Spring names April Andromeda Cerelia Ceres Kelda May Primavera Verda Verna Timila Indian, meaning ‘musical instrument’. Timothea Greek, meaning ‘honouring God’. Tina (alt. Teena, Tena) Shortened form of Christina, meaning ‘anointed Christian’. Tipper Irish, meaning ‘a well’. Tira Indian, meaning ‘arrow’. Tirion Welsh, meaning ‘kind and gentle’. Tirzah Hebrew, meaning ‘pleasantness’. Titania Greek, meaning ‘giant’. Toby (alt. Tobi) Hebrew, meaning ‘God is good’. Tomoko Japanese, meaning ‘intelligent’. Toni (alt. Tony) Latin, meaning ‘invaluable’. Tonia (alt. Tonja, Tonya) Russian, meaning ‘praiseworthy’. Topaz Latin, meaning ‘golden gemstone’. Topper English, meaning ‘excellent’. Tori (alt. Tora) Shortened form of Victoria, meaning ‘victory’. Tosha Swahili, meaning ‘satisfaction’. Totole Native American, meaning ‘star’. Tova (alt. Tovah, Tove) Hebrew, meaning ‘good’. Tracy (alt. Tracey, Tracie) Greek, meaning ‘harvest’. Tress English, meaning ‘long hair’. Treva Welsh, meaning ‘homestead’. Trianna American, meaning ‘gracious’. Tricia Shortened form of Patricia, meaning ‘aristocratic’. Trilby English, meaning ‘vocal trills’. Trina (alt. Trena) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Trinh Vietnamese, meaning ‘pure’. Trinity Latin, meaning ‘triad’. Trisha Shortened form of Patricia, meaning ‘noble’. Triska Slavic, meaning ‘silver’. Trista Latin, meaning ‘sad’. Tristan Celtic, mythological name meaning ‘tumult’. Triveni Indian, meaning ‘where the sacred rivers meet’. Trixie Shortened form of Beatrix, meaning ‘bringer of gladness’. Trudy (alt. Tru, Trudie) Shortened form of Gertrude, meaning ‘strength of a spear’. Tullia Spanish, meaning ‘bound for glory’. Tumani Swahili, meaning ‘hope’. Tunder Hungarian, meaning ‘fairy’. Tuyen Vietnamese, meaning ‘angel’. Tuyet Vietnamese, meaning ‘snow’. Twilight English, meaning ‘dusk’. Twyla (alt. Twila) American, meaning ‘star’. Tyler English, meaning ‘tiler’. Tynan Irish, meaning ‘dark’. Tyra Scandinavian, meaning ‘Thor’s struggle’. Tzeitel Hebrew, meaning ‘princess’. Tzila Hebrew, meaning ‘shadow’. Tzipporah Hebrew, meaning ‘bird’. Autumn names Autumn Cedar Demetria Hazel Juniper Octavia September Theresa Tracey Willow


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