1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “  V “ and their  Meaning

  Vada German, meaning ‘famous ruler’. Vafara (alt. Vafarah, Vaphara, Vafaria, Vafarya) French, meaning ‘brave’. Vailea (alt. Vaileah, Vaileigh, Vailee) Polynesian, meaning ‘of the talking waters’. Valbourga (alt. Valah, Valla) Swedish, meaning ‘great mountain’ and German, meaning ‘defensive ruler’. Valda (alt. Walda, Welda) Teutonic, meaning ‘ruler’. Valdis (alt. Valdiss, Valdys, Valdyss) Norse, meaning ‘goddess of the dead’, based on the mythological goddess of the same name. Vale Shortened form of Valencia, meaning ‘strong and healthy’. Valeda (alt. Valedah, Valayada, Valyda) Latin, meaning ‘strong woman’. Valencia (alt. Valancy, Valarece) Latin, meaning ‘strong and healthy’. Valene (alt. Valeen, Valeane, Valine, Valien, Valyn) Latin, alternative of Valentina, meaning ‘strong and healthy’. Valentina Latin, meaning ‘strong and healthy’. Valentine Latin, from the Saint of the same name. Valeny (alt. Val, Valenie) American, meaning ‘hard’. Valeria Latin, meaning ‘to be healthy and strong’. Valerie (alt. Valarie, Valery, Valorie) Latin, meaning ‘to be healthy and strong’. Valeska (alt. Waleska) Slavic, meaning ‘magnificent ruler’. Valetta (alt. Valeda, Valeta, Valletta) Latin, from the place of the same name. Valia (alt. Vallie) Shortened form of Valerie, meaning ‘to be healthy and strong’. Valiant (alt. Valiante, Valeant, Valeante) English, meaning ‘brave’. Valkyrie (alt. Valkry, Valkri,) Scandinavian, meaning ‘selector of the slain’. In Norse mythology the Valkyries were maidens who led those slain in battle to Valhalla. Valma (alt. Valmai) Welsh, meaning ‘mayflower’ and Finnish, meaning ‘a devoted protector’. Valonia (alt. Vallonia, Vallonya) Latin, meaning ‘of the valley’. Valterra (alt. Valterrah, Valyonia, Valteira) American, meaning ‘from strong earth’. Vanda (alt. Vahnda, Vannda, Vanora) German, alternative of Wanda, meaning ‘tribe of vandals’. Vandana Sanskrit, meaning ‘worship’. Famous female singers Amy (Winehouse) Billie (Holiday) Elaine (Paige) Ella (Fitzgerald) Etta (James) Judy (Garland) Julie (Andrews) Leona (Lewis) Lily (Allen) Nina (Simone) Vandani Hindi, meaning ‘honourable’ or ‘worthy’. Vanessa (alt. Vanesa) English, from the Gulliver’s Travels character of the same name. Vanetta (alt. Vanettah, Vaneta, Vanitta) Greek, alternative of Vanessa, meaning ‘like a butterfly’. Vangie (alt. Vangy, Vangey, Vangee) Greek, alterative of Evangelina, meaning ‘good news’. Vani Hindu, meaning ‘voice’ and Italian, alternative of Ann. Vania (alt. Vaniah, Vanea, Vanya) Russian, alternative of Anna, meaning ‘grace’. Vanity Latin, meaning ‘self-obsessed’. Vanmra (alt. Vanmrah) Russian, meaning ‘a stranger’ or ‘foreigner’. Vanna (alt. Vannah, Vana, Vanae) Cambodian, meaning ‘golden woman’. Vanora (alt. Vannora, Vanorey, Vanory) Scottish, meaning ‘from the white wave’. Vanthe (alt. Vanth, Vantha, Vanthia) Greek, alternative of Xanthe, meaning ‘blonde’. Varana (alt. Varanna, Varanne, Varann) Hindi, meaning ‘of the river’. Varda (alt. Vardah, Vardia, Vardina) Hebrew, meaning ‘rose’. Vardina Hebrew, alternative of Varda, meaning ‘rose’. No-nickname names April Beth Dana Joy Jude June Karen May Varouna (alt. Varounah) Hindi, meaning ‘infinite’. Varsha (alt. Varshah) Hindi, meaning ‘from the rain’. Vartouhi (alt. Vartoughi, Vartoughie, Vartouhie) Armenian, meaning ‘as lovely as a rose’. Varvara (alt. Vara, Varenka, Varina) Russian, Spanish and Czech alternative of Barbara, meaning ‘foreign’. Vasanti (alt. Vashtie, Vasanta, Vasantah) Hindi, meaning ‘spring’. Vashti Persian, meaning ‘beauty’. Vasta (alt. Vassey, Vasey, Vasie) Persian, meaning ‘beautiful’. Vasteen (alt. Vastien) American, meaning ‘capable’. Vaughn (alt. Vaun, Vawn, Vaunne) English, meaning ‘loved one’. Vayu (alt. Vayyu) Hindi, meaning ‘air’. Veda Sanskrit, meaning ‘knowledge and wisdom’. Vedette (alt. Vedetta, Vedeah) French, meaning ‘scout’ and Italian, meaning ‘sentry’. Vedi (alt. Vedy, Vedee, Vedea, Vedeah) Sanskrit, meaning ‘wise’. Vedis (alt. Vedisse, Vedys, Vidis) German, meaning ‘forest spirit’. Vega Arabic, meaning ‘falling vulture’. Velda German, meaning ‘ruler’. Velika (alt. Velyka, Velicka, Velycca) Slavic, meaning ‘great’. Vella American, meaning ‘beautiful’. Velma English, meaning ‘determined protector’. Venice (alt. Venetia, Venita) Latin, from the city of the same name. Venus Latin, from the Roman goddess of the same name. Vevina Scottish, meaning ‘pleasant lady’. Vera (alt. Verla, Verlie) Slavic, meaning ‘faith’. Verda (alt. Verdie) Latin, meaning ‘spring-like’. Verena Latin, meaning ‘true’. Verity Latin, meaning ‘truth’. Verna (alt. Vernie) Latin, meaning ‘spring green’. Verona Latin, from the city of the same name. Veronica (alt. Verica, Veronique) Latin, meaning ‘true image’. Veruca Latin, meaning ‘wart’. Vesta Latin, from the Roman goddess of the same name. Vicenta Latin, meaning ‘prevailing’. Vicky (alt. Vicki, Vickie, Vikki, Vix) Shortened form of Victoria, meaning ‘victory’. Victoria Latin, meaning ‘victory’. Vida Spanish, meaning ‘life’. Vidya Sanskrit, meaning ‘knowledge’. Vienna Latin, from the city of the same name. Vigdis Scandinavian, meaning ‘war goddess’. Vilina Indian, meaning ‘dedicated’. Villette (alt. Vyllet) French, meaning ‘little town’. Vina (alt. Vena) Spanish, meaning ‘vineyard’. Vinata Indian, meaning ‘humble’. Viola Latin, meaning ‘violet’. Violet (alt. Violetta) Latin, meaning ‘purple’. Virgie Shortened form of Virginia, meaning ‘maiden’. Virginia (alt. Virginie) Latin, meaning ‘maiden’. Virika Indian, meaning ‘brave one’. Visala Sanskrit, meaning ‘celestial’. Vita Latin, meaning ‘life’. Vittoria Variation of Victoria, meaning ‘victory’. Viva Latin, meaning ‘alive’. Viveca Scandinavian, meaning ‘war fortress’. Vivi Latin, meaning ‘alive’. Vivian (alt. Vivien, Vivienne) Latin, meaning ‘lively’. Vivien French alternative of Vivian, meaning ‘lively’. Vonda Czech, meaning ‘from the tribe of Vandals’. Vova Russian, meaning ‘famous ruler’. Vyomini Indian, meaning ‘divine’. Vyra American, meaning ‘truth’.


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