1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ W “ and their  Meaning



Arabic, meaning ‘beloved’.


English, meaning ‘to cross a river’.


Arabic, meaning ‘devoted’.


Scandinavian, meaning ‘immortal’. Waheeda Arabic, meaning ‘the one and only’. Wainani Hawaiian, meaning ‘beautiful water’. Wakanda Native American, meaning ‘one with magical powers’. Walad Arabic, meaning ‘new born’. Walburga German, meaning ‘fortress ruler’. Waleska Polish, meaning ‘beautiful’. Walker English, meaning ‘one who walks in forests’. Wallis English, meaning ‘from Wales’. Walta African, meaning ‘like a shield’. Wan Chinese, meaning ‘gentle one’. Wanda (alt. Waneta, Wanita) Slavic, meaning ‘tribe of the vandals’. Wapeka Native American, meaning ‘skillful’. Washta Native American, meaning ‘good’. Wauna Native American, meaning ‘singing snow goose’. Wava English, meaning ‘way’. Waverly Old English, meaning ‘meadow of aspens’. Wawa Native American, meaning ‘small girl’. Wealote Native American, meaning ‘princess’. Wednesday American, from the day of the week. Wendy English, meaning ‘friend’. Wenopa Native American, meaning ‘two moons’. Wesley English, meaning ‘one of the western meadow’. West English, meaning ‘from the west’. Wharton English, meaning ‘from the river’. Whisper English, meaning ‘whisper’. Whitley Old English, meaning ‘white meadow’. Whitney Old English, meaning ‘white island’. Whoopi English, meaning ‘excited’. Wido German, meaning ‘warrior woman’. Wihe Native American, meaning ‘younger sister’. Wijdan Arabic, meaning ‘sentiment’. Wilda German, meaning ‘willow tree’. Wileen Teutonic, meaning ‘defender’. Wiley English, meaning ‘from the willows’. Wilfreda English feminine form of Wilfred, meaning ‘to will peace’. Wilhelmina German, meaning ‘helmet’. Willene (alt. Willia) German, meaning ‘helmet’. Willia Shortened form of Willene, meaning ‘helmet’. Willow English, from the tree of the same name. Wilma German, meaning ‘protection’. Wilona English, meaning ‘desired’. Wilva Teutonic, meaning ‘determined’. Wind American, meaning ‘windy’. Winda Swahili, meaning ‘great huntress’. Winema Native American, meaning ‘female chief’. Winetta American, meaning ‘peaceful’. Wing Chinese, meaning ‘glorious’. Winifred Old English, meaning ‘holy and blessed’. Winnie Shortened form of Winifred, meaning ‘holy and blessed’. Winola German, meaning ‘charming friend’. Winona (alt. Wynona) Indian, meaning ‘first born daughter’. Winslow English, meaning ‘friend’s hill’. Names with positive meanings Belle – Beautiful Blythe – Carefree Felicity – Happy Lakshmi – Good Lucy – Light Millicent – Brave Mira – Wonderful Rinah – Joyful Sunny – Sunshine Yoko – Positive Winta African, meaning ‘desired’. Winter English, meaning ‘winter’. Wisal Arabic, meaning ‘love’. Wistar German, meaning ‘respected’. Wisteria English, meaning ‘flower’. Wova American, meaning ‘brassy woman’. Wren English, from the bird of the same name. Wyetta French, meaning ‘fiesty’. Wylie American, meaning ‘coy’. Wynda Scottish, meaning ‘of the narrow passage’. Wynne Welsh, meaning ‘white’. Wyss Welsh, meaning ‘fair one’.


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