1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ X “ and their  Meaning

  Xabrina Latin alternative of Sabrina, meaning ‘from the Sabine tribe’. Xadrian American, meaning ‘from the Adriatic sea’. Xalvadora Spanish, meaning ‘saviour’. Xanadu African, meaning ‘of the exotic paradise’. Xandra Greek alternative of Alexandra, meaning ‘defending men’. Xannon American, meaning ‘ancient goddess’. Xantara American, meaning ‘Earth’s protector’. Xanthe (alt. Xanthe) Greek, meaning ‘blonde’. Xantho Greek, meaning ‘golden haired’. Xanthippe Greek, meaning ‘nagging’. Xara Hebrew alternative to Sarah, meaning ‘princess’. Xava American, meaning ‘new house’. Xaviera Arabic, meaning ‘bright’. Xaverie Greek, meaning ‘bright’. Xema Latin, meaning ‘precious’. Xena Greek, meaning ‘foreigner’. Xenia Greek, meaning ‘foreigner’. Flower names Daisy Flora Heather Hyacinth Iris Lily Poppy Primrose Rose Violet Foreign alternatives Eleanor – Elenora, Elinor Helen – Galina, Helene Juliet – Julietta, Juliette Margaret – Gretel, Marguerite, Marjorie Sarah – Sara, Sarine, Zara Violet – Iolanthe Xenobia Greek, meaning ‘from Zeus’. Xenosa Greek, meaning ‘stranger’. Xexila Spanish, meaning ‘blinded by her own beauty’. Xilda Celtic, meaning ‘tribute’. Ximena Greek, meaning ‘listening’. Xin Qian Chinese, meaning ‘happy’. Xing Chinese, meaning ‘star’. Xiomara Spanish, meaning ‘battle-ready’. Xipil Aztec, meaning ‘from the fire’. Xochitl Spanish, meaning ‘flower’. Xola African, meaning ‘in peace’. Xolani African, meaning ‘forgive’. Xuan Vietnamese, meaning ‘born during sping’. Xue Chinese, meaning ‘snow’. Xuxa Portugese, meaning ‘queen’. Xyleena Greek, meaning ‘forest dweller’. Xylia Greek, meaning ‘from the woods’. Xyza Gothic, meaning ‘from the sea’. Summer names August June Juno Natsumi Persephone Soleil Summer Suvi


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