1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ Y “ and their  Meaning

  Yabel Latin, meaning ‘lovable one’. Yachi Japanese, meaning ‘eight thousand’. Yachne Hebrew, meaning ‘hospitable’. Yadira Arabic, meaning ‘worthy’. Yadira Hebrew, meaning ‘beloved friend’. Yadra Spanish, meaning ‘mother’. Yael Hebrew, meaning ‘mountain goat’. Yaffa (alt. Yahaira, Yajaira) Hebrew, meaning ‘lovely’. Yafiah Arabic, meaning ‘one with high standing’. Yair Hebrew, meaning ‘God will teach’. Yaki Japanese, meaning ‘tenacious’. Yakini African, meaning ‘honest one’. Yakira Hebrew, meaning ‘precious’. Yakootah Arabic, meaning ‘like an emerald’. Yalena Russian alternative of Helen, meaning ‘light’. Yama Japanese, meaning ‘one who comes from the mountain’. Yamha Arabic, meaning ‘dovelike’. Yamilet Arabic, meaning ‘beautiful’. Yamileth Spanish, meaning ‘graceful’. Yamilla Arabic, meaning ‘pretty one’. Yamin Hebrew, meaning ‘right hand’. Yaminah Arabic, meaning ‘proper’. Yamka Native American, meaning ‘blossom’. Yana Hebrew, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious’. Yanira Hawaiian, meaning ‘pretty’. Yang Chinese, meaning ‘from the sun’. Yara Brazilian, from the mythological mermaid. Yardley English, meaning ‘of the fenced-in field’. Yareli Latin, meaning ‘golden’. Yaretzi (alt. Yaritza) Hawaiian, meaning ‘forever beloved’. Yarkona Hebrew, meaning ‘green eyed’. Yasmin (alt. Yasmeen, Yasmina) Persian, meaning ‘jasmine flower’. Yasu Japanese, meaning ‘tranquil’. Yavesly American, meaning ‘divine miracle’. Yedda English, meaning ‘one with the beautiful voice’. Yei Japanese, meaning ‘flourishing’. Yeira Hebrew, meaning ‘illuminated’. Yelena Greek, meaning ‘bright and chosen’. Yemaya African, meaning ‘intelligent’. Yen Chinese, meaning ‘desired one’. Yepa Native American, meaning ‘winter princess’. Yeraldina Spanish, meaning ‘ruled with a spear’. Yeriel Hebrew, meaning ‘founded by God’. Yesenia Arabic, meaning ‘flower’. Yestin Welsh, meaning ‘just’. Yetta English, from Henrietta, meaning ‘ruler of the house’. Yeva Hebrew variant of Eve, meaning ‘life’. Yi Chinese, meaning ‘bringer of happiness’. Yin Chinese, meaning ‘silvery lady’. Yinah Spanish, meaning ‘victorious’. Yitta Hebrew, meaning ‘gives off light’. Ylva Old Norse, meaning ‘sea wolf’. Ynes French, meaning ‘pure’. Yo Japanese, meaning ‘positive’. Yoki (alt. Yoko) Native American, meaning ‘rain’. Yolanda (alt. Yolonda) Spanish, meaning ‘violet flower’. Yonah Hebrew, meaning ‘a dove’. Yoninah Hebrew, meaning ‘little dove’. Yoomee Native American, meaning ‘star’. Yordana Bulgarian, meaning ‘to flow down’. Yori Japanese, meaning ‘reliable’. Yoselin English, meaning ‘lovely’. Yoshe Japanese, meaning ‘beauty’. Yoshi Japanese, meaning ‘good’. Yoshiko Japanese, meaning ‘good child’. Yovela Hebrew, meaning ‘jubilee’. Ysanne Combination of Isabel and Anne. Ysabel English, meaning ‘God’s promise’. Yuda Indonesian, meaning ‘war’. Yue Chinese, meaning ‘moon’. Yue-Yan Chinese, meaning ‘happy’. Yui Japanese, meaning ‘elegant cloth’. Yuki Japanese, meaning ‘lucky’. Yule English, meaning ‘during Christmas time’. Yuliana Latin, meaning ‘youthful’. Yumi Japanese, meaning ‘short bow’. Yumiko Japanese, meaning ‘child of the arrow’. Yumna Swahili, meaning ‘fortunate’. Yuridia Russian, meaning ‘farmer’. Yusra Arabic, meaning ‘success’. Yuuna Japanese, meaning ‘sun plant’. Yvette (alt. Yvonne) French, meaning ‘yew’.


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