1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ Z “ and their  Meaning

  Zaccai (alt. Zaccae, Zakai, Zakae) Hebrew, meaning ‘pure’ or ‘just’. Zada (alt. Zayda, Zaida, Zayeda) Arabic, meaning ‘fortunate’. Zafara (alt. Zafarrah, Zaphara) Hebrew, meaning ‘singer’. Zafira Arabic, meaning ‘successful’. Zagir (alt. Zagiry, Zagira, Zagirah) Armenian, meaning ‘like a flower’. Zahar (alt. Zahir, Zahyr, Zaher) Hebrew, meaning ‘dawn’. Zahara (alt. Zahava, Zahra) Arabic, meaning ‘flowering and shining’. Zahiya Arabic, meaning ‘brilliant’. Zaida (alt. Zaide) Arabic, meaning ‘prosperous’. Zaira (alt. Zayra, Zayrah) Arabic, meaning ‘like a rose’. Zaka (alt. Zacca) Swahili, meaning ‘pure’. Zale (alt. Zael, Zayle) Greek, meaning ‘one who is as strong as the sea’. Zalika Swahili, meaning ‘well born’. Zaltana Arabic, meaning ‘high mountain’. Zamara (alt. Zamarrah) Hebrew, meaning ‘a female singer’. Zambda (alt. Zambdah) Hebrew, meaning ‘she mediates’. Zamella Zulu, meaning ‘one who works to succeed’. Zamia Greek, meaning ‘pine cone’. Winter names January Neva Neve Perdita Rainer Tahoma Winter Zamir (alt. Zameer, Zamyr) Hebrew, meaning ‘smart sovereign’. Zan Chinese, meaning ‘supportive’. Zana (alt. Zanah, Zanna) Hebrew, alternative of Susanna. Zandra (alt. Zan, Zondra) Greek, meaning ‘shy’. Zane (alt. Zaen, Zain, Zayn) Scandinavian, meaning ‘bold one’. Zaneta (alt. Zanetta, Zanita) Hebrew, meaning ‘a gracious present from God’. Zaniyah Arabic, meaning ‘lily’. Zannika (alt. Zanicka, Zanyka) Native American, meaning ‘healthy’. Zanoah (alt. Zanoa) Hebrew, meaning ‘forgetful’. Zara (alt. Zaria, Zariah, Zora) Arabic, meaning ‘radiance’. Zaria (alt. Zariah, Zarya) Slavic, meaning ‘divine bride’. Zariel (alt. Zariele, Zarielle) American, meaning ‘lion princess’. Zarina African, meaning ‘golden one’. Zaylee (alt. Zayley, Zaylie) English, meaning ‘divine’. Zazula Polish, meaning ‘excellent’. Zehara (alt. Zeharrah) Hebrew, meaning ‘alight’. Zehira (alt. Zeheera, Zehyra) Hebrew, meaning ‘protected’. Zela (alt. Zelah) Greek, meaning ‘blessed with happiness’. Zelda German, meaning ‘dark battle’. Zelia (alt. Zella) Scandinavian, meaning ‘sunshine’. Zelma German, meaning ‘helmet’. Zemirah Hebrew, meaning ‘joyous melody’. Zena (alt. Zenia, Zina) Greek, meaning ‘hospitable’. Zenaida Greek, meaning ‘the life of Zeus’. Zenda Persian, meaning ‘life’. Zenon Greek, meaning ‘guest’. Zephyr Greek, meaning ‘the west wind’. Zetta Italian, meaning ‘Z’. Zhen Chinese, meaning ‘precious’. Zhenga African, meaning ‘queen’. Food-inspired names Anise Candy Cherry Coco Ginger Honey Meena Olive Saffron Zhenya Russian, meaning ‘noble’. Zhi Chinese, meaning ‘healing’. Zi Chinese, meaning ‘full of grace’. Zia Arabic, meaning ‘light and splendour’. Ziazan Armenian, meaning ‘rainbow’. Zihna Native American, meaning ‘spins’. Zillah Hebrew, meaning ‘the shade’. Zinnia Latin, meaning ‘flower’. Zirali African, meaning ‘the help of God’. Zita (alt. Ziva) Spanish, meaning ‘little girl’. Zitkala Native American, meaning ‘small bird’. Ziya Arabic, meaning ‘light’. Zlata Slavic, meaning ‘golden’. Zo African, meaning ‘spiritual leader’. Bird names Ava Ibis Oriole Raven Robin Swift Wren Zoe Greek, meaning ‘life’. Zola Latin, meaning ‘the earth’. Zora (alt. Zorana) Slavic, meaning ‘dawn’. Zoraida Spanish, meaning ‘captivating woman’. Zorina Slavic, meaning ‘golden’. Zsa Zsa Hungarian, meaning ‘lily’. Zoya Greek, meaning ‘life’. Zula African, meaning ‘brilliant’. Zulma Arabic, meaning ‘peace’. Zurina (alt. Zurine, Zurinia Zuryna) Spanish, meaning ‘white’. Zuzana Hebrew, meaning ‘lily’. Zuzu Czech, meaning ‘flower’. Zyana Aztec, meaning ‘forever’. Zyna (alt. Zayne) Arabic, meaning ‘amazing’. Zytka Polish, meaning ‘a rose flower’.


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