1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with “C “and their Meaning 

  Cabalina Spanish, meaning ‘involved with horses’. Cabrera Latin, meaning ‘the goat’s place’. Cabriah Spanish, meaning ‘goat herder’. Cable American, meaning ‘strength’. Cabot French, meaning ‘youthful beauty’. Cabrina (alt. Cabrinna, Cabrynna) American, alternative of Sabrina meaning ‘the River Severn’. Cabriole (alt. Cabriol, Cabryole, Cabriola) French, meaning ‘adorable girl’. Caca Latin, original mythological goddess of the hearth. Cacalia (alt. Cacalea, Cacaleah) Latin, meaning ‘like the plant’. Cacee Irish, meaning ‘cautious one’. Cache American, meaning ‘storage’. Cachele (alt. Cachelle) Hebrew, alternative of Rachelle meaning ‘ewe’. Cachet (alt. Cachette) French, meaning ‘exalted woman’. Cacia (alt. Caciah, Cacea) Greek, alternative of Acacia meaning ‘point’ or ‘thorn’. Also an alternative of Casey meaning ‘watchful’. Caddy (alt. Caddi, Caddie, Caddee) American, meaning ‘alluring’. Cade (alt. Caid, Cayde, Caed) American, meaning ‘talented’. Cadeau French, meaning ‘gift’. Caden (alt. Cadan, Cadin) English, meaning ‘female warrior’. Cadence Latin, meaning ‘with rhythm’. Cadha (alt. Cadhah) Scottish, meaning ‘steep mountain’. Cadhla (alt. Cadhlah) Irish, meaning ‘beautiful’. Cadis (alt. Cadisse, Cadys) Greek, meaning ‘sparkling girl’. Cadwyn Welsh, meaning ‘strong binding’. Cady (alt. Cadye, Caidee, Caidy, Kady) English, meaning ‘fun-loving’. Cael (alt. Caele, Caelle) Celtic, meaning ‘triumphant people’. Caenus (alt. Caenis, Caenius) Greek, mythological man who had once been a woman. Caesaria Roman, female form of Caesar meaning ‘empress’. Caffaria Irish, meaning ‘helmeted’. Cahira (alt. Cahyra, Cahiera) Irish, meaning ‘female warrior’. Cai Vietnamese, meaning ‘feminine’. Caia (alt. Cai, Cais) Latin, meaning ‘rejoice’. Cailin (alt. Caelan, Caelyn, Caileen) Gaelic, meaning ‘girl’. Cailleach (alt. Caillic) Scottish, meaning ‘mother of all’. Cainell (alt. Cainele, Caynell, Caynelle) Welsh, meaning ‘beautiful girl’. Cainwen (alt. Cainwenne, Cainwin, Cainwynne) Welsh, meaning ‘beautiful treasure’. Caitlin (alt. Cadyn, Caitlyn) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Cala (alt. Calah) Arabic, meaning ‘fortress’. Calandra Greek, meaning ‘lark’. Calantha (alt. Calanthe) Greek, meaning ‘lovely flower’. Calatea (alt. Calateah, Calatia) Greek, meaning ‘flowering’. Cale Latin, meaning ‘respected’. Caledonia Latin, meaning ‘from Scotland’. Calia (alt. Calea, Caleah) American, meaning ‘renowned beauty’. Calida (alt. Calyda, Caleeda) Spanish, meaning ‘warm’ and ‘loving’. Calise (alt. Calyse, Calyce) Greek, meaning ‘gorgeous’. Calista Greek, alternative of Kallista meaning ‘most beautiful’. Calla Greek, meaning ‘beautiful’. Callida (alt. Callyda) Latin, meaning ‘fiery girl’. Callie (alt. Cali, Calleigh) Greek, meaning ‘beauty’. Calliope From the muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology. Callista (alt. Callisto) Greek, meaning ‘most beautiful’. Calluna (alt. Callunah) Latin, meaning ‘like heather’. Calpurnia Latin, meaning ‘powerful woman’. Calumina Spanish, meaning ‘calm’ and ‘peaceful’. Calypso Greek, meaning ‘secret keeper’. Also a nymph in mythology accused of imprisoning Odysseus for seven years. Camas Native American, from the root and bulb of the same name. Cambria Welsh, from the alternative name of the same country. Camden (alt. Camdyn) English, meaning ‘winding valley’. Cameo Italian, meaning ‘skin’. Cameron (alt. Camryn) Scottish Gaelic, meaning ‘bent nose’. Camilla (alt. Camelia, Camellia) Latin, meaning ‘spiritual serving girl’. Camille Latin, meaning ‘spiritual serving girl’. Candace (alt. Candice, Candis) Latin, meaning ‘brilliant white’. Candida Of Latin origin, meaning ‘white’. Candra Latin, meaning ‘glowing’. Candy (alt. Candi) Shortened form of Candace, meaning ‘brilliant white’. Caneadea Native American, meaning ‘horizion’. Canei Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Canna Latin, meaning ‘reed’. Caoimhe Celtic, meaning ‘gentleness’. Caprice Italian, meaning ‘ruled by whim’. Cara Latin, meaning ‘darling’. Caren (alt. Caron, Caryn) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Carey (alt. Cari, Carrie, Cary) Welsh, meaning ‘near the castle’. Carina (alt. Corina) Italian, meaning ‘dearest little one’. Carissa (alt. Carisa) Greek, meaning ‘grace’. Carla (alt. Charla) Feminine of the German Carl, meaning ‘man’. Carlin (alt. Carleen, Carlene) Gaelic, meaning ‘little champion’. Carlotta (alt. Carlota) Italian, meaning ‘free man’. Carly (alt. Carley, Carli, Carlie) Feminine of the German Charles, meaning ‘man’. Carmel (alt. Carmelita, Carmella) Hebrew, meaning ‘garden’. Carmen (alt. Carma, Carmina) Latin, meaning ‘song’. Carol (alt. Carole, Carrol, Carroll) Shortened form of Caroline, meaning ‘man’. Caroline (alt. Carolina, Carolyn, Carolynn) German, meaning ‘man’. Carrington English, meaning ‘Charles’s town’. Carys (alt. Cerys) Welsh, meaning ‘love’. Casey Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘watchful’. Cassandra (alt. Cassandre) Greek, meaning ‘one who prophesises doom’. Cassia (alt. Casia, Cassie) Greek, meaning ‘cinnamon’. Cassidy Irish, meaning ‘clever’. Cassiopeia (alt. Cassiopia, Cassiopea) Greek, mythological mother of Andromeda and a constellation. Catalina (alt. Catarina, Caterina) Spanish version of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’. Catherine (alt. Catharine, Cathryn) Greek, meaning ‘pure’. Cathleen Irish version of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’. Cathy (alt. Cathey, Cathie) Shortened form of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’. Catima Greek, meaning ‘innocent’. Caty (alt. Caddie, Caitee, Cate, Catie) Shortened form of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’. Cavender (alt. Cavendar) American, meaning ‘emotional’. Cayla (alt. Caileigh, Caile) Hebrew, meaning ‘laurel crown wearer’ and Gaelic, meaning ‘slender’. Cayley (alt. Cayla, Caylee, Caylen) American, meaning ‘pure’. Cecilia (alt. Cecelia, Cecily) Latin, meaning ‘blind one’. Cecile (alt. Cecilie) Latin, meaning ‘blind one’. Celena Greek, meaning ‘goddess of the moon’. Celeste (alt. Celestina, Celestine) Latin, meaning ‘Heavenly’. Celka (alt. Celki, Celkee, Celkea, Celkeah) Latin, meaning ‘celestial being’. Celine (alt. Celia, Celina) French version of Celeste, meaning ‘Heavenly’. Cerise French, meaning ‘cherry’. Chanah Hebrew, meaning ‘grace’. Chandler (alt. Chandell) English, meaning ‘candle maker’. Chandra (alt. Chanda, Chandry) Sanskrit, meaning ‘like the moon’. Chanel (alt. Chanelle) French, from the designer of the same name. Chantal (alt. Chantel, Chantelle) French, meaning ‘stony spot’. Chardonnay French, from the wine variety of the same name. Charis (alt. Charissa, Charisse) Greek, meaning ‘grace’. Charity Latin, meaning ‘brotherly love’. Charlene (alt. Charleen, Charline) German, meaning ‘man’. Charlie (alt. Charlee, Charlize, Charly) Shortened form of Charlotte, meaning ‘little and feminine’. Charlotte (alt. Charnette, Charolette) French, meaning ‘little and feminine’. Charmaine Latin, meaning ‘clan’. Charnee (alt. Charney, Charnea, Charnie) American, meaning ‘joyful’. Charnelle American, meaning ‘sparkles’. Chasteria Vietnamese, meaning ‘born in the moonlight’. Chastity Latin, meaning ‘purity’. Chava (alt. Chaya) Hebrew, meaning ‘beloved’. Chelsea (alt. Chelsee, Chelsey, Chelsie) English, meaning ‘port or landing place’. Cher French, meaning ‘beloved’. Cherie (alt. Cheri, Cherise) French, meaning ‘dear’. Cherish (alt. Cherith) English, meaning ‘to treasure’. Chermona Hebrew, meaning ‘sacred mountain’. Cherry (alt. Cherri) French, meaning ‘cherry fruit’. Cheryl (alt. Cheryle) English, meaning ‘little and womanly’. Chesney English, meaning ‘place to camp’. Cheyenne (alt. Cheyanne) Native American, from the tribe of the same name. Chiara (alt. Ceara, Ciara) Italian, meaning ‘light’. China From the country of the same name. Chiquita Spanish, meaning ‘little one’. Chloe (alt. Cloe) Greek, meaning ‘pale green shoot’. Chloris Of Greek origin, meaning ‘pale’. Chris (alt. Chrissy, Christa, Christie, Christy) Shortened form of Christina, meaning ‘anointed Christian’. Christabel Both Latin and French, meaning ‘fair Christian’. Christina (alt. Christiana, Cristina) Greek, meaning ‘anointed Christian’. Christine (alt. Christeen, Christene, Christiane, Christin) Greek, meaning ‘anointed Christian’. Chrysantha Greek, meaning ‘the people’s defender’. Chuma Aramaic, meaning ‘warmth’. Chun Chinese, meaning ‘born in spring’. Chyou Chinese, meaning ‘born in autumn’. Ciara (alt. Ceara, Ciarra, Cyara) Irish, meaning ‘dark beauty’. Cierra (alt. Ciera) Irish, meaning ‘black’. Cinderella French, meaning ‘little ash-girl’. Cindy (alt. Cinda, Cindi, Cyndi) Shortened form of Cynthia, meaning ‘goddess’. Cinnamon Greek, from the spice of the same name. Circe (alt. Cyrce) Greek, in mythology a sorceress capable of turning men into swine. Citlali (alt. Citlalli) Aztec, meaning ‘star’. Citrine Latin, from the gemstone of the same name. Claire (alt. Clare) Latin, meaning ‘bright’. Clara (alt. Claira) Latin, meaning ‘bright’. Clarabelle (alt. Claribel) Contraction of Clara and Isobel, meaning ‘bright’ and ‘consecrated to God’. Clarissa (alt. Clarice, Clarisse) Variation of Claire, meaning ‘bright’. Clarity Latin, meaning ‘lucid’. Claudette Latin, meaning ‘lame’. Claudia (alt. Claudie, Claudine) Latin, meaning ‘lame’. Clematis Greek, meaning ‘vine’. Clementine (alt. Clemency, Clementina) Latin, meaning ‘mild and merciful’. Cleopatra Greek, meaning ‘her father’s renown’. Clio (alt. Cleo, Cliona) Greek, from the muse of history of the same name. Clodagh Irish, meaning ‘river’. Clotilda (alt. Clothilda, Clothilde, Clotilde) German, meaning ‘renowned battle’. Cloud (alt. Cloude) American, meaning ‘lighthearted’. Clover English, from the flower of the same name. Coahoma Native American, meaning ‘like a panther’. Coby (alt. Cobey, Cobee, Cobea) Hebrew, feminine alternative of Jacob meaning ‘she who supplants’. Coco Spanish, meaning ‘help’. Cody English, meaning ‘pillow’. Colby English, meaning ‘coal town inhabitant’. Colleen (alt. Coleen) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘girl’. Collette (alt. Colette) Greek and French, meaning ‘people of victory’. Connie Latin, meaning ‘steadfast’. Constance (alt. Constanza) Latin, meaning ‘steadfast’. Consuelo (alt. Consuela) Spanish, meaning ‘comfort’. Cora Greek, meaning ‘maiden’. Coral (alt. Coralie, Coraline, Corelia, Corene) Latin, from the marine life of the same name. Corazon Spanish, meaning ‘heart’. Cordelia (alt. Cordia, Cordie) Latin, meaning ‘heart’. Corey (alt. Cori, Cory) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘the hollow’. Corin (alt. Corine) Latin, meaning ‘spear’. Corinne (alt. Corinna, Corrine) French version of Cora, meaning ‘maiden’. Corliss English, meaning ‘cheery’. Cornelia Latin, meaning ‘like a horn’. Cosette French, meaning ‘people of victory’. Cosima (alt. Cosmina) Greek, meaning ‘order’. Courtney (alt. Cortney) English, meaning ‘court-dweller’. Creola French, meaning ‘American-born, English descent’. Crescent French, meaning ‘increasing’. Cressida From the heroine in Greek mythology of the same name. Crystal (alt. Christal, Chrystal, Cristal) Greek, meaning ‘ice’. Cushaun American, meaning ‘elegant’. Cwen (alt. Cwyn, Cwin) English, meaning ‘imperial woman’. Csilla Hungarian, meaning ‘defences’. Cybil (alt. Cybella) Greek, alternative of Sybil meaning ‘seer’. Cyma (alt. Cymah) Greek, meaning ‘flourishing’. Cynara Greek, meaning ‘thistly plant’. Cynthia Greek, meaning ‘goddess from the mountain’. Cyra Persian, meaning ‘sun’. Cyrilla Latin, meaning ‘lordly’. Czarina (alt. Czaryna, Czareena) Russian, meaning ‘empress’.


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