1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with “D “and their Meaning 

  D’Anna Hebrew, meaning ‘special’. Da-Xia Chinese, meaning ‘hero’. Dabney (alt. Dabnee) French, meaning ‘from Aubigny’. Dabria (alt. Dabrea, Dabrya) Latin, meaning ‘angel’. Dacey Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘from the south’. Dacia Latin, meaning ‘from Dacia’. Dada Nigerian, meaning ‘curly haired’. Dae (alt. Day, Daye) English, meaning ‘day’. Daelan (alt. Daylan) English, meaning ‘aware’. Daffodil Dutch, meaning ‘yellow flower’. Dafnee (alt. Dafney, Dafnie) American, alternative of the Greek Daphne. Dagania (alt. Daganya, Daganyah) Hebrew, meaning ‘ceremonial grain’. Dagmar German, meaning ‘Day’s glory’. Dagny Nordic, meaning ‘new day’. Dahl Scandinavian, meaning ‘a valley’. Dahlia Scandinavian, from the flower of the same name. Dai Japanese, meaning ‘great’. Daina Latvian, meaning ‘song’. Daira (alt. Daerira, Dayeera) Greek, meaning ‘informed’. Daisy (alt. Dasia) English, meaning ‘eye of the day’. Dakota Native American, meaning ‘allies’. Dale (alt. Dael, Dail, Dayle) Old English, meaning ‘a valley’. Dalia (alt. Dalila) Hebrew, meaning ‘delicate branch’. Dalili Swahili, meaning ‘sign from the gods’. Dallas Scottish Gaelic, from the village of the same name. Also city in America. Dalmace (alt. Dalmassa, Dalmatia) Latin, meaning ‘from Dalmatia’. Dalta Gaelic, meaning ‘favourite’. Damali Arabic, meaning ‘beautiful vision’. Damani American, meaning ‘tomorrow’. Damara (alt. Damaris, Mara, Mari) Greek, meaning ‘gentle girl’. Damaris Greek, meaning ‘calf’. Damia (alt. Damya) Greek, meaning ‘tame’ or ‘spirit’. Damica (alt. Damika) French, meaning ‘friendly’. Damita Spanish, meaning ‘little noblewoman’. Damla Turkish, meaning ‘water droplet’. Dana (alt. Dania, Dayna) English, meaning ‘from Denmark’. Danae Greek, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Dangela American, meaning ‘of angels’. Dania (alt. Danya, Danyah) Hebrew, alternative of Danielle. Danica (alt. Danika) Latin, meaning ‘from Denmark’. Danika (alt. Danica, Danyca, Danyka) Norse, meaning ‘morning star’. Danielle (alt. Daniela, Danila, Danyelle) The feminine form of the Hebrew Daniel, meaning ‘God is my judge’. Danita English, meaning ‘God will judge’. Danu Celtic, meaning ‘goddess of fruitfulness’. Danya Hebrew, meaning ‘God’s gift’. Dao-ming Chinese, meaning ‘like a shining path’. Daphne (alt. Dafne, Daphna) Of Greek origin, meaning ‘laurel tree’. Dara Hebrew and Persian, meaning ‘wisdom’. Daray American, meaning ‘dark’. Darby (alt. Darbi, Darbie) Irish, meaning ‘park with deer’. Darcie (alt. Darci, Darcy) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘dark’. Darda Hebrew, meaning ‘knowledge’. Daria Greek, meaning ‘rich’. Darian (alt. Darien, Daryan, Daryen) Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘precious’. Darla English, meaning ‘darling’. Darlene (alt. Darleen, Darline) American, meaning ‘darling’. Darren (alt. Darin, Daryn) Irish, meaning ‘great little one’. Darsha (alt. Darshika, Darshna) Hindi, meaning ‘to see’. Daru Hindi, meaning ‘pine’. Darva Slavic, meaning ‘honeybee’. Daryl (alt. Darryl) English, originally used as a surname. Dasha Russian, meaning ‘present from God’. Davina Hebrew, meaning ‘loved one’. Dawn (alt. Dawna) English, meaning ‘the dawn’. Dayaa Hindi, meaning ‘compassion’. Daya Hebrew, meaning ‘bird of prey’. Dayo Nigerian, meaning ‘arrival of joy’. Dayton (alt. Deyton) English, alternative of Deighton. Also a place in Florida, USA. Dea Latin, meaning ‘goddess’. Dean (alt. Dene, Deni) English, meaning ‘church offical’. Deanna (alt. Dayana, Deanne) English, meaning ‘valley’. Debbie (alt. Debbi, Debby) Shortened form of Deborah, meaning ‘bee’. Deborah (alt. Debora, Debra, Debrah) Hebrew, meaning ‘bee’. December Latin, meaning ‘tenth month’. Decima (alt. Decia) Latin, meaning ‘tenth’. Dee Welsh, meaning ‘swarthy’. Deidre (alt. Deidra, Deirdre) Irish, meaning ‘raging woman’. Deja (alt. Dejah) French, meaning ‘already’. Delancey (alt. Delancie) French, meaning ‘from Lancey’. Delaney Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘offspring of the challenger’. Delia Greek, meaning ‘from Delos’. Delicia (alt. Daleesha, Dalicia, Delisa) Latin, meaning ‘delight’. Delilah (alt. Delina) Hebrew, meaning ‘seductive’. Delja Polish, meaning ‘daughter of the sea’. Della (alt. Dell) Shortened form of Adele, meaning ‘nobility’. Dellen (alt. Dellan, Dellin, Dellon) Cornish, meaning ‘petal’. Delores (alt. Deloris) Spanish, meaning ‘sorrows’. Delphine (alt. Delpha, Delphia, Delphina) Greek, meaning ‘dolphin’. Delta Greek, meaning ‘fourth child’. Delyth (alt. Delith) Welsh, meaning ‘pretty girl’. Dembe African, meaning ‘peace’. Demetria (alt. Demetrice) Greek, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Demi French, meaning ‘half’. Dena (alt. Deena) English, meaning ‘from the valley’. Denise (alt. Denice, Denisa, Denisse) French, meaning ‘follower of Dionysius’. Deniz Turkish, meaning ‘the sea’. Derby English, meaning ‘from the deer park’. Derica American, meaning ‘ruler of the people’. Derora Hebrew, meaning ‘stream’. Desdemona Greek, meaning ‘wretchedness’. Desiree (alt. Desirae) French, meaning ‘much desired’. Desma Greek, meaning ‘blinding oath’. Despina Greek, meaning ‘lady’. Dessa Russian, alternative of Odessa. Desta African, meaning ‘joy’. Destiny (alt. Destinee, Destiney, Destini) French, meaning ‘fate’. Deva Hindi, meaning ‘God-like’. Devaki Sanskrit, meaning ‘a God’. Devan Irish, meaning ‘poet’. Devi Sanskrit, meaning ‘power goddess’. Devin (alt. Devinne) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘poet’. Devon English, from the county of the same name. Dextra American, feminine form of Dexter. Dhavala Indian, meaning ‘white’. Diamond English, meaning ‘brilliant’. Diana (alt. Diane, Dianna, Dianne) Roman, meaning ‘divine’. Diandra Greek, meaning ‘two males’. Diantha (alt. Dianthe) Greek, meaning ‘heavenly flower’. Diara Latin, meaning ‘a present’. Dido (alt. Dydo) Greek, meaning ‘wanderer’. The mythological queen of Carthage. Didrika German, meaning ‘ruler of the people’. Dilana American, meaning ‘from the light’. Dilwyn Welsh, meaning ‘genuine’. Dilys Welsh, meaning ‘reliable’. Dimitra Greek, meaning ‘follower of Demeter’. Dimona Hebew, meaning ‘south’. Dinah (alt. Dina) Hebrew, meaning ‘justified’. Dionne Greek, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Dionysia (alt. Dionisa, Dionis, Dionyze) Greek, meaning ‘Dionysus’ gift’. Dior (alt. Deor, Diorre, Dyor) French, meaning ‘golden one’. Associated now with the fashion designer. Divine Italian, meaning ‘heavenly’. Dixie French, meaning ‘tenth’. Dodie Hebrew, meaning ‘well-loved’. Dolly (alt. Dollie) Shortened form of Dorothy, meaning ‘gift of God’. Dolores (alt. Doloris) Spanish, meaning ‘sorrows’. Domina (alt. Dominah, Domyna) Latin, meaning ‘graceful lady’. Dominique (alt. Domenica, Dominica) Latin, meaning ‘Lord’. Donata Latin, meaning ‘given’. Donna (alt. Dona, Donnie) Italian, meaning ‘lady’. Donoma Native American, meaning ‘sight of the sun’. Dora Greek, meaning ‘gift’. Dorcas Greek, meaning ‘gazelle’. Doreen (alt. Dorene, Dorine) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘brooding’. Dori Greek, meaning ‘present’. Doria Greek, meaning ‘of the sea’. Doris (alt. Dorris) Greek, from the place of the same name. Dorothy (alt. Dorathy, Doretha, Dorotha, Dorothea, Dorthy) Greek, meaning ‘gift of God’. Dorrit (alt. Dorit) Greek, meaning ‘gift of God’. Dory (alt. Dori) French, meaning ‘gilded’. Dottie (alt. Dotty) Shortened form of Dorothy, meaning ‘gift of God’. Dove (alt. Dovie) English, from the bird of the same name. Dracen English, meaning ‘dragon’. Drea Greek, meaning ‘courageous’. Drew Greek, meaning ‘masculine’. Drury English, meaning ‘love’. Drusilla (alt. Drucilla) Latin, meaning ‘of the Drusus clan’. Duaa Arabic, meaning ‘prayer to God’. Dulcie (alt. Dulce, Dulcia) Latin, meaning ‘sweet’. Dunne English, meaning ‘brown’. Durriyah Arabic, meaning ‘shining’. Duscha Slavic, meaning ‘heavenly spirit’. Dusty (alt. Dusti) English, from the place of the same name. Made famous by the singer Dusty Springfield. Duyen Vietnamese, meaning ‘grace’. Dyan American, meaning ‘celestial’. Dympna Irish, meaning ‘fawn’. Dysis Greek, meaning ‘sunset’.


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