1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ E “ and their  Meaning

  Eachna Irish, meaning ‘horse’. Eacnung Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘fertile’. Eada (alt. Eadia, Eadea, Eadiah) English, meaning ‘prosperous’. Eadaion German, meaning ‘joyous friend’. Eadlin (alt. Eadlyn) Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘royalty’. Eadrianne (alt. Edreiann, Edrian, Edrie) American, meaning ‘standout’. Ealasaid Hebrew, meaning ‘devotee to God’. Ealga (alt. Ealgia, Ealgiah, Ealgeah) Irish, meaning ‘noble born’. Earla English, meaning ‘leader’. Earline English, feminine form of Earl. Earna (alt. Earnia, Earnea, Earneah) English, meaning ‘like an eagle’. Eartha English, meaning ‘earth’. Earric (alt. Errica, Errika) English, meaning ‘powerful’. Easter Egyptian, from the festival of the same name. Easton (alt. Eastan, Easten, Eastyn) American, meaning ‘wholesome’. Eathelin (alt. Eathelyn, Eathelina) English, meaning ‘woman of the waterfall’. Eavan Irish, meaning ‘beautiful’. Ebba English, meaning ‘fortress of riches’. Ebere (alt. Ebera, Ebiere) African, meaning ‘merciful’. Ebony (alt. Eboni) Latin, meaning ‘deep, black wood’. Ebrill (alt. Ebrille, Evril) Welsh, meaning ‘born in April’. Ecaterina Greek, alternative of Catherine. Ece Turkish, meaning ‘queen’. Echo Greek, from the mythological nymph of the same name. Eda (alt. Edda) English, meaning ‘wealthy and happy’. Edalene (alt. Edaline, Edilyne) Gaelic, meaning ‘noble’. Edda (alt. Eddah, Edwiga) German, alternative of Hedwig. Edel (alt. Edele, Edelle) German, meaning ‘intelligent woman’. Edelmira Spanish, meaning ‘admired for nobility’. Eden Hebrew, meaning ‘pleasure’. Edie (alt. Eddie) Shortened form of Eden, meaning ‘pleasure’. Edina Scottish, meaning ‘from Edinburgh’. Edith (alt. Edyth) English, meaning ‘prosperity through battle’. Edna Hebrew, meaning ‘enjoyment’. Edolie English, meaning ‘good’. Edusa (alt. Educa) Latin, a mythological goddess who protected children. Edrea English, meaning ‘ wealthy and powerful’. Edris (alt. Edrisse, Edrys) Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘prosperous ruler’. Edwina English, meaning ‘ wealthy friend’. Efia (alt. Efiah, Efea) African, meaning ‘born on Friday’. Effemy (alt. Effemie, Effemea) Greek, meaning ‘gifted songstress’. Effie Greek, meaning ‘pleasant speech’. Egeria (alt. Egeriah, Egerea) Latin, meaning ‘wise counsellor’. Also a mythological water nymph. Eglantine French, from the shrub of the same name. Eibhlín Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘shining and brilliant’. Eila Hebrew, meaning ‘oak tree’. Eileen Irish, meaning ‘shining and brilliant’. Eilidh Scottish, meaning ‘the sun’. Eir Norse, meaning ‘peacefulness’. Eira Welsh, meaning ‘snow’. Eireen (alt. Erene, Irene) Scandinavian, alternative of Irene, meaning ‘peacemaker’. Eirian Welsh, meaning ‘silver’. Eithne Irish, meaning ‘fire’. Ekanta Sanskrit, meaning ‘solitude’. Ekaterina (alt. Ekaterini) Slavic, meaning ‘pure’. Ekin Turkish, meaning ‘harvest’. Ekundayo African, meaning ‘sorrow turned to joy’. El Hawaiian, meaning ‘black’. Elaina (alt. Elana, Elani) Greek, alternative form of Helen. Elaine (alt. Elaina, Elayne) French, meaning ‘bright, shining light’. Elama Greek, meaning ‘from the mountains’. Elata Latin, meaning ‘happy’. Elba Italian, from the island of the same name. Elberta English, meaning ‘highborn’. Elda Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘princess’. Eldora Spanish, meaning ‘covered with gold’. Eldoris (alt. Eldorise, Eldorys) Greek, meaning ‘woman of the sea’. Eleacie (alt. Eleacy, Eleacea) American, meaning ‘forthright’. Eleanor (alt. Elanor,Eleanora, Eleanore, Elina, Elinore) Greek, meaning ‘light’. Electra (alt. Elektra) Greek, meaning ‘shining’. Eleora Hebrew, meaning ‘God is my light’. Eleri Welsh, the name of a river. Elexis English, alternative of Alexis. Elfin (alt. Elfyn, Elfie, Elfi) American, meaning ‘a little girl resembling an elf’. Elfrida (alt. Elfrieda) English, meaning ‘elf power’. Elga (alt. Elgiva, Ellga, Helga) Slavic, meaning ‘sacred’. Eliane Hebrew, meaning ‘Jehovah is God’. Elica (alt. Elicah, Elicka, Elyca) German, meaning ‘noble one’. Elida (alt. Elyda, Eleeda) English, meaning ‘like a winged creature’. Eliphal (alt. Eliphala, Eliphall) Hebrew, meaning ‘delivered from God’. Elisheba (alt. Elishebah, Elishyba, Elyshyba) Hebrew, meaning ‘God’s promise’. Eliska (alt. Elishka, Elyska, Elyshka) Slavic, meaning ‘truthful’. Elissa (alt. Elisa) Of French origin, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Elita (alt. Elitah, Elyta, Eleta) Latin, meaning ‘chosen one’. Eliya Hebrew, meaning ‘God is my lord’. Eliza (alt. Elisha) Of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Elizabeth (alt. Elisabeth, Elisabet, Elizabella, Elizabelle, Elsbeth, Elspeth) Hebrew, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Elkana Hebrew, meaning ‘God has acquired’. Elke Dutch, meaning ‘kind’. Elke German, meaning ‘nobility’. Ella German, meaning ‘completely’. Ellan (alt. Ellane, Ellann) American, meaning ‘coy’. Elle (alt. Ellie) French, meaning ‘she’. Ellema (alt. Ellemah) African, meaning ‘dairy farmer’. Ellen (alt. Elin, Eline, Ellyn) Greek, meaning ‘shining’. Ellice (alt. Elyse) Greek, meaning ‘the Lord is God’. Elma (alt. Elna) Latin, meaning ‘soul’. Elmas (alt. Elmaz, Elmes, Elmis) Armenian, meaning ‘like a diamond’. Elmira Arabic, meaning ‘aristocratic lady’. Elodie French, meaning ‘marsh flower’. Eloise (alt. Elois, Eloisa, Elouise) French, meaning ‘renowned in battle’. Elsa (alt. Else, Elsie) Hebrew, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Elva Irish, meaning ‘noble’. Elvina English, meaning ‘noble friend’. Elvira (alt. Elvera) Spanish, from the place of the same name. Elwy Welsh, meaning ‘benefit’. Elysia (alt. Elicia, Elise) Latin, meaning ‘idyllic sweetness’. Eman Arabic, meaning ‘faith’. Emanuela Hebrew, meaning ‘God is with you’. Embla Scandinavian, meaning ‘elm’. Ember (alt. Embry) English, meaning ‘spark’. Emelda Spanish, meaning ‘a whole battle’. Emele French, meaning ‘industrious’. Emeline German, meaning ‘industrious’. Emer (alt. Emyr, Emir) Irish, meaning ‘swift’. Emera German, meaning ‘diligent leader’. Emerald English, meaning ‘green gemstone’. Emergence French, meaning ‘worthy of recognition’. Emery German, meaning ‘ruler of work’. Emiko (alt. Emyko) Japanese, meaning ‘pretty child’. Emilia Latin, meaning ‘from the Emily clan’. Emily (alt. Emalee, Emelie, Emely, Emilee, Emilie, Emlyn) Latin, from the clan of the same name. Emlen Latin, meaning ‘charming’. Emma German, meaning ‘embraces everything’. Emmanuelle Hebrew, meaning ‘God is among us’. Emmeline (alt. Emmelina) German, meaning ‘embraces everything’. Emmy (alt. Emi, Emme, Emmie) German, meaning ‘embraces everything’. Ena Shortened form of Georgina, meaning ‘farmer’. Enakai Hawaiian, meaning ‘glowing sea’. Encarna Spanish, meaning ‘incarnation’. Enfys Welsh, meaning ‘rainbow’. Engla Scandinavian, meaning ‘angel’. Enid (alt. Eneida) Welsh, meaning ‘life spirit’. Enola Native American, meaning ‘solitary’. Enya Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘fire’. Eolande American, meaning ‘violet flower’. Epona (alt. Eponine) Latin, a horse goddess. Eranthe (alt. Erantha, Eranthia, Eranthea) Greek, meaning ‘delicate like the spring’. Erasto Italian, meaning ‘beloved’. Ercilia (alt. Erciliah, Ercilea, Ercilya) American, meaning ‘frank’. Erela (alt. Erelah) Hebrew, meaning ‘messenger’. Erica (alt. Ericka, Erika) Scandinavian, meaning ‘ruler forever’. Erin (alt. Eryn) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘from the isle to the west’. Eris Greek, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Erlinda Hebrew, meaning ‘spirited’. Erling Scandinavian, meaning ‘descendant’. Erma German, meaning ‘universal’. Ermine French, meaning ‘weasel’. Erna English, meaning ‘sincere’. Ernestine (alt. Ernestina) English, meaning ‘sincere’. Ersilia (alt. Ercilia, Ersila, Erzilia) Greek, meaning ‘delicate’ and Latin, meaning ‘liberator’. Esme French, meaning ‘esteemed’. Esmeralda Spanish, meaning ‘emerald’. Esperanza Spanish, meaning ‘hope’. Essien (alt. Essienne, Esien) African, meaning ‘child of the people’. Esta (alt. Estah, Estia, Eastea) Italian, meaning ‘woman from the west’. Estelle (alt. Estela, Estell, Estella) French, meaning ‘star’. Esther (alt. Esta, Ester, Etha, Ethna, Ethne) Persian, meaning ‘star’. Etana (alt. Etanah, Etanna, Ethania) Hebrew, meaning ‘strong woman’. Etenia (alt. Eteniah, Etenea, Eteniya) Native American, meaning ‘prosperous’. Eternity Latin, meaning ‘forever’. Ethel (alt. Ethyl) English, meaning ‘noble’. Etta (alt. Etter, Ettie) Shortened form of Henrietta, meaning ‘ruler of the house’. Eudora Greek, meaning ‘generous gift’. Eugenia (alt. Eugenie) Greek, meaning ‘wellborn’. Eulalia (alt. Eula, Eulah, Eulalie) Greek, meaning ‘sweet-speaking’. Eunice Greek, meaning ‘victorious’. Euphemia Greek, meaning ‘ favourable speech’. Eva Hebrew, meaning ‘life’. Evadne Greek, meaning ‘pleasing one’. Evangeline (alt. Evangelina) Greek, meaning ‘good news’. Evanthe Greek, meaning ‘good flower’. Eve (alt. Evie) Hebrew, meaning ‘life’. Evelina (alt. Evelia) German, meaning ‘hazelnut’. Evelyn (alt. Evalyn, Evelin, Eveline, Evelyne) German, meaning ‘hazelnut’. Everly (alt. Everleigh, Everley) English, meaning ‘grazing meadow’. Evette French, meaning ‘yew wood’. Evonne (alt. Evon) French, meaning ‘yew wood’.


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