1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ F“ and their  Meaning

  Faba (alt. Fabah, Fava) Latin, meaning ‘bean’. Fabia (alt. Fabiana, Fabienne, Fabriana) Latin, meaning ‘from the Fabian clan’. Fabiola Latin, meaning ‘a good worker’. Fabrianne Latin, meaning ‘resourceful’. Fabrizia Italian, meaning ‘works with hands’. Fadhiler (alt. Fadheler, Fadila, Fahila) Arabic, meaning ‘virtuous’. Fadia Arabic, meaning ‘protector’. Fadila Arabic, meaning ‘excellent’. Fadwa (alt. Fadwah) Arabic, meaning ‘self-sacrificing’. Fae English, meaning ‘fairy’. Faghira (alt. Fagirah, Faghyra) Arabic, meaning ‘like jasmine’. Fahari Swahili, meaning ‘splendor’. Fahima (alt. Faheema, Fahhama, Fahimah) Arabic, meaning ‘quick-witted’. Faida Arabic, meaning ‘abundant’. Faiga (alt. Faega, Fayga) German, meaning ‘birdlike’. Faillace (alt. Faillase, Falace) French, meaning ‘delicately beautiful’. Faina Russian, meaning ‘shining’. Faine (alt. Faina, Fayne) Old English, meaning ‘joyful’. Fainche Irish, meaning ‘independent’ or ‘free’. Fairuza Turkish, meaning ‘turquoise’. Faith English, meaning ‘loyalty’. Faiza Of Arabic origin, meaning ‘victorious’. Fala Native American, meaning ‘crow’. Falak (alt. Falac, Falack) Arabic, meaning ‘starlike’. Falesyia (alt. Falesyiah, Falisyia) Spanish, meaning ‘exotic’. Faline (alt. Fayline, Felina, Feyline) Latin, meaning ‘catlike’. Fall (alt. Falle) American, meaning ‘the autumn season’. Fallon Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘descended from a ruler’. Fama (alt. Fammah) Latin, meaning ‘fame’. Fana (alt. Fannah) African, meaning ‘light’. Fanchon French, meaning ‘free’. Fanny (alt. Fannie) Latin, meaning ‘from France’. Fantine Latin, meaning ‘child’. Also a character in Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Faolitiama (alt. Faoilitiarna) Irish, meaning ‘wolf lady’. Farica German, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. Farida (alt. Fareeda) Arabic, meaning ‘unique’. Farrah English, meaning ‘lovely and pleasant’. Farrell (alt. Farrelly) Irish, meaning ‘courageous’. Farsiris Persian, meaning ‘princess’. Faryl (alt. Farelle, Faril) American, meaning ‘inspiration’. Fascienne (alt. Fusciene, Fasciene) Latin, meaning ‘dark beauty’. Fasiha (alt. Fasyha, Faseeha) Arabic, meaning ‘eloquent’. Faten Arabic, meaning ‘charming’. Fathia Arabic, meaning ‘conquest’. Fatima Arabic, from the daughter of Mohammed with the same name. Fauna (alt. Faune, Fawna) Latin, goddess of fertility and nature in Roman mythology. Fausta Italian, alternative of Faustine. Faustine Latin, meaning ‘fortunate’. Fauve French, meaning ‘wild’. Fawn French, meaning ‘young deer’. Fay (alt. Fae, Faye) French, meaning ‘fairy’. Fayina (alt. Fayena) Russian, meaning ‘independent’. Fayola (alt. Fayolla, Fayollah) African, meaning ‘walks with honour’. Febe (alt. Febee, Febea) Polish, meaning ‘clever’. Fedora (alt. Feodora, Fyodora) Greek, alternative of Theodora. Feeidha Arabic, meaning ‘generous’. Felicia (alt. Felecia, Felice, Felisha) Latin, meaning ‘lucky and happy’. Felicity Latin, meaning ‘fortunate’. Felipa Greek, meaning ‘lover of horses’. Felixa (alt. Felicja, Felisha, Felixia) Latin, meaning ‘happy’. Femi (alt. Femmi, Femy) African, meaning ‘beloved’. Fenella Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘white shoulder’. Feng Chinese, meaning ‘phoenix’. Fenia Scandinavian, from the mythological giantess of the same name. Fenn (alt. Fen) American, meaning ‘intelligent’. Feo (alt. Feeo) Greek, meaning ‘gift from God’. Fern (alt. Ferne, Ferrin) English, from the plant of the same name. Fernanda German, meaning ‘peace and courage’. Ffion (alt. Fion) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘fair and pale’. Fflur Welsh, meaning ‘flower’. Fia Italian, meaning ‘flame’. Fiala Czech, meaning ‘purple flower’. Fiamma (alt. Fiammetta) Italian, meaning ‘fiery’. Fidelia (alt. Fidelina, Fidella) Spanish, meaning ‘faithful one’. Fifi Hebrew, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’. Filia (alt., Fillia, Filiya) Greek, meaning ‘dear friend’. Filomena Greek, meaning ‘loved one’. Fina Italian, alternative of Serafina. Fini French, alternative of Josephine. Finlay (alt. Finley) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘fair-headed courageous one’. Finola (alt. Fionnula) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘fair shoulder’. Fiona Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘fair and pale’. Fiora Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘fair and pale’. Fiorella Italian, meaning ‘little flower’. Firenze Hungarian, meaning ‘blossom’. Firtha (alt. Fertha, Fyrtha) Scottish, meaning ‘woman from the sea’. Flamina (alt. Flamyna) Latin, meaning ‘pious’. Flanna (alt. Flannery) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘russet hair’. Flavia Latin, meaning ‘yellow hair’. Fleta (alt. Fleda) Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘swift one’. Fleur French, meaning ‘flower’. Fleurdelice French, meaning ‘iris’or ‘lily’. Flis (alt. Flisse, Flys) Polish, meaning ‘well-behaved’. Flo (alt. Florrie, Flossie, Floy) Shortened forms of Florence, meaning ‘in bloom’. Flora Latin, meaning ‘flower’. Florence (alt. Florencia, Florene, Florine) Latin, meaning ‘in bloom’. Florida Latin, meaning ‘flowery’. Also a state in America. Flutura Albanian, meaning ‘butterfly’. Fola African, meaning ‘honour’. Folami African, ‘desires respect’. Fonda Spanish, meaning ‘foundation’. Fone Native American, meaning ‘snow child’. Fouada Arabic, meaning ‘dearest’. Fran (alt. Frankie, Frannie) Shortened form of Frances, meaning ‘from France’. Frances (alt. Francine, Francis) Latin, meaning ‘from France’. Francesca (alt. Franchesca, Francisca) Latin, meaning ‘from France’. Freda (alt. Freeda, Freida, Frida, Frieda) German, meaning ‘peaceful’. Frederica German, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. Freira Spanish, meaning ‘sister’. Freya (alt. Freja) Scandinavian, the mythological Norse goddess of love. Frigg (alt. Friga, Fryga) Norse, a goddess of the household in mythology. Fronia (alt. Fronea, Froniyah) Latin, meaning ‘wise woman’. Frula (alt. Frulah) German, meaning ‘hardworking’. Frythe (alt. Frytha, Frith, Fritha) English, meaning ‘calm’. Fuchsia German, from the flower of the same name. Fukayna (alt. Fukaina, Fukana) Egyptian, meaning ‘intelligent’. Fulgencia (alt. Fulgenciah, Fulgencea) Latin, meaning ‘glowing’. Fulvia Latin, meaning ‘golden girl’. Fumiko Japanese, meaning ‘little friend’.


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