1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ G “ and their  Meaning

  Gabbatha Hebrew, meaning ‘temple mound’. Gabby (alt. Gabbi) Shortened form of Gabrielle, meaning ‘heroine of God’. Gabrielle (alt. Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriella) Hebrew, meaning ‘heroine of God’. Gada Hebrew, meaning ‘lucky’. Gadara Armenian, meaning ‘mountain’s peak’. Gael Gaelic, meaing ‘from Ireland’. Gaelle German, meaning ‘stranger’. Gafna Hebrew, meaning ‘from the vine’. Gaho Native American, meaning ‘motherly’. Gaia (alt. Gaea) Greek, meaning ‘the earth’. Gail (alt. Gale, Gayla, Gayle) Hebrew, meaning ‘my father rejoices’. Gaira Scottish, meaning ‘petite woman’. Gala French, meaning ‘festive merrymaking’. Galatea (alt. Galatee, Galathea) Greek, meaning ‘white as milk’. Galeed Hebrew, meaning ‘friendship’. Galena Greek feminine form of Galen, meaning ‘peaceful’. Gali Hebrew, meaning ‘fountain’. Galiana Arabic, the name of a Moorish princess. Galiena German, meaning ‘high one’. Galila Hebrew, meaning ‘one from the rolling hills’. Galina Russian, meaning ‘shining brightly’. Gamada African, meaning ‘pleasing one’. Gambhira Hindi, meaning ‘noble born’. Garaitz Basque, meaning ‘victorious’. Garima Indian, meaning ‘woman of great importance’. Garnet (alt. Garnett) English, meaning ‘red gemstone’. Gay (alt. Gaye) French, meaning ‘glad and lighthearted’. Gaynor Welsh, meaning ‘white and smooth’. Gayora Hebrew, meaning ‘valley of the sun’. Geba Hebrew, meaning ‘one from the hill’. Geela Hebrew, meaning ‘joy’. Gelasia Greek, meaning ‘laughing’. Gelsey Persian, meaning ‘flower’. Gemini Greek, meaning ‘twin’. Gemma Italian, meaning ‘precious stone’. Gen Japanese, meaning ‘spring’. Gena Alternative of Gina, meaning ‘queen’. Gene Greek, meaning ‘wellborn’. Genesis Greek, meaning ‘beginning’. Geneva (alt. Genevra) French, meaning ‘juniper tree’. Genevieve German, meaning ‘white wave’. Genie Shortened form of Genevieve, meaning ‘white wave’. Georgeanna English combination of Georgia and Anna. Georgette French, meaning ‘farmer’. Georgia (alt. Georgiana, Georgianna, Georgie) Latin, meaning ‘farmer’. Georgiana English alternative of Georgia, meaning ‘farmer’. Georgina (alt. Georgene, Georgine, Giorgina) Latin, meaning ‘farmer’. Geraldine German, meaning ‘spear ruler’. Gerda Nordic, meaning ‘shelter’. Geri (alt. Gerri, Gerry) Shortened form of Geraldine, meaning ‘spear ruler’. Germaine French, meaning ‘from Germany’. Gerry English alternative of Geraldine, meaning ‘spear ruler’. Gertie Shortened form of Gertrude, meaning ‘strength of a spear’. Gertrude German, meaning ‘strength of a spear’. Geva Hebrew, meaning ‘of the farm’. Ghada Arabic, meaning ‘beautiful girl’. Ghislaine French, meaning ‘pledge’. Ghita (alt. Ghitah, Gheeta, Ghyta) Italian, meaning ‘like a pearl’. Gia (alt. Ghia) Italian, meaning ‘God is gracious’. Giada Italian, meaning ‘jade’. Gianina (alt. Giana) Hebrew, meaning ‘God’s graciousness’. Gigi (alt. Giget) Shortened form of Georgina, meaning ‘farmer’. Gilda English, meaning ‘gilded’. Gilia Hebrew, meaning ‘joy of the Lord’. Gillian Latin, meaning ‘youthful’. Gin Japanese, meaning ‘silver’. Gina (alt. Geena, Gena) Shortened form of Regina, meaning ‘queen’. Ginevra Italian alternative of Guinevere, meaning ‘white and smooth’. Ginger Latin, from the root of the same name. Ginny Shortened form of Virginia, meaning ‘virgin’. Gioia Italian, meaning ‘bringer of joy’. Giordana Italian alternative of Jordana, meaning ‘descend’. Giovanna Italian, meaning ‘God is gracious’. Giselle (alt. Gisela, Gisele, Giselle, Gisselle) German, meaning ‘pledge’. Gita (alt. Geeta) Sanskrit, meaning ‘song’. Gitana (alt. Gitane, Jeetanna) Spanish, meaning ‘gypsy’. Giulia (alt. Giuliana) Italian, meaning ‘youthful’. Gladys (alt. Gladyce) Welsh, meaning ‘lame’. Glain Welsh, meaning ‘precious as a jewel’. Glenda Welsh, meaning ‘fair and good’. Glenna (alt. Glennie) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘glen’. Glenys Welsh, meaning ‘riverbank’. Gloria (alt. Glory) Latin, meaning ‘glory’. Glynda (alt. Glinda) Welsh, meaning ‘fair’. The good witch in The Wizard of Oz. Glynis Welsh, meaning ‘small glen’. Godiva English, meaning ‘gift from God’. Golda (alt. Goldia, Goldie) English, meaning ‘gold’. Gota Swedish, meaning ‘having strength’. Grace (alt. Graça, Gracie, Grayce) Latin, meaning ‘grace’. Grady Irish, meaning ‘noble’. Grainne (alt. Grania) Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘love’. Gratia (alt. Grasia) Latin, meaning ‘blessing’. Grazia (alt. Graziana, Graziella) Italian, meaning ‘grace’. Greer (alt. Grier) Latin, meaning ‘alert and watchful’. Gregoria Latin, meaning ‘alert’. Greta (alt. Gretel) Greek, meaning ‘pearl’. Gretchen German, meaning ‘pearl’. Grid Norse, meaning ‘peaceful’. Griselda (alt. Griselle) German, meaning ‘grey fighting maid’. Gro Norwegian, meaning ‘works with the earth’. Gryphon Greek, a mythological beast that represents strength, security and vigilence. Guadalupe Arabic, meaning ‘a river of black stones’. Gudrun Scandinavian, meaning ‘battle’. Guida Italian, meaning ‘a guide’. Guinevere Welsh, meaning ‘white and smooth’. King Arthur’s queen in mythology. Gula Arabic, meaning ‘like a rose’. Gunhilda Norse, meaning ‘battle maiden’. Gulzar Arabic, meaning ‘of the gardens’. Guri Hebrew, meaning ‘lioness’. Guthrie Scottish, meaning ‘wind’. Gwanwyn Welsh, meaning ‘born in the spring’. Gwen Shortened form of Gwendolyn, meaning ‘fair bow’. Gwenda Welsh, meaning ‘fair and good’. Gwendolyn (alt. Gwendolen, Gwenel) Welsh, meaning ‘fair bow’. Gwynn (alt. Gwyn) Welsh, meaning ‘fair blessed’. Gwyneth (alt. Gwynneth, Gwynyth) Welsh, meaning ‘happiness’. Gypsy English, meaning ‘of the Roman tribe’. Gythae English, meaning ‘fiery’.


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