1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “ H “ and their  Meaning

  Ha Vietnamese, meaning ‘happy’. Haarisah Hindi, meaning ‘daughter of the sun’. Haarithah Arabic, meaning ‘divine messenger’. Habibah (alt. Habiba) Arabic, meaning ‘beloved’. Hachi Native American, meaning ‘of the river’. Hada African, meaning ‘one that comes from the salty place’. Hadara Hebrew, meaning ‘beautiful ornament’. Hadassah Hebrew, meaning ‘myrtle tree’. Hadeel Arabic, meaning ‘like a dove’. Hadenna English, meaning ‘meadow of flowers’. Hadiya Arabic, meaning ‘righteous’. Hadley English, meaning ‘heather meadow’. Hadria Latin, meaning ‘from Adria’. Hady Greek, meaning ‘soulful’. Hafsa Arabic, meaning ‘young lioness’. Hafwen Welsh, meaning ‘one with the beauty of summer’. Hagen Irish, meaning ‘youthful’. Haggith Hebrew, meaning ‘dancer’. Haidee Greek, meaning ‘modest one’. Haimi Hawaiian, meaning ‘pursuer of the truth’. Haiwee Native American, meaning ‘dove’. Hala Arabic, meaning ‘halo’. Halene Russian, meaning ‘steadfast one’. Haley (alt. Haelee, Hailee, Hailey, Hailie, Haleigh) English, meaning ‘hay meadow’. Halima (alt. Halina) Arabic, meaning ‘gentle’. Halla African, meaning ‘unexpected present’. Hallie (alt. Halle, Halley, Hallie) German, meaning ‘ruler of the home or estate’. Haloke Native American, meaning ‘like the salmon’. Hama Arabic, meaning ‘one from the city on the river’. Hamilton (alt. Hamiltyn, Hamylton, Hamyltyn) American, meaning ‘dreamer’. Also a place in Scotland. Hana Japanese, meaning ‘flower blossom’. Hang Vietnamese, meaning ‘from the moon’. Hannah (alt. Haana, Hana, Hanna) Hebrew, meaning ‘grace’. Hao Vietnamese, meaning ‘well behaved’. Harika Turkish, meaning ‘superior one’. Harla English, meaning ‘of the fields’. Harley (alt. Harlene) English, meaning ‘the long field’. Harlow English, meaning ‘army hill’. Harmony Latin, meaning ‘harmony’. Harper English, meaning ‘minstrel’. Harriet (alt. Harriett, Harriette) German, meaning ‘ruler of the home or estate’. Harsha Hebrew, meaning ‘enchantress’. Haru Japanese, meaning ‘born during the spring’. Hasna Arabic, meaning ‘beautiful’. Hatita Hebrew, meaning ‘explorer’. Hattie Shortened form of Harriet, meaning ‘ruler of the home or estate’. Haven English, meaning ‘a place of sanctuary’. Hayden English, meaning ‘hedged valley’. Hayley (alt. Haylee, Hayleigh, Haylie) English, meaning ‘hay meadow’. Hazel (alt. Hazle) English, from the tree of the same name. Hazina African, meaning ‘good’. Heartha Teutonic, meaning ‘Mother Earth’s gift’. Heather English, from the flower of the same name. Heaven English, meaning ‘everlasting bliss’. Heba Arabic, meaning ‘gift’. Hebe Greek, meaning ‘young’. Hecate Greek, mythological goddess of witchcraft and fertility. Hedasaa Hebrew, meaning ‘like a star’. Hedda German, meaning ‘warfare’. Hedia Hebrew, meaning ‘echo of God’. Hedva Hebrew, meaning ‘joy’. Hedwig German, meaning ‘warfare and strife’. Heidi (alt. Heidy) German, meaning ‘nobility’. Helaine English, meaning ‘light’. Helen (alt. Helena, Helene, Hellen) Greek, meaning ‘light’. Helga German, meaning ‘holy and sacred’. Helia Greek, meaning ‘sun’. Heloise French, meaning ‘renowned in war’. Hemanti Indian, meaning ‘born during the winter’. Hemera Greek, meaning ‘child born in the daylight’. Heng Chinese, meaning ‘eternal beauty’. Henrietta (alt. Henriette) German, meaning ‘ruler of the house’. Hephzibah Hebrew, meaning ‘my delight is in her’. Hera Greek, meaning ‘queen’. Hermia (alt. Hermina, Hermine, Herminia) Greek, meaning ‘messenger’. Hermione Greek, meaning ‘earthly’. Hero Greek, meaning ‘brave one of the people’. Hertha English, meaning ‘earth’. Hesper Greek, meaning ‘evening star’. Hester (alt. Hestia) Greek, meaning ‘star’. Hiawatha Native American, meaning ‘maker of rivers’. Hibernia Latin, meaning ‘from Ireland’. Hideko (alt. Hide, Hideyo, Hydeko) Japanese, meaning ‘superior woman’. Hien Vietnamese, meaning ‘gentle’. Hilary (alt. Hillary) Greek, meaning ‘cheerful and happy’. Hilda (alt. Hildur) German, meaning ‘battle woman’. Hildegarde (alt. Hildegard) German, meaning ‘battle stronghold’. Hildred German, meaning ‘battle counsellor’. Hilina Hawaiian, meaning ‘celestial body’. Hilma German, meaning ‘will-helmet’. Hinda Hebrew, meaning ‘doe-like’. Hinto Native American, meaning ‘one with dark blue eyes’. Hirkani Indian, meaning ‘like a diamond’. Hitomi Japanese, meaning ‘beautiful eyes’. Hoa Vietnamese, meaning ‘peaceful’. Hodesh Hebrew, meaning ‘child born at the new moon’. Holda German, meaning ‘secretive’. Holden English, meaning ‘eager’. Hollis English, meaning ‘near the holly bushes’. Holly (alt. Holli, Hollie) English, from the tree of the same name. Honesty Armerican, meaning ‘truthful’. Honey English, meaning ‘honey’. Honor (alt. Honour) Latin, meaning ‘woman of honour’. Honora (alt. Honoria) Latin, meaning ‘woman of honour’. Hope English, meaning ‘hope’. Hortense (alt. Hortencia, Hortensia) Latin, meaning ‘of the garden’. Hosah Hebrew, meaning ‘provider of shelter’. Hoshi Japanese, meaning ‘shining one’. Hotaru Japanese, meaning ‘firefly’. Hourig Slavic, meaning ‘fiery’. Hua Chinese, meaning ‘like a flower’. Hubab Arabic, meaning ‘focussed’. Hudson English, meaning ‘adventurous’. Hue Vietnamese, meaning ‘lily’. Hulda German, meaning ‘loved one’. Hunter English, meaning ‘great hunteress’. Hurit Native American, meaning ‘beauty’. Hurley English, meaning ‘healthy’. Huyana Native American, meaning ‘daughter of the rain’. Hyacinth Greek, from the flower of the same name. Hydeira Greek, meaning ‘woman from the water’.


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