1001 Baby Names for Girls – How to Choose the Best for your Newborn


Baby Girl names that start with  “i “ and their  Meaning

   Iamar Arabic, meaning ‘from the moon’. Iana Greek, meaning ‘flowering’. Ianeke Hawaiian, meaning ‘God is gracious’. Iantha Greek, meaning ‘purple flower’. Ibis Latin, meaning ‘long-legged bird’. Ibetesam Arabic, meaning ‘smiling’. Ichigo Japanese, meaning ‘strawberry’. Ichtaca Aztec, meaning ‘secret’. Ida English, meaning ‘prosperous’. Idahlia Greek, meaning ‘child with a sweet disposition’. Idalika Arabic, meaning ‘queen’. Idarah American, meaning ‘social butterfly’. Ide Irish, meaning ‘thirsty’. Idell (alt. Idella) English, meaning ‘prosperous’. Idona Nordic, meaning ‘renewal’. Idra Hebrew, meaning ‘fig tree’. Ifama African, meaning ‘all is well’. Ife African, meaning ‘art lover’. Ignacia Latin, meaning ‘ardent’. Iha Sanskrit, meaning ‘wish’. Ila French, meaning ‘island’. Ilana Hebrew, meaning ‘tree’. Ilandere American, meaning ‘woman of the moon’. Ilaria Italian, meaning ‘cheerful’. Ildri Scandinavian, meaning ‘fire’. Ilene American, meaning ‘light’. Iliana (alt. Ileana) Greek, meaning ‘Trojan’. Ilissa American, meaning ‘noble kin’. Ilka Slavic, meaning ‘hardworking’. Ilma German alternative of Wilhelmina, meaning ‘helmet’. Ilona Hungarian, meaning ‘light’. Ilsa German, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Ilta Finnish, meaning ‘born in the night’. Ilyse German, meaning ‘noble born’. Ima German, meaning ‘embraces everything’. Imala Native American, meaning ‘disciplines others’. Iman Arabic, meaning ‘faith’. Imara Hungarian, meaning ‘great ruler’. Imari Japanese, meaning ‘daughter of today’. Imelda German, meaning ‘all-consuming fight’. Imogen (alt. Imogene) Latin, meaning ‘last-born’. Ina Latin, meaning ‘to make feminine’. Inanna Sumerian, meaning ‘lady of the sky’. Inari Finnish, meaning ‘lady of the lake’. Inaya Arabic, meaning ‘taking care’. Inca Indian, meaning ‘adventurer’. India (alt. Indie) Hindi, from the country of the same name. Indiana Latin, meaning ‘from India’. Indigo Greek, meaning ‘deep blue dye’. Indira (alt. Inira) Sanskrit, meaning ‘beauty’. Indu Hindi, meaning ‘woman of the moon’. Inez (alt. Ines) Spanish, meaning ‘pure’. Inga (alt. Inge, Ingeborg, Inger) Scandinavian, meaning ‘guarded by Ing’. Ingrid Scandinavian, meaning ‘beautiful’. Inoke Hawaiian, meaning ‘faithful’. Insula Native American, meaning ‘red feather’. Intan Indonesian, meaning ‘diamond’. Io Greek, from the mythological heroine of the same name. Ioanna Greek, meaning ‘grace’. Iola (alt. Iole) Greek, meaning ‘cloud of dawn’. Iolana Hawaiian, meaning ‘soaring like an eagle’. Iolani Hawaiian, meaning ‘fly like a hawkl’. Iolanthe Greek, meaning ‘violet flower’. Iona Greek, from the island of the same name. Ione Greek, meaning ‘violet’. Iorwen Welsh, meaning ‘fair’. Iowa Native American, meaning ‘beautiful land’. Iphigenia Greek, meaning ‘sacrifice’. Ira (alt. Iva) Hebrew, meaning ‘watchful’. Irene (alt. Irelyn, Irena, Irina, Irini) Greek, meaning ‘peace’. Iria American, meaning ‘rainbow’. Irina Russian, meaning ‘peace’. Iris Greek, meaning ‘rainbow’. Irma German, meaning ‘universal’. Isabel (alt. Isabelle, Isobel, Izabella) Spanish, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Isabella Spanish, meaning ‘pledged to God’. Isadora Latin, meaning ‘gift of Isis’. Isamu Japanese, meaning ‘rock’. Ishana Hindi, meaning ‘desire’. Isis Egyptian, from the goddess of the same name. Isla (alt. Isa, Isela, Isley) Scottish Gaelic, meaning ‘river’. Isolde Welsh, meaning ‘fair lady’. Istas Native American, meaning ‘snow’. Itotia Aztec, meaning ‘dance’. Itzel Spanish, meaning ‘rainbow’. Ivana Slavic, meaning ‘Jehovah is gracious’. Ivette Variation on Yvette, meaning ‘yew wood’. Ivonne Variation on Yvonne, meaning ‘yew wood’. Ivory Latin, meaning ‘white as elephant tusks’. Ivria Hebrew, meaning ‘a Hebrew woman’. Ivy English, from the plant of the same name. Iwalani Hawaiian, meaning ‘divine seagull’. Ixia South African, from the flower of the same name. Iyeshia American, meaning ‘prosperous’. Ize Native American, meaning ‘sun’. Izzy Spanish alternative to Isabella, meaning ‘pledged to God’.


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