5 Best Breastfeeding Tips for First Time moms

Hey New mom Congratulation! If you ask about Breastfeeding Tips , you need to know ,its one of the first decisions you will have to make as a parent is whether to breastfeed your baby or not.

The debate still continues as to whether breast milk is actually better for babies or not. But if you are able and you want to try breastfeeding, then you should.

If after a few times, you are unable to breastfeed, you should consult a lactating specialist or your doctor to see if you are positioning your baby correctly or if you body is not able to provide enough milk.

If this is the case, then you will have to use formula instead. Formulas contain many of the nutrients found in breast milk.

Breastfeeding tips : How Long to Breastfeed my Newborn baby ?

You can find many breastfeeding tips talks about it but ,Most doctors will say that you should breastfeed for at least one year. This can be altered to fit your needs, however.

If you only want to breastfeed for six months, then you will have to wean your child off the breast milk gradually.

If you want to breastfeed longer, then you will have to determine how long is enough. Many times, your child will do this for you.

How To breastfeed your baby ?










Breastfeeding your baby will take some practice, but once you have learned, you should be able to breastfeed easily. These steps will give you an overview of how to breastfeed.

  • Position your baby by touching your stomach with theirs. Hold your breast between your thumb and other fingers. Allow your baby to recognize what is going on by rubbing your breast on their lips until they are ready to feed.
  • Make sure their mouth covers the entire nipple as this will allow the most milk to fall into their mouths.
  • Allow your baby to feed from both breasts or until they are finished. They will let you know by letting go of your breast.
  • You should rub some of the milk on your nipple to stop the milk.
  • Use nursing pads or a nursing bra when breastfeeding. This will keep milk from leaking on your clothing.

Breastfeeding tips : When to Feed your Infant ?

Babies will want to eat every two hours, so be prepared to breastfeed a few times during the day. You should not deny your baby food.

This is an important bonding time as well as a time for your baby to get the nutrients they will need when growing.

If you do not want to feed in public, you can express the milk by using a breast pump.


Using a Breast Pump 

If you are a working parent or you do not want to breastfeed in public, you can use a beast pump to express milk when you need it.

Using the pump may take a few tries, but after awhile you will be able to express as much milk as you will need.

You should store the milk in small containers that can be used throughout the day. This will make traveling with the milk or giving it to your day care provider much easier.

You should label the breast milk with a date so that you will know how old it is. Most breast milk can last for a few days once it is refrigerated.

You can also freeze the breast milk for up to three months. When thawing it, you should:

  • Take it out of the freezer, but do not microwave it. Instead, run the container under cool water.
  • Do not let the breast milk thaw at room temperature.
  • After feeding, throw away unused breast milk. Do not refreeze it or refrigerate it once it has been at room temperature.

Using a breast pump is the best way to make sure your baby is eating properly even when you are not there.


Reasons You should not breastfeed 

Not all mothers should breastfeed their babies as the breast milk they provide may not contain enough nutrients. There are reasons why the breast milk may not be healthy enough for the baby:

  • Age
  • Medications that you may be taking
  • Health issues
  • Weak or diluted breast milk
  • Ultra sensitive nipples
  • Not enough milk

You should consider other forms of feeding that will benefit your baby. Just because you cannot breastfeed does not mean that you are a bad mother or that you cannot provide for you baby in other ways.

Making sure they are getting the nutrition they need to survive means that you are a good mother who is willing to do what it takes to raise a healthy baby.

Children who are not breastfed face the same challenges as other children. While breastfeeding is recommended, it is not required just follow breastfeeding tips .


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