Drinking while breastfeeding- Avoid drinking alcohol while you are breastfeeding a child

 In fact, various studies suggest that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is detrimental to the developing baby’s health. Is it safe drinking while breastfeeding?

We all have the knowledge that drinking alcohol is not a good idea when you are pregnant since your baby shares your bloodstream via the umbilical cord. Whatever you consume will directly go to your baby.

As a mother you will definitely provide everything that your child needs for the most optimal healthy development, right?

You must be aware of the fact that breastfeeding is beneficial for your child’s development and growth and also the best thing that a newborn can have.

But there are certain things that can degrade the quality of the breast milk, and that is alcohol.

Drinking While Breastfeeding : Don’t drink alcohol beverages and feed your baby

drinking while breastfeeding

Are you concerned whether drinking while breastfeeding can cause harm to your new born baby?

The answer is yes. If you don’t take precautions while drinking and there is no limitation to the quantity, alcohol will certainly harm your breastfeeding baby.

How? Well the alcohol gets mixed in your blood, which makes into the breast milk.

Do you get the idea now how drinking alcohol while breastfeeding can be dangerous and harmful for the baby?

When you are drinking a glass of wine, your baby cannot process the wine like you because of the immature liver.

Studies suggest that infants or toddlers younger than three months of age don’t have the power to process alcohol even half the rate of the adults.


Scientific evidences show that drinking while breastfeeding is harmful to the baby’s health

There are scientific evidences that prove that drinking while breastfeeding can affect the sleeping and eating order to the babies.

It is also said during the four hours after a breastfeeding mother drinks alcohol of any kind will affect the milk production. The baby will be consuming nearly 20% less milk.

Infact, the effect is so high that the baby might feel drowsy and fall asleep because of the alcohol consumption by the breastfeeding mother.

The duration of the baby’s sleep is also very short and not pleasant one. So, it is understandable that drinking beer, wine, whiskey or any kind of alcoholic beverages, small or large percentage is not appropriate for a breastfeeding mother.

Abstain from drinking while feeding and help your baby grow and develop properly

There are also reports that suggest that the alcohol content in the breast milk can also hamper the proper development of the baby.


In a study performed among 400 breastfed infants, the development at the one year of age lagged drastically whose mothers drank alcohol beverages atleast once every day.

Don’t you think it is better to abstain from drinking while breastfeeding your baby at least in first few months.


There are some experts who suggest that the breastfeeding mothers must avoid drinking alcohol and other alcoholic beverages till their baby turns 3 months of old.

If you want to consult your doctor with your drinking limitation or restriction, you are free to do as well.

Do you want to indulge in safe drinking while breastfeeding?

If you are unable to eliminate the drinking habit from your life completely during the breastfeeding period.

you can employ some safe ways and means to ensure that your baby is not affected and there are no hurdles and obstacles in his/her development. As a parent, you definitely not want any harm to your kid, right?

You need to wait at least ninety hours or two hours after you finish drinking before you plan to breastfeed your baby.

Give some time to clear the body and cleanse your system from the alcohol content. The percentage of alcohol in your blood stream and in your breast milk is the maximum during the first two hours of drinking.

This is the reason why it is generally suggested by the experts to avoid nursing or breastfeeding your baby in the first two hours after consuming alcohol beverages.

But you need to understand that the time the body takes to clear off the alcohol from the system can vary from person to person.

How about trying out some different tricks and feed your baby free from alcohol content?

Avoid drinking alcohol while you are breastfeeding a child

There is yet another thing that you can execute and that is drink after feeding your baby. Sounds good idea, isn’t it?

You don’t even have to wait till your system is free from the alcohol content. In fact, you can even pump out your milk with the help of the milk sucking machines and store it in a refrigerator. Make sure you are pumping the milk out before you plan to drink alcohol.

There is a misconception among the women all across the globe that if you pump some amount of milk after you drink alcohol, you clean your system from the alcohol content and thereby you can feed your baby.

But this is not the truth and you must atleast wait for two years after drinking and then feed the baby.

Drinking often leads to dehydration and thus you must drink water when you are consuming alcoholic beverages.

Infact, you should also eat before drinking. Such steps actually aid to lower the amount of alcoholic content in your blood and breast milk. Stay safe and keep the health of your baby in your top priority.

Don’t risk the health of your baby with alcohol and smoking habits

If you want your baby to grow and develop without any health complication, you must make sure as a breastfeeding mother that you are not indulging yourself into too much alcohol drinking or smoking.

These habits will definitely have a detrimental effect on your new born child’s overall health.

Drinking alcohol while women are pregnant is something that must be avoided. Similarly, drinking while breastfeeding should be abstained by women as well.

As a breastfeeding mother you must be aware and conscious of the food that you are eating and the drinks that you are consuming.

You must remember that whatever you intake will have a direct effect on your baby since he/she drinks your drink.

Drinking while breastfeeding- Avoid drinking alcohol while you are breastfeeding a child 2 Drinking while breastfeeding
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