How Often to Bathe a Newborn in 9 Best conditions

How often to bathe a newborn? …perhaps it is because they seem so fragile…especially when they are naked! Bathing newborn babies doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience, so don’t be scared. Just follow some guidelines, and you can do it! (And remember, you are bigger than she is!)

How Often to Bathe a Newborn ?

Before you start, keep a few things in mind.

  • Safety is your goal. “Slippery when wet” is an extreme understatement. Do NOT leave your baby alone in the water for even a moment. In fact, keep your hand on the baby at all times.

This will not only comfort your child, but will insure that she does not turn over into the water.

  • Bathtime can be unsettling for some may ask you self how Often to Bathe a newborn ?They often react to the event with anything from grunting to screaming. 

 The best way to handle bathing newborn babies who get upset is to do it quickly and efficiently. As they mature, they will find pleasure in bathtime, but it may not happen for the first couple of months.

  • Remember, a newborn baby’s skin is much more delicate and sensitive than ours. Use the inside of your wrist or arm to make sure the water is comfortably warm.
  • If your newborn’s umbilical cord stump has not fallen off, try to avoid getting the area wet. This needs to dry out before it will fall off.

This is how often to bathe a newborn 

how often to bathe a newborn 

There is not a “right answer” to this question. I would say a minimum of one time per week, but I know mothers who bathe their babies every day.

It really depends on how “dirty” the baby gets (its not like they are outside playing in the dirt…yet), how much the baby enjoys bathtime, and your time.

If you are using a really gentle soap, I think 2 to 3 times a week is about right.

I LOVE the clean, fresh baby smell!

So what equipment do you really need for bathing a newborn? how often to bathe a newborn?

Well, honestly, you only need water, a really gentle, toxin free baby wash, and a towel.

But there are other items that make the event more enjoyable. Click here to see the other baby bathtime essentials.

How Often to Bathe a Newborn in 9 Best conditions : here are some basic steps for bathing newborn babies:

How Often to Bathe a Newborn in Best conditions


1.Prepare and lay out everything you will need within reach: towel, washcloth, baby soap/shampoo, brush, diaper, etc. (Remember that you will not want to leave the baby for even a moment to grab something.)

2. Undress your baby down to her diaper, and then cover with a blanket until the water is ready.

3.Run the water until it is the right temperature. The temperature should feel comfortably warm to the inside of your arm/wrist.

Remove the diaper and gently place your baby in the bath. Talk or sing in a calm voice to her the entire time. Keep a firm hold on your baby.

4.Use one hand to stabilize your baby, and the other hand to wash. Start with the “cleanest” parts of the body, and end with the “dirtiest.” Use the wet washcloth to wash baby’s face – starting with the corners of the eyes.


5.Use soap on the washcloth or your hand to wash the rest of her body. (Continue to speak soothingly while using one hand to stabilize the baby.)

Tip: Lay a warm wet washcloth or hand towel over your baby while you wash other parts of the body.

6.Wash the hair last. This helps her retain more of her body heat. If your baby is tolerating the bath so far, you can wash her hair in this same position. (If your baby has become very upset, see note below.)

Using baby soap/shampoo and a baby brush will work the best for cleaning newborn hair and scalp.

Work the shampoo into the hair/scalp using a firm circular pattern. (See the article Cradle Cap Treatment to help prevent and treat this scaly nuisance.)

6.Using a cup for water, or the sink spray hose, rinse the baby completely. Make sure to TEST the temperature through the hose first! (I learned this one the hard way. Room temperature water left in the hose is COLD to a newborn.)

7.Lift your baby and place on the nearby towel that you spread out before the bath began. Remember, your baby will be extremely slippery, so make sure your hold is secure.

I have found the best way to lift a wet baby is to reach one hand under the back of the neck and grasp the opposite upper arm, allowing the neck/head to be supported by my wrist. I then securely grasp the upper thigh of one of the legs and lift.


8.If your baby has made it through bathtime without screaming, the act of removing her from the bath will most likely start the crying.

The best remedy is to quickly dry, diaper, swaddle, and cuddle your baby.

( Swaddling babies is my favorite technique for calming fussy newborns.)

This should calm her. After she has settled down a little, you can finish by applying lotion (if desired) and then dressing her.

9.You may also want to consider learning about baby massage. This can be a great bonding experience, and is pleasurable for both parent and baby.

Incorporating baby massage into your newborn’s bathtime has been shown to benefit both parent and child greatly.

There! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Bathing newborn babies can even be enjoyable once both of you know the routine.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the baby!   

How Often to Bathe a Newborn in 9 Best conditions 2 how often to bathe a newborn
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