Taking Care of a Newborn – 6 Basic Tips for Newborn

Taking Care of a Newborn has been become the most important part of your life, because you have a small bundle of joy has come to your home- what to do now?

Although, it is a unique and pleasing experience of your life, you might feel the shortness of knowledge that you should know to provide the continuous care and attention for your newborn.

Taking Care of a Newborn is a different subject to learn from a mother to give constant rest, care and sustenance which s/he must need along with a strong dose of adore and love.

Basic Tips to Taking Care of a Newborn

We are suggesting some basic tips for your newborn to take care properly.

  1. Newborn Needs a Plenty of Rest

newborn sleep

For strong and healthy growth, a newborn needs a plenty of rest– it might be up to 16-Hours a day.

If your baby is as old as three months or more, s/he can sleep for 6 to 8-Hours non-stop, but s/he might sleep for 2 to 3-Hours continuously at the beginning.

Some babies are confused of about day & night after born and some become little extra alert at night.

For this, you should dim the lights and low your talking voices. You should change the position of your baby when s/he is sleeping for a long time at the same position.

  1. Breastfeeding your Baby

Taking Care of a Newborn -Breastfeeding your Baby

When you are going to breastfeed for the first time, you should start in a great place and you need to turn the body of your baby near you, so you can hold the baby close to your chest.

Make touch of your nipple to its upper lip and take it near your breast when it opens its mouth wide.


You should be patience with first breastfeeding and it is also a matter of practice. The baby needs 8 to 12 times nursing at first 24 hours of his/her birth.

You should not follow the schedule as a rule, you might need to care for your baby when it needs.

When the baby gets enough food, then it can produce 6 to 8 diapers per day. You should be alert when the baby awake with wetted weight diapers.

  1. Taking care of your newborn : Formula feeding 

Taking care of your newborn : Formula feeding 


It is your personal decision to choose the formula feeding. Some studies have shown that the breastfeeding is very important for healthy growth of your baby.


But some women consider some factors to take the decision of breastfeeding.

The benefits of formula feeding are; it is easier to understand the quantity that you fed your baby, limit of feeding amount and you need not to take restricted diet.

  1. Diapering Your Infant

Diapering Your Infant

If you want to use cloth or diapers to take care of the newborn, then you must be an expert & fast to change it and it is about 10 times to be changed per day.

You should use good brand’s diaper. If you see rashes you should talk to a doctor for a proper decision, whether it need to change the brand of diaper or need some ointment for the rashes.

  1. Bathing your newborn

Bathing your newborn

For the earliest week, you must be very careful of sponge bath of the newborn. After falling down of the umbilical chord, you can bath your baby regularly, around 2-3 times every week.

To bath your baby you should arrange some supplies, like soap, towels, a new and clean diaper, some hot water (three inches of the baby bath tub) etc., so that you can bathe the baby comfortably.

  1. Holding your newborn baby

Holding your newborn baby

You might be frightened to see the newborn small and fragile. You can handle him/her with some techniques. Your hands should wash or sanitized before you hold your baby to protect from infection.

When you hold the baby, you should take him/her with support of its head and neck together.

You should not shake the baby, even at the time of play with the baby or you are angry with him/her and avoid to wake the baby up by shaking, tickle his/her feet or touch it gently.

Taking Care of a Newborn is must be the first priority among all other works. We are expecting that, these tips will help to take care of your newborn.

Taking Care of a Newborn – 6 Basic Tips for Newborn 2 Taking Care of a Newborn
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