Trying To Conceive : 14 Best Ways To Improve Female Fertility

There are several easy tips to follow on how to become pregnant fast if you are trying to conceive a baby. There are many positions of sexual intercourse that you could adopt; however, some of these positions are more advantageous to apply when you are trying to conceive a baby.

Definite positions are highly recommended if you want to get pregnant with a boy, a deep penetration is advised. Whereas if you want to get pregnant with a baby girl other positions are recommended that entail shallow penetration.

Trying To Conceive : Ways To Improve Female Fertility

More women are struggling to get pregnant and they are looking for the certain topics on ways to increase female fertility naturally trying to conceive or something with similar thoughts.

Even though there are non-natural ways that a woman can take and methods they can make to increase their fertility, natural ways will still be the ones that are highly recommended.

Aside for being safe and effective, they are also affordable compared to artificial methods that some women are preferred for. You need to try first the natural methods to increase your fertility. What have you got to loose if you try?

Do you understand how ways to improve female fertility the natural way?

One easy way is to increase the intake of vitamins and nutritious foods; in short, living a healthy lifestyle. You consider your body as a car. It is a known fact that you need to fuel your car in order to function.

Try to fuel it with wine; do you think the car will work? That is also the same with the human body.

Eating junk foods is like consuming the wrong fuel for the body that can give you bad effects and can lower your chance to get pregnant. Do not forget to have helpful vitamins together with your healthy diet.

Aside from healthy diet, you can try to get pregnant by following the advice of having a regular moderate exercises.

The body needs to have the workout so that the body can function better. When the body is normally functioning, then you will get the chance of getting pregnant later.

The exercises can include walking, jogging or running in the park during weekends. You need to find some time in performing these simple exercises.

There are numerous topics regarding the ways on how to increase your chance of fertility in a natural way if you give time and research regarding this.


Trying To Conceive

Enhancing the infertility of a woman will emphasize the reduction and elimination of alcoholic beverages and coffee. You can try drinking tea instead.

Both alcohol and caffeine are recommended to avoid so you will get the better chance of conception.

They are also not recommended during or after the pregnancy. When you are fond of taking alcoholic drinks and coffee, you need to sacrifice your wants for you to start building your family. This is the first step for you to become a mother.

Once you can avoid the stress and you have an ideal weight, then it can be great since they are two of the best ways to improve female fertility the natural way. Stress is a big hindrance for conceiving a baby.


You need to be relaxed and stay away from worries. The best way to control the weight is by making sure that you are not gaining more fats. Take control of what you are eating and stay away of junk foods or fast food products more especially with the greasy ones.

Ways To Boost Fertility if you trying to conceive a baby

  • Have Your Nutritional Status Evaluated

A dietary therapist will evaluate your distinctive mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and will advise you a perfect plan of food supplements in carrying your levels of nutrients back to usual over a period of four months which will help boost your fertility when you trying to conceive.

  • Stack up on supplements

Since food is not as nutritious as it was before, a well balanced food is not sufficient, and so you would need supplements.

Read labels reduce incorrect fats All fats are not bad. The body needs important fats namely: Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils that are found in fatty fish like sardines, salmon, mackerel and herrings.

On the other hand, hydrogenated oils and also partially hydrogenated oils (found in margarines, crisps), and also saturated fats (found in dairy and meat) must be avoided since they hinder the absorption of important fats.

  • Weight is a fertility problem

Weight is important. Too thin is bad like being too fat. Being extremely overweight or underweight considerably reduces the capability to get pregnant.

Fat is vital to fertility and it is needed in order to have ovulation.

The advice of experts on fertility is to eat healthy foods and to have regular exercises and to aspire for body mass index. BMI– is the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters  between twenty and twenty five.

  • Stop Smoking

If You trying to Conceive a baby ,Smoking causes elevated levels of cadmium, a poisonous metal found in the blood that depletes the human body of zinc. Weight Loss can Increase Your Fertility

  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Studies have indicated that drinking too much alcohol hampers your chance to conceive. There is evidence also that caffeine (even a cup per day) reduces significantly the chances to become pregnant.

  • Take a Vacation

Several women get pregnant when they are on vacation because they are relaxed during these days.

  • Be patient

It takes 3 months for the egg to move from the cluster of follicles to be chosen being the egg discharged in a cycle.

It takes 3 months also for a guy to produce a fully fresh batch of sperms. Anticipate waiting for four months before your lifestyle and diet changes will take an effect.

  • Trying to conceive with Better Sex

Sex is very essential but not each night. About ovulation, sex is undertaken best once in every forty eight hours, in order to maintain good quality of sperm.

Just bear in mind that sperms are similar to football players, you must give them rest, or else, you will finish fielding your reserve players.

You are known for what you are eating  The most essential mineral for fertility for women and men is zinc, yet based on the 1995 National Food Survey, nine people out of ten are deficient grossly of this important mineral.

This is due to the fact that several foods are uncovered in the procedure of being polished, and due to depletion of the earth due to thorough farming.

There are lots of couples who have been trying of making a baby but failed. They have tried for years already but they are unlucky. Not everyone could really conceive a baby easily.

They are asking the same question, what can help me get pregnant easily. If you are interested to learn how to enhance your opportunities this month, try to follow these tips:

  • Prepare Yourself

Training your body to conceive a baby is very essential. You may still remember before that whenever you have examinations in school, you have to make some preparations through serious reviewing/studying so that you will pass. It is likewise true in cheerleading competitions.

You must prepare yourself. In this instance, you should prepare your own body in order that your probabilities to get pregnant would increase. The best preparation is to begin eating healthy.

If you’re doing this already, then you just continue the good eating habit. It does not end there. You must also do some moderate workouts regularly such as walking and jogging.

  • Predicting Ovulation

If you are already aware of your monthly menstrual cycle, you could be capable to determine your monthly ovulation period by yourself. You could also choose use the kits for ovulation prediction, ovulation calculators and charts for menstrual cycles.

You can use any of these means if you have problems in predicting your ovulation. The ovulation period is considered the most productive period and it is the best time that the two of you must do the sexual contact.

Your opportunities of having a child are higher if you do your sexual intercourse during your ovulation period.

  • Perfect Timing

This step is in concurrence with the stated in the previous paragraph. Ideal timing is necessary in order that you would have the shot in conceiving a baby.

However, you will just establish the ideal timing if you were able to predict successfully your ovulation period.

On the other hand, just right timing is not limited only restricted to issues regarding ovulation. It could be also about the best moment of the day when you will do the sexual contact.

Others say that couples should make it at day break since it is during this time when the count of the sperms is at its crest. Thus probably the perfect timing of doing the intercourse is during morning of your ovulation period, isn’t it?

  • Positioning

In addition to perfect timing, the right positioning is also needed to help to get pregnant There are diverse sexual positions needed by you and your husband/partner to do but you must take into consideration those positions that could assist you to get pregnant quickly.

It is suggested to pick positions that enable deep penetration. This will help in closing the breach between egg and sperm cells. You must also do the positions wherein the semen is less probable to escape out.

Relaxing is an excellent way to develop your mind set and general health simultaneously. If you can not think right away of some means to rest then there two tips that could help you.

  • Tai Chi

this is non-combat form of martial arts that is suggested for creating quiet state of the mind. It is regarded as a mild form of workout, which releases positive chemicals of the body. It is likewise one of the finest types of martial arts used for de-stressing.

  • Trying To Conceive and Meditation

it has been applied for many centuries, and it is a perfect means to get rid of you from daily worries. It only requires a little time to enable yourself to get in tuned with your own body, and learn to carry yourself into a situation of complete relaxation.

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