breastfeeding while pregnant : 5 Problems and solutions

Finally, you have started adjusting to breastfeeding, but to your surprise, you find out that you are pregnant once again.

This situation will definitely rush you with several concerns and questions About breastfeeding while pregnant is it safe for you and the fetus?

Is there any way that the second pregnancy will affect the weaning child? Can you breastfeed two kids at one time?

Breastfeeding while pregnant : Problems and solutions

Are you bothered with preterm labor and contractions?

All the above questions and concerns  breastfeeding while pregnant are very common and understandable for those women who are under the condition.

The majority of the women is worried and scared of the fact whether breastfeeding during pregnancy is safe for their weaning baby, the fetus and themselves.

They worry that breastfeeding and pregnancy will cause uterine contractions at a lower level. But in case, you have a healthy pregnancy, the mild contraction should not be bothered.

Such contractions have the potential to cause preterm labor. But the hormone release during breastfeeding known as oxytocin is so low that there is no chance that it can cause any preterm labor.

there is no harm to the fetus and there is hardly any chance of miscarriages. In case you are concerned whether the hormone release will affect the quality or the supply of your breast milk and harm your weaning baby, you can remain worry less.

breastfeeding while pregnant -5 Problems and solutions

Avoid breastfeeding while pregnancy under certain unwanted conditions

 Generally the breastfeeding while pregnant  is considered absolutely safe during pregnancy period and it is also not harmful for your feeding baby as well.

But there are certain situations and conditions when it is considered risky and advised by the medical experts and specialist to take precautions and be extra careful. What are those situations?

  • In case you are carrying twins in your womb
  • When you are suffering from uterine pain and even bleeding
  • If you have a high risk pregnancy and is advised rest
  • When you are advised by the doctor to avoid having sex during pregnancy

It is best to seek advices and assistance from your doctor and find out the best possible alternatives for your breastfeeding baby as well as your unborn child.


It is advisable that you should not take risks of any kind as multiple lives are dependent on you.

Is your baby ready to wean and take on substitutes?

Is your baby ready to wean and depend on other baby substitutes? This is a very important question that must be considered before you conclude on the question, “ breastfeeding  while pregnant or leave out the option?”


there are several factors involved in this respect. You have to look at the age and the nursing pattern of your baby alongside the psychology and the personality your child bear. Check out his/her reaction to your pregnancy.

During the fourth or the fifth months of the pregnancy the supply of the milk decreases and also causes a change in the taste of the breast milk due to the release of the hormones during pregnancy.

This might make the milk distasteful for your baby and he/she might be ready to wean earlier that you actually expected. But the situation might be opposite when the baby will not be ready to wean and continue to breastfeed.


Are you ready to stop breastfeeding your baby?

Alongside giving importance to the desires of your baby to wean or continue breastfeeding, you need to ask the same question to yourself. The question should not be whether can you breastfeed while pregnant?

Rather, you must be asking whether you want to continue breastfeeding the baby or start with baby substitutes and eliminate breastfeeding gradually. If you are successful in answering your own thoughts, you win half the battle.

You don’t have to worry about the effect your pregnancy will have on your nursing child. You should rather be concerned whether your baby is feeding out of comfort and habit or due to nutrition?

It is an essential factor to consider the monitoring and evaluating the health and the development of the babies less than six months on a regular basis as they are completely dependent on your breast milk.

You have to ensure that your infant baby is nourished properly. If the situation prefers, include other food substitutes and help the baby to develop and grow properly.

Do you know the babies that develop the habit of eating other foods alongside the breast milk gradually start weaning and depend more on the substitute food items. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it when you are pregnant.

What are the potential challenges that you might face?

There are certain physical challenges that the pregnant women experience alongside breastfeeding a baby. Nausea is one of the challenges that you might to face along with sore nipples.

Almost 75% pregnant women experience it while breastfeeding. You should make sure that you are not giving it the attention and get engaged in something else that is creative. This might help you to forget about the discomfort.

Fatigue has been yet another challenge that you will have to be ready to face. In fact, this is very common during pregnancies.

In case you are hesitant to breastfeed your baby due to the fear of getting fatigued, you should consider it an opportunity to rest. Lie down or sit and breastfeed your child and give some rest to your body.

breastfeeding while pregnant :Eating well balanced and nutritious food is essential 

Have you decided to breastfeed your child while you are pregnant? If your answer is yes, you should make sure that you are taking care of the consumption of the food items.

You have to indulge in well balanced and nutritious food for your nursing baby as well as your unborn child and for your own well being and good health.

Since you are pregnant and you might suffer from nausea and morning sickness, you have found out the food items that are suited your tastes and is also getting digested easily. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables and depend more on organic foods.

You have to keep your options open for both your nursing baby as well as the unborn child. Does the question, “breastfeeding while pregnant” get answered finally?


breastfeeding while pregnant : 5 Problems and solutions 2 breastfeeding while pregnant
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